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12016The Relationship of Eggshell Structure to Eggshell Penetration by 'Salmonella' Typhimurium in Table EggsRay, Aaron ; Roberts, Julie R; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Flavel, Richard 4-Feb-2018
22015Eggshell penetration by 'Salmonella' Typhimurium in table eggs: Examination of underlying eggshell structures by micr-computed tomography and scanning electron microscopyRay, Aaron ; Roberts, Julie R ; Flavel, Richard ; Chousalkar, K K11-Apr-2017
32014Eggshell uniformity and the relationship between shell structures and shell translucency, examined by Computated Tomography (CT) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)Ray, Aaron ; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Haling, Rebecca 7-Mar-2016
42013The structural basis of egg shell translucency and its role in food safety of table eggsRay, Aaron ; Roberts, Julie R 4-Mar-2016

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