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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
112-Jul-2023Community Pharmacists in Maternal and Child Health Services Provisions in EthiopiaAyele, Asnakew Achaw ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Cosh, Suzanne ; East, Leah 3-Aug-2023
2Jul-2023Physical and mental health status of women in disaster-affected areas in BangladeshRiyad Fatema, Syadani ; Rice, Kylie ; Rock, Adam ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
39-Jun-2023Women's Health Related Vulnerabilities in Natural Disaster Affected Areas of BangladeshRiyad Fatema, Syadani Riya ; Usher, Kim ; Rice, Kylie ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; East, Leah 4-Aug-2023
4Jun-2023Nurses' perspectives, attitudes and experiences related to e-learning: A systematic reviewAlfaleh, Reem ; East, Leah ; Smith, Zaneta ; Wang, Shou-Yu 4-Sep-2023
524-May-2023Gender-based vulnerabilities for women during natural disasters in BangladeshRiyad Fatema, Syadani ; East, Leah ; Islam, Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
6May-2023Indirect positive health outcomes of COVID-19: a systematic reviewGebeyehu, D T ; East, L ; Wark, S ; Islam, M S 19-May-2023
7Mar-2023Involvement of community pharmacy professionals in maternal health service provision in Ethiopia: a multi-centre cross-sectional surveyAyele, Asnakew Achaw ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Cosh, Suzanne ; East, Leah 4-Apr-2023
8Mar-2023Reproductive and sexual health effects of intimate partner violence: A longitudinal and intergenerational analysisHutchinson, Marie; Cosh, Suzanne M ; East, Leah 3-Apr-2023
915-Feb-2023Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) based COVID-19 health impact assessment: a systematic reviewGebeyehu, Daniel Teshome ; East, Leah ; Wark, Stuart ; Islam, Md Shahidul 3-Apr-2023
1018-Oct-2022Role of community pharmacy professionals in child health service provision in Ethiopia: a cross-sectional survey in six cities of Amhara regional stateAyele, Asnakew Achaw ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; East, Leah 31-Mar-2023
1112-Sep-2022Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) based COVID-19 health impact assessment: A systematic review protocolGebeyehu, Daniel Teshome ; East, Leah ; Wark, Stuart ; Islam, Md Shahidul 14-Nov-2022
129-Aug-2022Impact of COVID-19 on the food security and identifying the compromised food security dimension: A systematic review protocolGebeyehu, Daniel Teshome ; East, Leah ; Wark, Stuart ; Islam, Md Shahidul 14-Nov-2022
13Jun-2022Mixed Methods Study Integration: Nursing student experiences and opinions of intentional roundingRyan, Liz ; Jackson, Debra ; East, Leah ; Woods, Cindy ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
14Jun-2022Prevalence of smoking and smoking predictors among adolescents in Qassim, Saudi Arabia: does the Healthy City Programme make any difference?Alasqah, Ibrahim; Mahmud, Ilias; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 3-Mar-2021
156-Apr-2022Community pharmacy professionals' practice in responding to minor symptoms experienced by pregnant women in Ethiopia: results from sequential mixed methodsAyele, Asnakew Achaw ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Cosh, Suzanne ; East, Leah 30-Mar-2023
16Nov-2021Patient perspectives and experiences of sexual health conversations and cardiovascular disease: A qualitative studyEast, Leah ; Jackson, Debra ; Manias, Elizabeth; Dunning, Trisha; Hutchinson, Marie19-May-2021
1721-Oct-2021Health Impact and Risk Factors Affecting South and Southeast Asian Women Following Natural Disasters: A Systematic ReviewRiyad Fatema, Syadani ; East, Leah ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
18Oct-2021Indigenous women's experiences of diabetes in pregnancy: A thematic synthesisPower, Tamara; Wilson, Denise; East, Leah ; Cashman, Belinda; Wannell, Jasmine; Jackson, Debra 15-Jun-2021
19Aug-2021Physical inactivity and its predictors among adolescents in Saudi ArabiaAlasqah, Ibrahim ; Mahmud, Ilias; East, Leah ; Alqarawi, Nada; Usher, Kim 26-Aug-2021
201-Jun-2021Nurse prescribing: developing confidence, autonomy and collaborationSummers, Rachael Elizabeth; East, Leah 1-Jul-2021
21Jun-2021Intentional rounding in the context of student learningRyan, Liz ; Jackson, Debra ; Woods, Cindy ; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 22-Apr-2021
22Apr-2021A mixed-methods evaluation of an urban Aboriginal diabetes lifestyle programPower, Tamara; East, Leah ; Gao, Yu; Usher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra 26-May-2021
23Apr-2021Involvement and practice of community pharmacists in maternal and child health services: A systematic reviewAyele, Asnakew Achaw; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Cosh, Suzanne ; East, Leah 6-Apr-2021
2418-Mar-2021Preregistration nursing students' provision of safe care - Are we leaving too much to chance?Ryan, Liz ; Jackson, Debra ; Woods, Cindy ; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 27-Nov-2020
252021Patterns of physical activity and dietary habits among adolescents in Saudi Arabia: A systematic reviewAlasqah, Ibrahim ; Mahmud, Ilias; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 28-Jun-2021
2626-Dec-2020Spread of Health Misinformation in Social MediaByfield, Zach ; East, Leah 7-Jul-2021
2712-Nov-2020An exploration of obesity and weight loss management for adults in rural regions - a systematic reviewSummers, Rachael; Dunstan, Debra ; Lea, Jackie; East, Leah 7-Jul-2021
281-Oct-2020Registered Nurses' understanding, knowledge and perceptions of the association between sexually transmitted infections and domestic violenceBellia, Sharne; Jackson, Debra ; Hutchinson, Marie; East, Leah 26-May-2021
291-Oct-2020Health Professionals as Mothers of Adult Children With SchizophreniaKlages, Debra ; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra 11-May-2021
30Jul-2020Living with diabetes and disadvantage: A qualitative, geographical case studyPower, Tamara; Kelly, Ray; Usher, Kim ; East, Leah ; Travaglia, Jo; Robertson, Hamish; Wong, Ann; Jackson, Debra 26-May-2021
3115-Jun-2020How nurses can ensure women's sexual and reproductive health is not forgotten during the pandemicBellia, Sharne; East, Leah 28-Jun-2021
32Apr-2020Nurse and patient satisfaction with intentional rounding in a rural Australian settingEast, Leah ; Targett, Dianne; Yeates, Hamish; Ryan, Elizabeth ; Quiddington, Louisa ; Woods, Cindy 14-Apr-2021
3312-Mar-2020Pre-registration student nurses' preconceptions, attitudes and experience regarding clinical placement in primary health careByfield, Zachary Charles ; Conway, Jane ; East, Leah 3-Feb-2021
34Mar-2020COVID-19 Nursing Workforce Solutions - Supporting DocumentationBuchanan-Grey, Marina; East, Leah ; Halcomb, Elizabeth; Hoitink, Suzie; Hutchison, Kitty; Mckinlay, Yvonne; O'Donnell, Christopher; Shepherd, Anna; Stapleton, Carolyn; Tortell, Alison; Ward, Kylie7-Jul-2021
35Jan-2020A cross-sectional study of domestic violence instruction in nursing and midwifery programs: Out of step with community and student expectationsHutchinson, Marie; Doran, Frances; Brown, Janie; Douglas, Tracy; East, Leah ; Irwin, Pauletta; Mainey, Lydia; Saunders, Annette; Sweet, Linda; Van De Mortel, Thea; Yates, Karen28-Jun-2021
362020Modes of Informed Caring: Perspectives of Health Professionals Who Are Mothers of Adult Children with SchizophreniaKlages, Debra ; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra 28-Jun-2021
372020A unified call to action from Australian nursing and midwifery leaders: ensuring that Black lives matterGeia, L; Baird, K; Bail, K; Barclay, L; Bennett, J; Best, O; Birks, M; Blackley, L; Blackman, R; Bonner, A; Bryant, R; Smallwood, G; Smallwood, R ; Stewart, L; Taylor, S; Usher, K ; Virdun, C; Wannell, J; Ward, R; West, C; West, R; Buzzacott, C; Wilkes, L; Williams, R; Wilson, R ; Wynaden, D; Wynne, R; Campbell, S; Catling, C; Chamberlain, C; Cox, L; Cross, W; Cruickshank, M; Cummins, A; Dahlen, H; Daly, J; Darbyshire, P; Davidson, P; Denney-Wilson, E; De Souza, R; Doyle, K; Drummond, A; Duff, J; Duffield, C; Dunning, T; East, L ; Elliott, D; Elmir, R; Fergie, D; Ferguson, C; Fernandez, R; Flower, D; Foureur, M; Fowler, C; Fry, M; Gorman, E; Grant, J; Gray, J; Halcomb, E; Hart, B; Hartz, D; Hazelton, M; Heaton, L; Hickman, L; Homer, C S E; Hungerford, C; Hutton, A; Jackson, D; Johnson, A; Kelly, M A; Kitson, A; Knight, S; Levett-Jones, T; Lindsay, D; Lovett, R; Luck, L; Molloy, L; Manias, E; Mannix, J; Marriott, A M R; Martin, M; Massey, D; McCloughen, A; McGough, S; McGrath, L; Mills, J; Mitchell, B G; Mohamed, J; Montayre, J; Moroney, T; Moyle, W; Moxham, L; Northam, H; Nowlan, S; O’Brien, A P; Ogunsiji, O; Paterson, C; Pennington, K; Peters, K; Phillips, J; Power, T; Procter, N; Ramjan, L; Ramsay, N; Rasmussen, B; Rihari-Thomas, J; Rind, B; Robinson, M; Roche, M; Sainsbury, K; Salamonson, Y; Sherwood, J; Shields, L; Sim, J; Skinner, I30-Jun-2021
382020The symbiotic relationship of vulnerability and resilience in nursingEast, Leah ; Heaslip, Vanessa; Jackson, Debra 28-Jun-2021
392020Post-traumatic growth: Health professionals as mothers of adult children with schizophreniaKlages, Debra ; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra 28-Jun-2021
402020"Being a father": constructions of fatherhood by men with absent fathersEast, Leah ; Hutchinson, Marie; Power, Tamara; Jackson, Debra 28-Jun-2021
4129-Dec-2019Women's health-related vulnerabilities in natural disasters: a systematic review protocolFatema, Syadani Riyad; Islam, Md Shahidul ; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 29-Jan-2020
42Nov-2019An exploration of undergraduate nursing assistant employment in aged care and its value to undergraduate nursing educationAlgoso, Maricris; Ramjan, Lucie; East, Leah ; Peters, Kath28-Jun-2021
43Oct-2019Australian nursing and midwifery student beliefs and attitudes about domestic violence: A multi-site, cross-sectional studyDoran, Frances; Hutchinson, Marie; Brown, Janie; East, Leah ; Irwin, Pauletta; Mainey, Lydia; Mather, Carey; Miller, Andrea; van de Mortel, Thea; Sweet, Linda; Yates, Karen28-Jun-2021
44Sep-2019A systematic review of the prevalence and risk factors of smoking among Saudi adolescentsAlasqah, Ibrahim ; Mahmud, Ilias; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 14-Nov-2019
4520-Jun-2019What Assistant in Nursing (AIN) employment in aged care can teach our nursing studentsAlgoso, Maricris; Ramjan, Lucie; East, Leah ; Peters, Kath9-Jul-2021
464-Jun-2019Occupational exposure: rural Australian farmers' sun-protective behavioursWoods, Cindy ; O'Shea, Eilish ; Barrett, Fiona ; Bookallil, Luke; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 7-Jan-2020
4722-May-2019Qualitative ResearchEast, Leah ; Neville, Stephen; Galvin, Kathleen T8-Jul-2021
4822-May-2019Navigating the Maze of Research: Enhancing Nursing and Midwifery PracticeBorbasi, Sally; Jackson, Debra ; East, Leah 7-Jul-2021
4922-May-2019Reading and appraising researchHutchinson, Marie; East, Leah ; Wilson, Stacey26-Jul-2021
5018-Mar-2019Theoretical frameworks in qualitative research: finding the right approachEast, Leah ; Peters, Kath26-May-2021

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