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19-May-2024Ancient Rigor with a little Modern Delight: Romano Micheli and The Psalms of the Office of Vespers (1610)Lesueur, Brenda May ; Blackburn, Alana Jane ; Stoessel, Jason 21-May-2024
2Apr-2024Art Music in Regional AustraliaBlackburn, Alana ; Sattler, Graham3-Jun-2024
33-Apr-2023Performing Australian electroacoustic works for the Paetzold contrabass recorderBlackburn, Alana 4-May-2023
427-Mar-2023Florentine Trecento Musical Iconography and Contemporary Musical Performance PracticeStinson, John Alexander ; Stoessel, Jason ; Blackburn, Alana 9-Aug-2023
54-Aug-2022Reducing student anxiety in online tertiary music education through the application of Universal Design for LearningBlackburn, Alana ; McGrath, Naomi 16-Aug-2022
62022The Armidale Symphony Orchestra: The ecology of a regional orchestraBlackburn, Alana 2-May-2023
716-Dec-2021Re-Growth?Blackburn, Alana 18-May-2022
82021Video feedback in tertiary music performance classesJohnson, Carol; Blackburn, Alana 28-Feb-2022
92021The impact of group identity on the social dynamics and sustainability of chamber music ensemblesBlackburn, Alana 5-Jan-2022
1018-Sep-2020Fostering Creativity and Collaboration in a Fully Online Tertiary Music ProgramBlackburn, Alana ; Hewitt, Donna 30-Nov-2020
11Sep-2020Blokfluit 2.0 - Blokfluitlessen onlineBlackburn, Alana 22-Mar-2023
1224-May-2020Fragments, Figures, FablesBlackburn, Alana ; Lawrence, Sarah 30-Jun-2020
1319-Jan-2019ReflectionsBlackburn, Alana 5-Jun-2020
1429-Nov-2018Instrument of torture? In defence of the recorderBlackburn, Alana 28-May-2020
1516-Jul-2018Listen to Me: Memory & I am a survivorGreenwell, Andrée ; Cobby Eckermann, Ali; Blackburn, Alana ; Conner, Holly; Dunn, Jessica31-May-2022
1621-Jun-2018The gig economy is nothing new for musicians – here’s what their ‘portfolio careers’ can teach usBlackburn, Alana 28-May-2020
172018The Canons DatabaseStoessel, Jason ; Blackburn, Alana ; Collins, Denis11-Apr-2019
182017The modern classical chamber music ensemble: Exploring individual identities, management and group processesBlackburn, Alana ; Alter, Frances ; Hewitt, Donna 19-Mar-2018
192017Performing online: Approaches to teaching performance studies in higher education within a fully online environmentBlackburn, Alana 17-Mar-2019
202016The Role Repertoire Choice Has in Shaping the Identity and Functionality of a Chamber Music EnsembleBlackburn, Alana 27-Nov-2017
212016The modern chamber musician’s identity: Individual perspectives of the qualities and characteristics of contemporary ensemble musiciansBlackburn, Alana 22-May-2024
2229-May-2015Senex et Sonis: Old SoundsBlackburn, Alana ; Arnott, Joanne5-Jun-2020
232015Creating Harmony: exploring the organisational factors of contemporary chamber music ensembleBlackburn, Alana 22-May-2024
242015Developing a professional identity and maintaining success within self-managing chamber music ensemblesBlackburn, Alana 27-May-2024
252015Ethernet Performance - Parramatta Lanes FestivalHewitt, Donna ; Mills, Roger; Blackburn, Alana ; Thorneycroft, Sarah; Far, Mersedah; Jahangi Zadeh, Babak; Slawig, Martin; Ganburged, Bukhchuluun2-Feb-2018
262014Educating the 'Net Generation': Enhancing student engagement with Web 2.0 tools and mobile technology in music educationMcGrath, Naomi ; Blackburn, Alana 1-Jun-2015
272014Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere: New Media and Virtual Tools Offer Constructivist Learning in Online Music EducationBlackburn, Alana ; McGrath, Naomi 4-May-2015
282014Moving Online: A Best Practice Approach to Achieving a Quality Learning Experience for Online EducationWhale, Sue ; McGrath, Naomi ; Blackburn, Alana ; Smith, Llara ; Cluley, Timothy4-May-2015

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