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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
130-May-2024The Impact of the Online Learning Readiness Self-Check survey with Australian Tertiary Enabling StudentsWhannell, Robert ; Parkes, Mitchell ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Harrington, Ingrid 31-May-2024
22023Exploring pre-service teachers’ affective-reflective skills: the effect of variations of a novel self-evaluation protocolWoolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Robert ; Marshman, Margaret; Galligan, Linda; Yeigh, Tony; Axelsen, Taryn17-Aug-2023
321-Jul-2022Mapping the Development of Australian Students’ Literacy and Numeracy Skills: 2008-2018Larsen, Sally Anne ; Coventry, William ; Whannell, Robert ; Grasby, Katrina; Little, Callie 17-Nov-2023
42022Developing a Signature Pedagogy and Integrated Support Model for First-Year Teacher Education Students Studying at a Regional UniversityHarrington, Ingrid ; Whannell, Robert ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim 1-Sep-2021
5Sep-2021How are we progressing with academic numeracy at regional universities? Perspectives from first-year undergraduate studiesWoolcott, Geoff; Galligan, Linda; Whannell, Robert ; Marshman, Margaret; Axelsen, Taryn; Schmalz, Jelena ; Sultanova, Nargiz20-Feb-2020
61-Jan-2021The Internship Program of Instituto de Formação Turística de Macau (IFTM): An Evaluation StudyCheng, Wan Lok Alan; Whannell, Robert ; Haynes, John 20-Jun-2024
7Oct-2020Reflecting on Emotions During Teaching: Developing Affective-Reflective Skills in Novice Teachers Using a Novel Critical Moment ProtocolBleakley, James; Woolcott, Geoff; Yeigh, Tony; Whannell, Robert 12-Mar-2021
813-May-2020Teacher education when there are no students in classGregory, Sue ; Cornish, Linley ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Whannell, Robert ; Anderson, Jo 29-Jul-2020
92020Designing professional development for teachers teaching out-of-fieldKenny, John; Hobbs, Linda; Whannell, Robert 17-Jun-2019
102020The Re-emergence of Spatial Reasoning Within Primary Years Mathematics EducationWoolcott, Geoff; Logan, Tracy; Marshman, Margaret; Ramful, Ajay; Whannell, Robert ; Lowrie, Tom9-Oct-2020
115-Sep-2019There is More Than One Way to Skin a Cat: An Exploration of Flexible Mental Multiplication Strategies with Pre-Service TeachersHall, Peter Denis; Whannell, Robert ; Serow, Penelope 20-May-2020
126-Aug-2019There is More Than One Way to Skin a Cat: An Exploration of Flexible Mental Multiplication Strategies with Pre-Service TeachersHall, Peter; Whannell, Robert ; Serow, Penelope 20-May-2020
13Jul-2019Cross Faculty Collaboration in the Development of an Integrated Mathematics and Science Initial Teacher Education ProgramFraser, Sharon P; Beswick, Kim; Penson, Margaret; Seen, Andrew; Whannell, Robert 13-Sep-2019
1411-Jun-2019Early adolescents' motivation and engagement in learning and impact of school-related conditions in low socio-economic districts in Sri Lanka: A mixed methods studyPerera, Kumbukage Dona Ruwandika Lakmali Jayalath; Whannell, Robert ; Hathaway, Tanya ; Taylor, Neil ; Phan, Huy ; Boyle, Christopher12-May-2020
152019Risk is relative: Person and place do matter in undergraduate engagement and retentionWoolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Robert ; Chamberlain, Daniel28-Oct-2019
162019Collaboration and Co-creation in Regional and Remote Education: Case Studies from Initial Teacher Education ProgramsWoolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Robert ; Wines, Chris; Pfeiffer, Linda; Marshmann, Margaret; Galligan, Linda20-Sep-2019
172019Academic numeracy and first year undergraduate studies across six regional universitiesWoolcott, Geoff; Galligan, Linda; Whannell, Robert ; Marshman, Margaret; Axelsen, Taryn21-Dec-2020
182019SMARTfarm Learning Hub: Next generation technologies for agricultural education: Final report 2018Gregory, Sue ; Whannell, Robert ; Flavel, Richard ; Barwick, Jamie ; Swain, David; Acuna, Tina; Rawnsley, Richard; Mohammed, Caroline; Hardie, Marcus; Cullen, Brendan; Nettle, Ruth; Ingram, Lachlan; Trotter, Mark; Cosby, Amy28-Oct-2019
192019Physical separation techniques in water purification: an inquiry-based laboratory learning experienceHarris, Katherine; Fellows, Christopher ; Quinn, Frances ; Rizk, Nadya ; Taylor, Neil ; Whannell, Robert ; Sharma, Manjula; Taylor, Subhashni 8-Oct-2019
202019An Evaluation of the use of an Online Demonstration SchoolWhannell, Robert ; Lamb, Jane ; Cornish, Linley ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Wolodko, Brenda 28-Oct-2019
212019Examining undergraduate student retention in mathematics using network analysis and relative riskWoolcott, Geoff; Chamberlain, Dan; Whannell, Robert ; Galligan, Linda11-Feb-2019
222019Out-of-Field Teaching Affecting Students and Learning: What Is Known and UnknownPorsch, Raphaela; Whannell, Robert 11-Feb-2019
23Nov-2018Embedding Collaborative Enhancement and Reflection in Science and Mathematics Initial Teacher Education ProgramsWhannell, Robert ; Woolcott, Geoff; Marshman, Margaret; Galligan, Linda; Pfeiffer, Linda; Wines, Chris12-Feb-2019
242018Teacher reform in Indonesia: Can offshore programs create lasting pedagogical shift?Allen, William; Hyde, Mervyn; Whannell, Robert ; O'Neill, Maureen17-Jan-2018
252018Open-ended science inquiry in lower secondary school: Are students' learning needs being met?Whannell, Robert ; Quinn, Frances ; Taylor, Subhashni ; Harris, Katherine; Cornish, Scott; Sharma, Manjula19-Apr-2018
262018On becoming a science teacherWhannell, Robert ; Hobbs, Linda15-Jun-2018
272018Variations on a Theme: Pre-service Mathematics Teacher Reflections Using an Affect-based Critical Moment ProtocolMarshman, Margaret; Galligan, Linda; Axelsen, Taryn; Woolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Robert 12-Feb-2019
2831-Jan-2017Bite Size Maths: Building Mathematics Low Socioeconomic Student Capability in Regional/Remote AustraliaWoolcott, Geoff; Mason, Raina; Markopoulos, Christos; Boyd, William; Chen, Ouhao; Seton, Carolyn; Lake, Warren; Whannell, Robert ; Foster, Alan; Galligan, Linda; Marshman, Margaret; Schmalz, Jelena ; Sultanova, Nargiz12-Feb-2019
292017Open access enabling courses: risking academic standards or meeting equity aspirationsShah, Mahsood; Whannell, Robert 15-Jun-2017
302017Enhancing science and mathematics teacher education: evaluating an enhancement module for science pre-service teachersWoolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Robert ; Pfeiffer, Linda; Yeigh, Tony; Donnelly, James; Scott, Amanda3-Jul-2017
312017STEM: Schools of Excellence in an Australian Context?Whannell, Robert ; Pedrazzini, John5-Jun-2017
322017Enhancement-Lesson-Reflection: A resource manual for science and mathematics learning and teachingWoolcott, Geoff; Scott, Amanda; Norton, Marion; Whannell, Robert ; Galligan, Linda; Marshman, Margaret; Pfeiffer, Linda; Wines, Chris20-Mar-2018
332017Assessing science teaching and learning in the classroomTaylor, Neil ; Whannell, Robert 18-Apr-2018
342017Building identity and commitment to the teaching of scienceHobbs, Linda; Whannell, Robert 18-Apr-2018
352017Assessing science teaching and learningWhannell, Robert ; Taylor, Neil 18-Apr-2018
362017Theory and practice in science educationWhannell, Robert ; Yeigh, Tony18-Apr-2018
372017Application of theory in science education classroomsYeigh, Tony; Whannell, Robert 19-Apr-2018
382017It's part of my life: Engaging university and community to enhance science and mathematics educationWoolcott, Geoff; Scott, Amanda; Norton, Marion; Whannell, Robert ; Galligan, Linda; Marshman, Margaret; Pfeiffer, Linda; Wines, Chris13-Feb-2018
392017Teaching Secondary Science: Theory and PracticeWoolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Robert 15-Jun-2018
402016Emotional Literacy and Pedagogical Confidence in Pre-Service Science and Mathematics TeachersYeigh, Tony; Woolcott, Geoff; Donnelly, Jim; Whannell, Robert ; Snow, Matthew; Scott, Amanda7-Dec-2016
412016Marketing an Alternate Model for Science and Mathematics Initial Teacher EducationSeen, Andrew; Fraser, Sharon P; Beswick, Kim; Penson, Margaret; Whannell, Robert 22-Mar-2017
422016Cross faculty Collaboration in the Development of an Integrated Mathematics and Science Pre-service Teacher Education ProgramFraser, Sharon; Penson, Margaret; Seen, Andrew; Beswick, Kim; Whannell, Robert 9-Apr-2019
432015The integration of study and work-integrated learning experience through the sequential, embedded completion of tertiary qualificationsWhannell, Patricia ; Humphries, Judy ; Whannell, Robert ; Usher, Kim 11-Aug-2015
442015Improving Mathematics and Science Education in Rural Australia: A Practice ReportWhannell, Robert ; Tobias, Stephen 3-Sep-2015
452015Identity theory as a theoretical framework to understand attrition for university students in transitionWhannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia 26-Aug-2015
462015Educating Australian High School Students in Relation to the Digital Future of AgricultureWhannell, Robert ; Tobias, Stephen 17-Jun-2015
472015Improving the Confidence and Competence of Mathematics Pre-service Teachers at a Regional University in AustraliaWhannell, Robert ; Woolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Patricia 30-Jan-2015
482015Early childhood students under stress: The interrelationship between physical environment, physiological reactions, student-teacher bonding and learning in the first year of schoolWhannell, Patricia ; Whannell, Robert ; Sims, Margaret ; McFarlane, James 30-Jan-2015
492014The Role of the Teacher in Influencing Student Outcomes in Secondary SchoolWhannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia 13-Feb-2014
502014The use of peer assessment in a regional Australian university tertiary bridging courseChambers, Kelly; Whannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia 10-Apr-2014

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