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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
119-Jun-202112 THREADSSmith, Paul 15-Jun-2022
2Jun-2021ConstellationsSmith, Paul 17-May-2022
3Jun-2021The Real MeSmith, Paul 17-May-2022
422-Apr-2021Chop ChefSmith, Paul ; Koh, Julie17-May-2022
5Nov-2020Street NotesSmith, Paul 17-May-2022
613-Apr-2019Four Dragons in FlightSmith, Paul 17-May-2022
79-Feb-2019Digital Marionette Study IIHewitt, Donna ; Smith, Paul ; Chau, Jermaine; Fournier, Cloe28-Jul-2020
89-Feb-2019Digital Marionette Study IHewitt, Donna ; Smith, Paul 23-Jul-2020
919-Jul-2018How to Build a BillySmith, Paul 5-Oct-2021
102018The Cloud of Musical Knowledge: Towards a Critical Music Theory PedagogySmith, Paul 25-Jul-2018
117-Nov-2017Billy's SwanSmith, Paul 6-Sep-2021
12Oct-2017Sci-Fi LABSmith, Paul ; Mostaert, Anika17-May-2022
138-Dec-2016Holding MasksSmith, Paul 6-Sep-2021
14Jun-2016Finding Music in Manga: Exploring Yaoi through Contemporary Piano CompositionSmith, Paul 5-Jun-2019
152016Kawaii aesthetics and the exchange between anime and musicSmith, Paul 31-May-2019
161-Nov-2015Iceberg VariationsSmith, Paul 6-Sep-2021
17Jul-2015Fancy Me DeadSmith, Paul 6-Sep-2021
182015The Spider Maiden and the Runaway Plum BlossomSmith, Paul 17-Jul-2017
192011Kawaii SuiteSmith, Paul 17-Jul-2017

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Paul Smith
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Smith, Paul
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Senior Lecturer in Music
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School of HASS - Music
Faculty of HASS and Education
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School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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