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11-Jan-2023A Qualitative Investigation of Factors Affecting Saudi Patients’ Communication Experience with Non-Saudi Physicians in Saudi ArabiaAlkhamees, Mohammad; Lea, Jackie ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Alasqah, Ibrahim ; Alzghaibi, Haitham; Alharbi, Mohammad F; Albejaidi, Fahad; Mughal, Yasir Hayat; Parker, Vicki 5-Oct-2023
22023Menstruation among In-School Adolescent Girls and Its Literacy and Practices in Nigeria: A Systematic ReviewUzoechi, Chinomso Adanma; Parsa, Ali Davod; Mahmud, Ilias ; Alasqah, Ibrahim ; Kabir, Russell22-Jun-2024
38-Dec-2021Health-Related Behaviours among Adolescents in Saudi Arabia: A Comparison Between Adolescents in Cities that Have Implemented the WHO Healthy Cities Programme and Other Cities that Have Not in the Qassim RegionAlasqah, Ibrahim Abdulrahman I ; Usher, Kim ; Mahmud, Ilias ; East, Leah 23-Nov-2023
4Aug-2021Physical inactivity and its predictors among adolescents in Saudi ArabiaAlasqah, Ibrahim ; Mahmud, Ilias; East, Leah ; Alqarawi, Nada; Usher, Kim 26-Aug-2021
52021Patterns of physical activity and dietary habits among adolescents in Saudi Arabia: A systematic reviewAlasqah, Ibrahim ; Mahmud, Ilias; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 28-Jun-2021
6Sep-2019A systematic review of the prevalence and risk factors of smoking among Saudi adolescentsAlasqah, Ibrahim ; Mahmud, Ilias; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 14-Nov-2019

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