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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
124-Oct-2023Assessing the relationship between early maladaptive schemas and interpersonal problems using interpersonal scenarios depicting rejectionJanovsky, Thomas ; Rock, Adam J ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B ; Clark, Gavin I ; Polad, Valerie; Cosh, Suzanne 28-Feb-2024
2Jul-2021Spiritual Emergence(y), Psychosis, and Personality: Investigating the Role of SchizotypyHarris, Kylie P ; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 18-May-2022
34-May-2021The utility of the health belief model variables in predicting help-seeking intention for depressive symptomsLangley, Emma L; Clark, Gavin ; Murray, Clara ; Wootton, Bethany M5-May-2022
414-Jan-2021Attachment style, thought suppression, self-compassion and depression: Testing a serial mediation modelMurray, Clara V ; Jacobs, Juno Irma-Louise; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 18-May-2022
5Dec-2020Cue-Reactive Imagery Mediates the Relationships of Reward Responsiveness with Both Cue-Reactive Urge to Gamble and Positive Affect in Poker-Machine GamblersDale, Gerard; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 5-May-2022
6Feb-2020Occupational risks during clinical placement: Key stakeholder perceptionsSheen, Jade; Graj, Ella; Dudley, Amanda; Wallace, Belinda; Sutherland-Smith, Wendy; Kavadas, Vicki; Roberts, Rachel M; Proeve, Michael; Littler, Sue; Clark, Gavin I ; Dunstan, Debra A 2-Dec-2020
72020Adult attachment, worry and reassurance seeking: Investigating the role of intolerance of uncertaintyClark, Gavin ; Rock, Adam ; Clark, Laura H ; Murray-Lyon, Kerrin 5-May-2022
82020Defining Spiritual Emergency: A Content Validity StudyHarris, Kylie P ; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 18-May-2022
92019Trait mindfulness mediates the relationship between early maladaptive schema and interpersonal problemsJanovsky, Thomas ; Clark, Gavin ; Rock, Adam 5-May-2022
102019The impact of information presentation style on belief change: An experimental investigation of a Socratic Method analogueHarrison, Lisa M; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Egan, Sarah J5-May-2022
112019Religious or spiritual problem? The clinical relevance of identifying and measuring spiritual emergencyHarris, Kylie P ; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 19-May-2022
1228-Dec-2018Adult attachment and social anxiety: The mediating role of emotion regulation strategiesRead, Darryl L; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
13Oct-2018Capturing the Attitudes of Adolescent Males' Towards Computerised Mental Health Help-SeekingClark, Laura H; Hudson, Jennifer L; Dunstan, Debra A ; Clark, Gavin I 1-Dec-2020
14Sep-2018Barriers and facilitating factors to help-seeking for symptoms of clinical anxiety in adolescent malesClark, Laura H ; Hudson, Jennifer L; Dunstan, Debra A ; Clark, Gavin I 3-Dec-2020
1519-Apr-2018The impact of affect labelling on responses to aversive flying-cuesAzoum, Michelle; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J 5-May-2022
16Feb-2018Trait Mindfulness Moderates the Relationship Between Early Maladaptive Schemas and Depressive SymptomsMartin, Kieran P; Blair, Sally M; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Hunter, Kirsten R4-May-2022
17Sep-2017Cue-Reactive Rationality, Visual Imagery and Volitional Control Predict Cue-Reactive Urge to Gamble in Poker-Machine GamblersClark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; McKeith, Charles F A; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
181-Jul-2017Intolerance of uncertainty mediates the relationship between adult attachment and worryWright, Carmel J; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Coventry, William L 26-Mar-2021
19Jun-2017Trait Mindfulness, Problem-Gambling Severity, Altered State of Awareness and Urge to Gamble in Poker-Machine GamblersMcKeith, Charles F A; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 4-May-2022
202017Psychological Treatment of Co-occurring Anxiety Disorders in Clinical Practice: A Vignette StudyClark, Gavin ; Hanstock, Tanya; Clark, Laura 16-Jan-2018
2124-Aug-2016Evaluating Perceived Probability of Threat-Relevant Outcomes and Temporal Orientation in Flying PhobiaMavromoustakos, Elena; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J 4-May-2022
221-Jun-2016Processes Contributing to the Maintenance of Flying Phobia: A Narrative ReviewClark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J 20-Jun-2016
232016Cue-Reactive Altered State of Consciousness Mediates the Relationship Between Problem-Gambling Severity and Cue-Reactive Urge in Poker-Machine GamblersTricker, Christopher; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin 24-May-2016
242015The Socratic Method in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A Narrative ReviewClark, Gavin ; Egan, Sarah J20-Jun-2016
252015Evaluating the role and proposed benefits of the Socratic Method in CBTClark, Gavin ; Egan, Sarah; Baker, Craig; Harrison, Lisa16-Jun-2016
262015Case-Series Evaluating a Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment for Co-occurring Anxiety DisordersMcManus, Freda; Clark, Gavin ; Muse, Kate; Shafran, Roz17-Jun-2016
272015Exploring Holotropic Breathwork: An Empirical Evaluation of Altered States of Awareness and Patterns of Phenomenological Subsystems with Reference to TransliminalityRock, Adam J ; Denning, Nigel C; Harris, Kylie ; Clark, Gavin ; Misso, Dave20-Jun-2016
282015The Factor Analytic Structure and Personality Correlates of 'Spiritual Emergency'Cooper, Emma; Rock, Adam J ; Harris, Kylie ; Clark, Gavin 20-Jun-2016
292015Spiritual Emergency, Psychosis, and Personality: A quantitative investigationHarris, Kylie P ; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 19-May-2022
302012Preliminary Evaluation of an Online Training Package in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Satisfaction Ratings and Impact on Knowledge and ConfidenceWestbrook, David; McManus, Freda; Clark, Gavin ; Bennett-Levy, James16-May-2013

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