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123-Feb-2022Legal Issues in Information TechnologyPerry, Mark ; Roy, Alpana; De Zwart, Melissa; Adams, Michael ; Selvadurai, Niloufer; Forrest, Heather; Cormier, Monique ; McKenzie, Simon11-Oct-2023
23-Feb-2022Interpreting ‘accessible to members of the public’: Implications for collections using ss 49 and 50 of the Copyright Act (Australia)Madugalla, Kaushalya Kumari ; Perry, Mark ; Howard, Tanya ; Cormier, Monique 31-Aug-2023
328-Feb-2021Testing the boundaries of the ICC's jurisdiction in the Afghanistan situationCormier, Monique 20-May-2021
418-Dec-2020Fake News in ASEANSmith, Robert Brian ; Perry, Mark ; Cormier, Monique 29-Jan-2024
510-Jun-2020Children’s Rights, International Legal Standards and the System of Juvenile Criminal Justice in Sri LankaGunarathne Mudiyanselage, Arun ; Adams, Michael ; Charlton, Guy ; Cormier, Monique 4-Jan-2024
62020Can Australia Join the Nuclear Ban Treaty Without Undermining ANZUS?Hood, Anna; Cormier, Monique 28-Aug-2020
72020The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court over Nationals of Non-States PartiesCormier, Monique 27-Aug-2020
82020Running Out of (Legal) Excuses: Extended Nuclear Deterrence in the Era of the Prohibition TreatyCormier, Monique 1-Apr-2020
91-Dec-2018Can the ICC Exercise Jurisdiction over US Nationals for Crimes Committed in the Afghanistan Situation?Cormier, Monique 5-Mar-2019
102017Australia's Reliance on US Extended Nuclear Deterrence and International LawCormier, Monique ; Hood, Anna4-Jul-2018
112017Pursuing negotiations in good faith? Australia's reliance on extended nuclear deterrence, its obligations under the NPT and its opposition to a ban treatyCormier, Monique 4-Jul-2018
122016Obedience to Superior Orders and Related DefencesCormier, Monique ; Finnin, Sarah2-Jul-2018
132012Prosecuting International Crimes in Australia: The Case of the Sri Lankan PresidentCormier, Monique ; Hood, Anna2-Jul-2018
142008A Human Dimension to the Energy Debate: Access to Modern Energy ServicesBradbrook, Adrian J; Gardam, Judith G; Cormier, Monique 19-May-2019

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