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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Jun-2023Emotional Persuasion: Communicating Pain in Seneca the Elder's ControversiaeLawrence, Sarah 26-Jul-2023
22023Judith Wright and Virgil's Third GeorgicLawrence, Sarah 6-Jan-2023
32022And Now for Something Completely Different …Lawrence, Sarah 29-Nov-2021
418-Nov-2021Memory: Extraordinary Slaughter: Memory and Genocide at RomeLawrence, Sarah J 7-Feb-2022
524-May-2020Fragments, Figures, FablesBlackburn, Alana ; Lawrence, Sarah 30-Jun-2020
62018Vis and Seruitus: The Dark Side of Republican Oratory in Valerius MaximusLawrence, Sarah 28-Jun-2018
72018"Latin is for the Elite"...and other Zombie MythsLawrence, Sarah 8-Apr-2019
82017Imperial Matchmaker: The Involvement of the Roman Emperor in the Arrangement of Marriages between Client KingsShillam, Matthew William; Dillon, Matthew P; Lawrence, Sarah 28-Mar-2018
92016Putting Torture (And Valerius Maximus) To The TestLawrence, Sarah 15-Aug-2016
102015Dead on Time: Valerius Maximus 9.13 and StoicismLawrence, Sarah 15-Aug-2016
112015Embedding an institution-wide capacity building opportunity around transition pedagogy: First Year Teaching and Learning Network CoordinatorsClark, Jennifer ; Gurney, Lisa J; Lawrence, Sarah ; Leece, Rhonda; Malouff, John M ; Masters, Yvonne ; Reid, Jacqueline ; Tasker, Isabel ; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy ; Wilkes, Janelle 7-May-2015

Credit Name
Sarah Lawrence
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Lawrence, Sarah
Lawrence, S J
Lawrence, Sarah J
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Charles Tesoreiro Senior Lecturer in Latin
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School of HASS - Classics and Ancient History
Faculty of HASS and Education
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School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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