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120-Mar-2023The influence of postgraduate study experience in Australia on the professional and personal lives of returning faculty members in the two colleges of education in BhutanTshering, Dolay; Nye, Adele ; Miller, Judith ; Berman, Jeanette 10-Aug-2023
2Mar-2023Agricultural Interventions in the Bhutanese Context for Sustainability-A Documentary Analysis Using a Thematic Conceptual FrameworkDorji, Kinley ; Miller, Judith ; Wu, Shubiao 18-Apr-2023
331-Dec-2022Influence of Study Abroad Experiences in Australia on Teacher Education in Bhutan’s Education CollegesTshering, Dolay; Berman, Jeanette ; Miller, Judith ; Nye, Adele 17-Jan-2023
4Dec-2022An Inquiry into Bhutanese Agriculture Research-Practice Gaps Using Rogers Innovation Adoption Attributes and Mode 2 Knowledge Production FeaturesDorji, Kinley; Miller, Judith ; Wu, Shubiao 3-Jan-2023
5Sep-2022Health and Physical Education: Preparing Educators for the FutureMiller, Judith ; Wilson-Gahan, Susan; Garrett, Robyn; Haynes, John 1-May-2023
6Aug-2022The Foundation of Movement SkillsMiller, Judith 2-May-2023
7Aug-2022The Health and Physical Education Continuum from Early Childhood to Secondary SchoolMiller, Judith 2-May-2023
8Aug-2022Developmental Coordination DisorderMiller, Judith 2-May-2023
9Aug-2022The General Capabilities and Health and Physical EducationMiller, Judith 2-May-2023
1025-Jul-2022Assessing Educating for Gross National Happiness: Applying the Theory of Practice ArchitecturesKaka, Kaka ; Rizk, Nadya ; Miller, Judith 5-Sep-2022
1117-Jun-2022Assessing Educating for Gross National Happiness in Bhutanese schools: A new directionKaka, Kaka ; Miller, Judith ; Rizk, Nadya 27-Jun-2022
122021Bhutanese teachers' attitudes towards inclusive educationDorji, Rinchen; Bailey, Jeff ; Paterson, David; Graham, Lorraine; Miller, Judith 11-Feb-2019
138-Dec-2020Compassion in the Bhutanese Gross National Happiness (GNH) Infused ClassroomsLhamo, Jambay ; Miller, Judith ; Wolodko, Brenda ; Morgan, Anne-Marie 9-Feb-2021
14Dec-2020Reflections on Inclusion: Students with Visual Impairment in BhutanDorji, Rinchen; Paterson, David ; Graham, Lorraine; Miller, Judith ; Bailey, Jeff 19-May-2021
15Dec-2020Bhutanese Parental Awareness and Understanding of Children's Rights and Policies for Inclusive EducationJigyel, Karma; Miller, Judith A ; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Berman, Jeanette 19-May-2021
16Apr-2020Teacher Biography: SOLO Analysis of Preservice Teachers' Reflections of their Experiences in Physical EducationHaynes, John E ; Quinn, Frances ; Miller, Judith 2-Sep-2020
172020The Educational Relationship between Bhutan and AustraliaTshering, Dolay; Berman, Jeanette ; Miller, Judith 31-Aug-2020
182020Benefits and concerns: parents' perceptions of inclusive schooling for children with special educational needs (SEN) in BhutanJigyel, Karma; Miller, Judith A ; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Berman, Jeanette 11-Feb-2019
1911-Feb-2019Experiences, Perspectives and Knowledge of Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Three Inclusive Education Schools in BhutanJigyel, Karma; Miller, Judith Anne ; Berman, Jeanette ; Mavropoulou, Sofia14-Jun-2022
202019Parental Involvement in Supporting Their Children with Special Educational Needs at School and Home in BhutanJigyel, Karma; Miller, Judith A ; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Berman, Jeanette 24-Jun-2019
212019Comparative Analysis of Self-Reported Wellness Levels of International Students within a University in IndiaChopel, Pema; Miller, Judith 28-Feb-2020
222018Parental communication and collaboration in schools with special educational needs (SEN) programmes in BhutanJigyel, Karma; Miller, Judith A ; Mavropoulou, Sofia; Berman, Jeanette 11-Feb-2019
232018Health and Physical Education: Preparing Educators for the FutureMiller, Judith ; Wilson-Gahan, Susan; Garrett, Robyne22-Jan-2019
242018Introduction to Health and Physical Education: Preparing Educators for the FutureMiller, Judith 23-Jan-2019
2511-Sep-2017An Investigation of Attitudes and Experiences of Implementing Inclusive Education in Bhutan: Perspectives of Teachers, Principals, and Past StudentsDorji, Rinchen; Miller, Judith 12-Sep-2018
262017Magnifying pre-service generalist teachers' perceptions of preparedness to teach primary school physical educationFreak, Annette ; Miller, Judith A 20-Jan-2017
272017Promoting physical activity among adolescent girls: the 'Girls in Sport' group randomized trialOkely, Anthony D; Lubans, David R; Morgan, Philip J; Cotton, Wayne; Peralta, Louisa; Miller, Judith A ; Batterham, Marijka; Janssen, Xanne21-Jul-2017
282016Transitioning from University to Teaching in Schools Located in Rural and Remote SettingsHaynes, John E ; Miller, Judith A 19-Dec-2016
292016Preservice Generalist Teachers Enlightened Approach to Teaching Physical Education Through Teacher BiographyHaynes, John E ; Miller, Judith A ; Varea, Valeria 7-Apr-2016
302015Preparing pre-service primary school teachers to assess fundamental motor skills: two skills and two approachesHaynes, John E ; Miller, Judith A 1-Jun-2015
312015Methodologies: Exploring the IntimateNoone, Genevieve ; Miller, Judith A 17-Jun-2015
322015A Partnership Aimed at Improving Health and Physical Education at a Rural School: Impacts on Pupils, University Students, Teachers and AcademicsMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Pennington, James3-Sep-2015
332015Chapter 7: ICT and general capabilities in the Australian CurriculumMiller, Judith A 4-Nov-2015
342015Chapter 5: PedagogyMiller, Judith A 4-Nov-2015
352015Chapter 1: IntroductionMiller, Judith A 4-Nov-2015
362015Health and Physical Education: Preparing educators for the futureCallcott, Deborah; Miller, Judith A ; Wilson-Gahan, Susan4-Nov-2015
372015A Model for Collaborative ResearchGraham, Lorraine; Miller, Judith A 25-Jun-2015
382015Accelerated Leadership in Rural SchoolsGraham, Lorraine; Miller, Judith A ; Paterson, David L 25-Jun-2015
392015Taking the Bush Tracks HomeMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine25-Jun-2015
402015Late-Career Women Leaders in Rural SchoolsMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine; Al-Awiwe, Azhar Ahmed25-Jun-2015
412015Education for Sustainability in Primary Health and Physical EducationMcNeil, Elizabeth; Miller, Judith A ; Littledyke, Michael 30-Jun-2015
422014Fast Track, Bush Track: Late Career Female Rural School Leaders Taking the Slow RoadMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine; Al-Awiwe, Azhar A29-Apr-2014
432013A case study of Curriculum Implementation in one Australian pilot school: Sports, Exercise and Health Science within the International Baccalaureate Diploma ProgrammeDoyle, Benjamin Ronald; Miller, Judith ; Parker, Claire; Freak, Annette 23-Sep-2013
442013Gross National Happiness through Gross National Healthiness: Cross Cultural Approaches of Pre-Service Teacher Education through School Students' Health EducationMiller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E ; Wangdi, Lungten23-May-2013
452013The nexus of knowledge and behavior for school-aged children: implementation of Health Education Programs and a Nutritional Symbol SystemMiller, Judith A ; Graham, Lorraine; Pennington, Jim12-Nov-2013
462013Sex education and scienceTaylor, Neil ; Quinn, Frances ; Miller, Judith A 7-Mar-2014
472012Implementing Change to Arrest the Decline in Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) for Adolescent Girls in Two Rural and Regional High Schools: A Case Study ApproachMiller, Judith A ; Puglisi, Lauren; Perry, Janine22-Jan-2013
482012Description and evaluation of a social cognitive model of physical activity behaviour tailored for adolescent girlsLubans, David R; Okely, Anthony D; Morgan, Phillip J; Cotton, Wayne; Puglisi, Lauren; Miller, Judith A 30-Jan-2012
492012Health and Physical Education: Preparing Educators for the FutureCallcott, Deborah; Miller, Judith A ; Wilson-Gahan, Susan16-Oct-2012
502012Adolescent Girls and Physical ActivityMiller, Judith A ; Da Silva, Sara16-Oct-2012

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