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12-Jan-2024Factors contributing to the variation in antibiotic prescribing among primary health care physicians: a systematic reviewKasse, Gashaw Enbiyale; Humphries, Judy ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Islam, Md Shahidul 12-Jun-2024
22016On philosophy, discourse, and context: complementary medicine practitioner responses to meeting work practices with evidence-based medicineFlatt, Jeffrey Stephen; Humphries, Judy ; Bennett, Cary 14-Aug-2017
32015The integration of study and work-integrated learning experience through the sequential, embedded completion of tertiary qualificationsWhannell, Patricia ; Humphries, Judy ; Whannell, Robert ; Usher, Kim 11-Aug-2015
42014The health of left-behind wives using the social determinants of health framework: the other side of Nepalese regulated labour migrationSharma, Adhir ; Ditton, Mary ; Humphries, Judy ; Kottler, Jeffrey; Rugendyke, Barbara16-Apr-2015
52014The delivery of university and VET fully integrated degree programsWhannell, Patricia ; Humphries, Judy ; Whannell, Robert ; Usher, Kim 4-Nov-2014
62012Job satisfaction of Australian nurses and midwives: A descriptive research studySkinner, Viginia; Madison, Jeanne ; Humphries, Judy 18-May-2017
72012Determinants of Physicians' Turnover Intentions in Saudi Ministry of Health Hospitals in the City of RiyadhAlharbi, Badar; Cruickshank, Mary ; Humphries, Judy 4-Apr-2012
82010Individual Responses to Stress and Burnout: Workplace Issues for Australian Nurses and MidwivesSkinner, Virginia; Madison, Jeanne ; Humphries, Judy 16-Jan-2012
92010Differences in turnover intention determinants between Saudi and Non-Saudi physiciansAlharbi, Badar; Cruickshank, Mary ; Humphries, Judy 8-Jul-2011
102007Management of depression by homeopathic practitioners in Sydney, AustraliaMakich, Lillian; Hussain, Rafat ; Harris-Humphries, Judy 10-Nov-2009
112007The Development Of A Tool To Assess Levels Of Stress And BurnoutSkinner, Virginia Maureen; Agho, Kinsley; Lee-White, Trish; Harris-Humphries, Judy 9-Dec-2009
122006Complementary medicine in the context of medical dominanceHarris-Humphries, J 21-Apr-2008
132005Vehicles to Promote Positive Ageing: Natural Therapies, Counselling, Music and the Creative ArtsHarris, J ; Hays, TN; Kottler, J; Minichiello, V ; Olohan, CM; Wright, P24-Sep-2008
142004Acupuncture: finding a place in integrative medicineBehrens, K; Harris, J 16-May-2008
152003Perspectives on AcupunctureSelecki, R; Harris, J 21-Jul-2008
162002Complementary Medicine Education: Keeping Your distanceHarris-Humphries, Judy 18-Dec-2009

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