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118-Feb-2024X-ray Tomography with Fast Three-Dimensional Phase RetrievalThompson, Darren ; Bosi, Stephen ; Gureyev, Timur ; Nesterets, Yakov ; Pavlov, Konstantin 30-May-2024
22023Three-dimensional contrast-transfer-function approach in phase-contrast tomographyThompson, Darren A; Nesterets, Yakov I ; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Gureyev, Timur E 2-May-2024
37-Feb-2022Dark-field tomography of an attenuating object using intrinsic x-ray speckle trackingAlloo, Samantha J; Paganin, David M; Morgan, Kaye S; Kitchen, Marcus J; Stevenson, Andrew W; Mayo, Sheridan C; Li, Heyang T; Kennedy, Ben M; Maksimenko, Anton; Bowden, Joshua C; Pavlov, Konstantin M 25-Mar-2024
42022Imaging Breast Microcalcifications Using Dark-Field Signal in Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast TomographyAminzadeh, A; Arhatari, B D; Maksimenko, A; Hall, C J; Hausermann, D; Peele, A G; Fox, J; Kumar, B; Prodanovic, Z; Dimmock, M; Lockie, D; Pavlov, K M ; Nesterets, Y I ; Thompson, D; Mayo, S C; Paganin, D M; Taba, S T; Lewis, S; Brennan, P C; Quiney, H M; Gureyev, T E 23-Apr-2024
52022Shallow U-Net deep learning approach for phase retrieval in propagation-based phase-contrast imagingLi, Samuel Z; French, Matthew G; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Li, Heyang Thomas15-May-2024
612-Jul-2021Effect of x-ray energy on the radiological image quality in propagation-based phase-contrast computed tomography of the breastWan, Sarina; Arhatari, Benedicta D ; Nesterets, Yakov ; Mayo, Sheridan C; Thompson, Darren ; Fox, Jane; Kumar, Beena; Prodanovic, Zdenka; Hausermann, Daniel; Maksimenko, Anton S; Hall, Christopher J; Dimmock, Matthew R; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Lockie, Darren; Rickard, Mary; Gadomkar, Ziba; Alaleh, Alaleh; Vafa, Elham; Peele, Andrew G; Quiney, Harry M; Lewis, Sarah J; Gureyev, Timur E ; Brennan, Patrick C; Tavakoli Taba, Seyedamir17-Apr-2024
71-Jan-2021Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast CT of the Breast Demonstrates Higher Quality Than Conventional Absorption-Based CT Even at Lower Radiation DoseTavakoli Taba, Seyedamir; Arhatari, Benedicta D; Nesterets, Yakov I ; Gadomkar, Ziba; Mayo, Sheridan C; Thompson, Darren; Fox, Jane; Kumar, Beena; Prodanovic, Zdenka; Hausermann, Daniel; Maksimenko, Anton; Hall, Christopher; Dimmock, Matthew; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Lockie, Darren; Gity, Masoumeh; Peele, Andrew; Quiney, Harry M; Lewis, Sarah; Gureyev, Timur E ; Brennan, Patrick C18-Sep-2020
82021Tomographic reconstruction using tilted Laue analyser-based X-ray phase-contrast imagingChalmers, M C; Kitchen, M J; Uesugi, K; Falzon, G ; Quin, P ; Pavlov, K M 16-Apr-2024
92021Speckle-based x-ray dark-field tomography of an attenuating objectAlloo, S J; Paganin, D M; Morgan, K S; Kitchen, M J; Stevenson, A W; Mayo, S C; Li, H T; Kennedy, B; Maksimenko, A; Bowden, J; Pavlov, K M 24-Apr-2024
1011-Nov-2020X-ray multi-modal intrinsic-speckle-trackingPavlov, Konstantin M ; Paganin, David M; (Thomas) Li, Heyang; Berujon, Sebastien; Rouge-Labriet, Helene; Brun, Emmanuel8-Apr-2024
1111-May-2020Single-Shot X-Ray Speckle-Based Imaging of a Single-Material ObjectPavlov, Konstantin M ; Li, Heyang (Thomas); Paganin, David M; Berujon, Sebastien; Rouge-Labriet, Helene; Brun, Emmanuel26-Aug-2020
12May-2020Comparison of propagation-based CT using synchrotron radiation and conventional cone-beam CT for breast imagingTavakoli Taba, Seyedamir; Baran, Patrycja; Nesterets, Yakov I ; Pacile, Serena; Wienbeck, Susanne; Dullin, Christian; Pavlov, Konstantin ; Maksimenko, Anton; Lockie, Darren; Mayo, Sheridan C; Quiney, Harry M; Dreossi, Diego; Arfelli, Fulvia; Tromba, Giuliana; Lewis, Sarah; Gureyev, Timur E ; Brennan, Patrick C18-Sep-2020
13Dec-2019Propagation-based x-ray phase-contrast tomography of mastectomy samples using synchrotron radiationGureyev, T E ; Nesterets, Ya I ; Baran, P M; Taba, S T; Mayo, S C; Thompson, D; Arhatari, B; Mihocic, A; Abbey, B; Lockie, D; Fox, J; Kumar, B; Prodanovic, Z; Hausermann, D; Maksimenko, A; Hall, C; Peele, A G; Dimmock, M; Pavlov, K M ; Cholewa, M; Lewis, S; Tromba, G; Quiney, H M; Brennan, P C18-Sep-2020
1424-Sep-2019Free propagation phase-contrast breast CT provides higher image quality than cone-beam breast-CT at low radiation doses: a feasibility study on human mastectomiesPacile, S; Dullin, C; Baran, P; Tonutti, M; Perske, C; Fischer, U; Albers, J; Arfelli, F; Dreossi, D; Pavlov, K ; Maksimenko, A; Mayo, S C; Nesterets, Y I ; Tavakoli Taba, S; Lewis, S; Brennan, P C; Gureyev, T E ; Tromba, G; Wienbeck, S18-Sep-2020
15May-2019Fast three-dimensional phase retrieval in propagation-based X-ray tomographyThompson, Darren A; Nesterets, Yakov I ; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Gureyev, Timur E 26-Aug-2020
1629-Aug-2018Deterministic X-ray Bragg coherent diffraction imaging as a seed for subsequent iterative reconstructionPavlov, Konstantin M ; Morgan, Kaye S; Punegov, Vasily I; Paganin, David M28-Mar-2019
182018Advantages of breast cancer visualization and characterization using synchrotron radiation phase-contrast tomographyPacile, Serena; Baran, Patrycja; Dullin, Christian; Dimmock, Matthew; Lockie, Darren; Missbach-Guntner, Jeannine; Quiney, Harry; McCormack, Mikkaela; Mayo, Sheridan; Thompson, Darren; Nesterets, Yakov ; Hall, Chris; Pavlov, Konstantin ; Prodanovic, Zdenka; Tonutti, Maura; Accardo, Agostino; Fox, Jane; Tavakoli Taba, Seyedamir; Lewis, Sarah; Brennan, Patrick; Hausermann, Daniel; Tromba, Giuliana; Gureyev, Tim 1-Apr-2019
192017Deterministic Bragg Coherent Diffraction ImagingPavlov, Konstantin M ; Punegov, Vasily I; Morgan, Kaye S; Schmalz, Gerd ; Paganin, David M25-May-2017
202017Applications of dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction by perfect crystals to reciprocal space mappingPunegov, Vasily I; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Karpov, Andrey V; Faleev, Nikolai N3-Jan-2018
212016Phase-Contrast Clinical Breast CT: Optimization of Imaging Setups and Reconstruction WorkflowsTromba, Giuliana; Pacile, Serena; Thompson, Darren; Brown, Jeremy M C; Lockie, Darren; Tonutti, Maura; Stacul, Fulvio; Zanconati, Fabrizio; Accardo, Agostino; Gureyev, Timur ; Nesterets, Yakov ; Brun, Francesco; Dullin, Christian; Dreossi, Diego; Mayo, Sheridan C; Stevenson, Andrew W; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Kitchen, Markus J24-Feb-2017
222016Bragg-Laue X-ray dynamical diffraction on perfect and deformed lateral crystalline structuresPunegov, Vasily I; Kolosov, Sergey I; Pavlov, Konstantin M 24-Feb-2017
232015A feasibility study of X-ray phase-contrast mammographic tomography at the Imaging and Medical beamline of the Australian SynchrotronNesterets, Yakov ; Gureyev, Timur ; Tromba, Giuliana; Mayo, Sheridan C; Stevenson, Andrew W; Thompson, Darren; Brown, Jeremy M C; Kitchen, Marcus J; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Lockie, Darren; Brun, Francesco6-Nov-2015
242014Investigations of Some Direct and Inverse Problems in X-Ray In-Line Phase-Contrast Imaging and TomographySchmalz, Jelena ; Pavlov, Konstantin ; Gureyev, Timur 20-Apr-2015
252014Darwin's approach to X-ray diffraction on lateral crystalline structuresPunegov, Vasily I; Kolosov, Sergey I; Pavlov, Konstantin M 8-Jan-2014
262014Investigation of the imaging quality of synchrotron-based phase-contrast mammographic tomographyGureyev, Timur ; Mayo, S C; Tromba, G; Nesterets, Yakov ; Mohammadi, S; Lockie, D; Menk, R H; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Kitchen, M J; Zanconati, F; Dullin, C4-Sep-2014
272014X-ray Bragg magnifier microscope as a linear shift invariant imaging system: image formation and phase retrievalVagovic, P; Sveda, L; Koenig, T; Olbinado, M; Yashiro, W; Momose, A; Fiederle, M; Baumbach, T; Cecilia, A; Hamann, E; Pelliccia, D; Gimenez, E N; Korytar, D; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Zaprazny, Z; Zuber, M4-Sep-2014
282012Phase-contrast X-ray tomography using Teague's methodBaillie, Thomas; Gureyev, Timur ; Schmalz, Jelena ; Pavlov, Konstantin M 12-Jul-2012
292011Phase contrast image segmentation using a Laue analyser crystalKitchen, Marcus J; Paganin, David M; Uesugi, Kentaro; Allison, Beth J; Lewis, Robert A; Hooper, Stuart B; Pavlov, Konstantin M 2-Aug-2011
302011Phase retrieval using radiation and matter-wave fields: Validity of Teague's method for solution of the transport-of-intensity equationSchmalz, Jelena ; Gureyev, Timur ; Paganin, David; Pavlov, Konstantin M 31-Aug-2011
312011Quantized hard-x-ray phase vortices nucleated by aberrated nanolensesPavlov, Konstantin M ; Paganin, David M; Jakubek, Jan; Altissimo, Matteo; Clark, Jesse N; Vine, David J; Schmalz, Jelena ; Suzuki, Yoshio; Uesugi, Kentaro; Takeuchi, Akihisa; Yagi, Naoto; Kharchenko, Alexander; Blaj, Gabriel2-Aug-2011
322011Mask-assisted deterministic phase-amplitude retrieval from a single far-field intensity diffraction pattern: Two experimental proofs of principle using visible lightPodorov, Sergey G; Bishop, Alexis I; Paganin, David M; Pavlov, Konstantin M 2-Aug-2011
332010On the derivation of the Green's function for the Helmholtz equation using generalized functionsSchmalz, Jelena ; Schmalz, Gerd ; Gureyev, Timur ; Pavlov, Konstantin M 8-Apr-2010
342010X-ray phase, absorption and scatter retrieval using two or more phase contrast imagesKitchen, Marcus J; Paganin, David M; Uesugi, Kentaro; Allison, Beth J; Lewis, Robert A; Hooper, Stuart B; Pavlov, Konstantin M 29-Sep-2010
352009Deterministic Retrieval of Complex Green's Functions Using Hard X RaysVine, D J; Paganin, D M; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Uesugi, K; Takeuchi, A; Suzuki, Y; Yagi, N; Kaempfe, T; Kley, E-B; Forster, E1-Feb-2010
362009Ga droplet morphology on GaAs(001) studied by Lloyd's mirror photoemission electron microscopyTang, W X; Jesson, D E; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Morgan, M J; Usher, B F10-Mar-2010
372008Simultaneous acquisition of dual analyser-based contrast X-ray images for small animal imagingKitchen, Marcus J; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Hooper, Stuart B; Vine, David J; Siu, Karen K W; Wallace, Megan J; Siew, Melissa L L; Yagi, Naoto; Uesugi, Kentaro; Lewis, Rob A19-Jan-2010
382007Analyzer-based phase contrast imaging and phase retrieval using a rotating anode x-ray sourceVine, JD; Paganin, DM; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Kräußlich, J; Wehrhan, O; Uschman, I; Förster, E19-May-2009
392007Dynamic Studies Of Lung Fluid Clearance With Phase Contrast ImagingKitchen, Marcus J; Lewis, Rob A; Yagi, Naoto; Uesugi, Kentaro; Hooper, Stuart B; Wallace, Megan J; Siu, Karen K W; Williams, Ivan; Irvine, Sarah C; Morgan, Michael J; Paganin, David M; Pavlov, Konstantin M 19-Apr-2010
402007Calculating X-Ray Diffraction from Multilayer Lateral Crystal Structures with Arbitrary Shapes and Composition ProfilesPunegov, V I; Maksimov, A I; Kolosov, S I; Pavlov, Konstantin M 19-Jan-2010
412007Analyser-based phase-contrast image reconstruction using geometrical opticsKitchen, M J; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Siu, K K W; Menk, R H; Tromba, G; Lewis, R A30-Nov-2009
422007Unambiguous reconstruction of the complex amplitude reflection coefficient of a laterally homogeneous crystal using analyser-based phase-contrast imagingVine, David; Paganin, David; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Podorov, S G30-Nov-2009
432007Imaging Surface Topography using Lloyd’s Mirror in Photoemission Electron MicroscopyJesson, D E; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Morgam, M J; Usher, B F1-Dec-2009
442007Computed tomography with linear shift-invariant optical systemsGureyev, Timur ; Nesterets, Yakov ; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Wilkins, Stephen W8-Dec-2009
452007A non-iterative reconstruction method for direct and unambiguous coherent diffractive imagingPodorov, S G; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Paganin, David8-Dec-2009
462007Wide angle X-ray dynamical diffraction by deformed crystals: recurrence relationsPavlov, Konstantin M ; Paganin, David; Vine, David; Kirste, L8-Dec-2009
472007Imaging lung aeration and lung liquid clearance at birthHooper, Stuart B; Kitchen, Marcus J; Irvine, Sarah C; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Lewis, Robert A; Wallace, Megan J; Yagi, Naoto; Uesugi, Kentaro; Morgan, Michael J; Hall, Chris; Siu, Karen K W; Williams, Ivan M; Siew, Melissa4-Dec-2009
482006Theory of X-Ray Diffraction on a Lateral Crystal with Elastically Bent Lattice PlanesPunegov, V I; Kolosov, S I; Pavlov, Konstantin M 19-Jan-2010
492006Stability and locality of amplitude and phase contrast tomographicsGureyev, Timur ; Myers, Glenn R; Nesterets, Yakov ; Paganin, David M; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Wilkins, Stephen12-Nov-2009
502006Combined analyser-based and propagation-based phase-contrast imaging of weak objectsNesterets, Yakov ; Gureyev, Timur ; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Paganin, David; Wilkins, S W30-Nov-2009

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