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124-Jan-2024The Potential Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Commercialization of Traditional Medicines in Tropical RegionsSmith, Robert Brian ; Perry, Mark ; Smith, Darryl Robert6-Feb-2024
222-Sep-2023Efficacy of the WIPO Global Innovation Index as a Driver of Innovation: Analysis of GII Data for the ten ASEAN EconomiesSmith, Robert Brian ; Perry, Mark 28-Sep-2023
331-Jul-2023Impact of Pluri-Lateral Free Trade Agreements on Innovation: Example of ASEANSmith, Robert ; Smith, Nucharee Nuchkoom; Perry, Mark 20-Sep-2023
415-Jun-2023University Extension Programs to Develop Intellectual Property in the Agricultural Sector of Marginalized Rural Communities in the ASEAN RegionSmith, Robert Brian ; Perry, Mark 13-Nov-2023
5Apr-2023Is an “Open Innovation” Policy Viable in Southeast Asia? - A Legal PerspectiveSmith, Robert ; Perry, Mark 2-May-2023
67-Sep-2022Legal Incentives and Constraints on Innovation: Keeping the BalanceSmith, Robert ; Perry, Mark 17-Nov-2022
723-Feb-2022Legal Issues in Information TechnologyPerry, Mark ; Roy, Alpana; De Zwart, Melissa; Adams, Michael ; Selvadurai, Niloufer; Forrest, Heather; Cormier, Monique ; McKenzie, Simon11-Oct-2023
85-Feb-2022Design for Balance: Addressing Challenges of Safety, Privacy and Identity Management in Online and Hybridised Learning and Teaching SpacesWarburton, Steven ; Perry, Mark 15-May-2023
93-Feb-2022Interpreting ‘accessible to members of the public’: Implications for collections using ss 49 and 50 of the Copyright Act (Australia)Madugalla, Kaushalya Kumari ; Perry, Mark ; Howard, Tanya ; Cormier, Monique 31-Aug-2023
1023-Jan-2022Design Patterns for Curriculum Renewal and Course reDesignWarburton, Steven ; Perry, Mark 29-May-2023
112022Fake News and the Pandemic in Southeast AsiaSmith, Robert ; Perry, Mark 30-May-2022
127-Dec-2021'Fake News' in ASEAN: Legislative ResponsesSmith, Robert Brian ; Perry, Mark ; Smith, Nucharee Nuchkoom26-Jan-2022
13Jul-2021Fake News and the Convention on CybercrimeSmith, Robert ; Perry, Mark 20-Aug-2021
142-Mar-2021Specialist Sentencing Courts for Indigenous OffendersLong, Simon William Campbell; Perry, Mark ; Howard, Tanya ; Edgely, Michelle 29-Jan-2024
152-Mar-2021A Legal Exploration Of The Copyright Protection Of Australian Databases In The Fourth Industrial EraPotter, Wellett ; Perry, Mark ; Chen, Ying ; Forrest, Heather31-Aug-2023
16Mar-2021Three Shades of Data: Australia, Philippines, ThailandSmith, Robert Brian ; Perry, Mark ; Smith, Nucharee Nuchkoom28-Sep-2023
1718-Dec-2020Fake News in ASEANSmith, Robert Brian ; Perry, Mark ; Cormier, Monique 29-Jan-2024
1817-Dec-2020Design patterns for teaching in online settingsWarburton, Steven ; Perry, Mark 15-May-2023
1923-Oct-2020The legacy of The Seasons: confusion and misdirectionPerry, Mark 11-Nov-2020
20Jul-2020"Fake News" Legislation in Thailand: The Good, the Bad and the UglySmith, Robert; Perry, Mark 21-Sep-2020
219-Dec-2019Disharmonization in the Regulation of Transgenic Plants in EuropeKarky, Ramesh Bikram; Perry, Mark 1-May-2020
2211-Mar-2019Secrets to Cultural Identity; legal and institutional mechanisms to better support Torres Strait Islanders to maintain their cultural secretsMcLaughlin, Christopher Neil; Martin, Paul ; Perry, Mark ; Williams, Jacqueline 20-May-2019
2311-Feb-2019Relationships, Risk and Remuneration: ASX200 Directors’ practice of the ASX Corporate Governance Council PrinciplesCooke, Saranne; Perry, Mark ; Conway, Mary-Louise ; Sheridan, Alison ; Marimuthu, Siva Barathi 26-Jun-2019
242019Breeding Exemption in Plants Under Intellectual Property RegimesWan, Zhiqian; Perry, Mark 4-Sep-2019
252019Free Trade Agreements: Hegemony or HarmonyCorbin, Lillian ; Perry, Mark 4-Sep-2019
262019Myth 48: Information wants to be freePerry, Mark 11-Nov-2020
272019Turbulent Times for FTAs: Australia and the RegionPerry, Mark ; Corbin, Lillian 11-Jan-2019
2815-Nov-2018Copyright and (Dis)harmonisation: Can Developing Nations Prioritise Their Own Public Good in a Global Copyright Hegemony?Perry, Mark 3-Apr-2023
292018An assessment of the regulatory framework of the Western Australia sandalwood industryLingard, Kylie; Perry, Mark 22-Jun-2018
302016Trust-based Service-Oriented ArchitectureAljazzaf, Zainab M; Capretz, Miriam A M; Perry, Mark 8-Nov-2016
312016Sustaining food production in the Anthropocene: Influences by regulation of crop biotechnologyPerry, Mark 2-Jun-2016
322016Online Intermediary Liability and Privatised Enforcement: the Content ID CaseMargoni, Thomas; Perry, Mark 25-May-2016
332016The Changing Face of Intellectual Property: Global Forces and CompliancePerry, Mark 20-Jul-2016
342016Global Governance of Intellectual Property in the 21st Century: Reflecting Policy Through ChangePerry, Mark 5-Jul-2016
352016Innovation Cartography and Patentomics: Past, Present and FuturePerry, Mark ; Lingard, Kylie 20-Jul-2016
362015Review of 'Free and Open Source Software, Policy, Law and Practice' Edited by Noam Shemtov and Ian Walden. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. £95. ISBN: 9780199680498.Perry, Mark 29-Jun-2018
372015Review of 'Free and Open Source Software, Policy, Law and Practice', by Noam Shemtov (ed.) and Ian Walden (ed.), (Oxford University Press, 2014), £95, ISBN: 9780199680498Perry, Mark 4-May-2015
382015The Australian biotechnology regulatory framework: issues concerning adventitious presence (AP), co-existence, liability and coherenceKarky, Ramesh; Perry, Mark 4-Nov-2015
3916-Mar-2014Policy Choices for Biotech Legislative Enactments: Genetic Modifications in the Food ChainKarky, Ramesh; Perry, Mark 18-Feb-2020
402014What do you really need to know? An overview of the challenges associated with the management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge by seed bank institutionsShepheard, Mark ; Perry, Mark ; Martin, Paul 26-Sep-2016
412014Food and sustainability: the regulation of biotechnologyPerry, Mark 13-Nov-2014
422014A Legal Framework for Effective Patent Licenses that Support Technology Transfer: A Libyan PerspectiveSaeh, Mohamed; Perry, Mark ; Varayudej, Same 22-Apr-2015
432013The World Trade Organization Obligations and Legislative Policy: Choices in Developing Countries for BiotechnologyKarky, Ramesh; Perry, Mark 30-Apr-2015
442013On Subjective Trust for Privacy Policy Enforcement in Cloud ComputingRamachandran, Karthick; Lutfiyya, Hanan; Perry, Mark 18-Oct-2013
452013Accessing Accessions: Biobanks and Benefit-SharingPerry, Mark 18-Jun-2013
462013Agriculture Under Threat - A Crisis Of Confidence? The Solution: Redefine Adventitious Presence Maximum Levels from Zero to Zero++Perry, Mark ; Karky, Ramesh31-Jul-2013
472013On Dynamic & Subjective Trust for Privacy Policy Enforcement in Cloud ComputingRamachandran, Karthick; Lutfiyya, Hanan; Perry, Mark 30-Jan-2014
482013Deep Pockets, Packets, and HarborsMargoni, Thomas; Perry, Mark 23-Dec-2013
492013Policy Choices for Biotech Legislative Enactments: Genetic Modification in the Food ChainKarky, Ramesh; Perry, Mark 3-Jun-2014
502012A Privacy Preserving Solution for Webmail Systems with Searchable EncryptionRamachandran, Karthick; Lutfiyya, Hanan; Perry, Mark 7-Aug-2013

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Professor Mark Perry's research focuses on the nexus of technology and law. Professor Perry has taught around the world, including Japan, New Zealand, India, Italy, and Australia. He has been an invited and keynote speaker at many international conferences regarding technology and law. Along with invitations to speak, he has organised several global conferences in Canada and been an advisor on other symposia overseas. Professor Perry has published over 100 papers in both law and technology journals, and recent books include Global Governance of Intellectual Property in the 21st Century, and Hegemony or Harmony: Free Trade Agreements (with Lillian Corbin). He has supervised over 50 post doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students, all of whom have gone on to work at law firms, industry or in other universities. His current research focuses on law in high tech agriculture, biotechnology, and the governance of data. He is currently the Chair of the Academic Board (
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