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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
130-May-2024The Impact of the Online Learning Readiness Self-Check survey with Australian Tertiary Enabling StudentsWhannell, Robert ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Harrington, Ingrid 31-May-2024
22023Online Professional Experience: Video as a Medium for Observing and Critiquing Classroom PracticeAnderson, Joanna ; Bartlett-Taylor, Timothy ; Thraves, Genevieve 14-Mar-2023
32022Developing a Signature Pedagogy and Integrated Support Model for First-Year Teacher Education Students Studying at a Regional UniversityHarrington, Ingrid ; Whannell, Robert ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim 1-Sep-2021
429-Sep-2020Reflections from members of UNE's School of Education on the new normalGregory, Sue ; Charteris, Jenny ; Nye, Adele ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Cox, Robyn 10-Sep-2021
513-May-2020Teacher education when there are no students in classGregory, Sue ; Cornish, Linley ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Whannell, Robert ; Anderson, Jo 29-Jul-2020
62019An Evaluation of the use of an Online Demonstration SchoolWhannell, Robert ; Lamb, Jane ; Cornish, Linley ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Wolodko, Brenda 28-Oct-2019

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