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12015Early childhood students under stress: The interrelationship between physical environment, physiological reactions, student-teacher bonding and learning in the first year of schoolWhannell, Patricia ; Whannell, Robert ; Sims, Margaret ; McFarlane, James 30-Jan-2015
22015Improving the Confidence and Competence of Mathematics Pre-service Teachers at a Regional University in AustraliaWhannell, Robert ; Woolcott, Geoff; Whannell, Patricia 30-Jan-2015
32015The integration of study and work-integrated learning experience through the sequential, embedded completion of tertiary qualificationsWhannell, Patricia ; Humphries, Judy ; Whannell, Robert ; Usher, Kim 11-Aug-2015
42015Identity theory as a theoretical framework to understand attrition for university students in transitionWhannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia 26-Aug-2015
52014The Role of the Teacher in Influencing Student Outcomes in Secondary SchoolWhannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia 13-Feb-2014
62014The use of peer assessment in a regional Australian university tertiary bridging courseChambers, Kelly; Whannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia 10-Apr-2014
72014Identifying tertiary bridging students at risk of failure in the first semester of undergraduate studyWhannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia 29-Aug-2014
82014The delivery of university and VET fully integrated degree programsWhannell, Patricia ; Humphries, Judy ; Whannell, Robert ; Usher, Kim 4-Nov-2014
9Jul-2013Early departure from a tertiary bridging program: What can the institution do?Whannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia ; Bedford, Tasman12-Apr-2019
10May-2013Reducing the attrition of tertiary bridging students studying by distance: A practice reportWhannell, Patricia ; Whannell, Robert 12-Apr-2019
11Apr-2012Investigating the influence of teacher strategies on academic self-efficacy and study behaviour of students in a tertiary bridging programWhannell, Patricia ; Whannell, Robert ; Allen, Bill5-Apr-2019
122012Tertiary student attitudes to bicycle commuting in a regional Australian universityWhannell, Patricia ; Whannell, Robert ; White, Richard7-Apr-2019
132011The role of assessment in the development of academic identity in tertiary bridging program studentsWhannell, Robert ; Whannell, Patricia ; Chambers, Kelly9-Apr-2019

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