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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12023Showcasing multilingual TESOL in practice: Case studies from a regional Australian UniversityYilmaz, Devrim ; Cox, Robyn ; Hansford, Diane ; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Zhang, Zuocheng 20-Apr-2023
226-Aug-2021Setting EAL/D students up for success at school: A diamond viewBeveridge, Lorraine (Lorri); Fraser, Henry; Dong, Chuanmei ; Cox, Robyn ; Saleh, Abby2-Feb-2022
329-Sep-2020Reflections from members of UNE's School of Education on the new normalGregory, Sue ; Charteris, Jenny ; Nye, Adele ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Cox, Robyn 10-Sep-2021
415-Feb-2019The Role of Spoken InteractionCox, Robyn 21-Sep-2021
52019Reading: an essential activity in our societyCox, Robyn ; Feez, Susan ; Beveridge, Lorraine27-Mar-2019
62019Teaching the alphabetic principle: some tentative steps forwardCox, Robyn ; Feez, Susan ; Beveridge, Lorraine27-Mar-2019
72019The alphabetic principle and beyond: Surveying the landscapeCox, Robyn ; Feez, Susan ; Beveridge, Lorraine27-Mar-2019
82017Fast and furious: a reform agenda in early literacy in schoolsCox, Robyn 18-Oct-2021
92017Understanding research and evidence: a guide for teachersFeez, Susan ; Cox, Robyn 6-Feb-2018
10Jan-2015'What Language are You?' A Glimpse into Multilingual ChildhoodsCox, Robyn 24-May-2022
11Jan-2015Contextualising Multilingualism in Australia TodayCox, Robyn 24-May-2022
12Jan-2015English teaching in globalised educational contextsDurrant, Cal; Cox, Robyn 23-May-2022
13Jan-2015Working with Multilingual Learners and Vocabulary Knowledge for Secondary Schools : Developing Word ConsciousnessCox, Robyn ; O'Brien, Katherine; Walsh, Maureen; West, Helen23-May-2022
142012Primary English Teaching: An Introduction to Language, Literacy and LearningCox, Robyn 21-Sep-2021
152012Oral LanguageCox, Robyn 21-Sep-2021
162012An Introduction to the Australian Curriculum: EnglishCox, Robyn ; Durrant, Cal21-Sep-2021
172012Exploring Language and LearningCox, Robyn 21-Sep-2021
1816-Sep-2011Teaching Creative Writing in the Primary School: Delight, Entice, Inspire!MacLusky, Julie; Cox, Robyn 6-Sep-2022
192011Primary English Teaching: An introduction to Language, Literacy and LearningCox, Robyn 21-Sep-2021
201-Jan-2009Co-constructing an academic community ethos - challenging culture and managing change in higher education: A case study undertaken over two yearsRobertson, Chris; Robins, Alison; Cox, Robyn 26-Apr-2022
212007A preliminary study of pre-service teachers as readers in Singapore: Prolific, functional, or detached?Cox, Robyn ; Schaetzel, Kirsten2-Feb-2022

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Cox, Robyn
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Associate Professor and Head of Department - Curriculum
Education - Learners, Learning and Teaching
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