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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
15-Feb-2022Design for Balance: Addressing Challenges of Safety, Privacy and Identity Management in Online and Hybridised Learning and Teaching SpacesWarburton, Steven ; Perry, Mark 15-May-2023
223-Jan-2022Design Patterns for Curriculum Renewal and Course reDesignWarburton, Steven ; Perry, Mark 29-May-2023
3Nov-2021Back to the Future - ASCILITE '21. Proceedings ASCILITE 2021 in ArmidaleGregory, Sue ; Warburton, Steve ; Schier, Mark 28-Mar-2023
417-Dec-2020Design patterns for teaching in online settingsWarburton, Steven ; Perry, Mark 15-May-2023

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Warburton, Steven
Warburton, Steve
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Education Futures
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