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1Dec-2020Challenges facing regional live music venues: A case study of venues in Armidale, NSWBennett, Cary 5-May-2021
224-Jul-2020The Experience of Punjabi Indians with Palliative Care at Residential Aged Care Facilities: A Regional PerspectiveWardle, Sabina; Bennett, Cary 3-Jan-2024
321-Jun-2020Baby boomers' attitudes to maintaining sexual and intimate relationships in long-term careRahn, Alison; Jones, Tiffany; Bennett, Cary ; Lykins, Amy 17-Mar-2021
421-Jun-2020Happily partnered older adults' relationship-enhancing behavioursRahn, Alison; Bennett, Cary ; Jones, Tiffany; Lykins, Amy 17-Mar-2021
52018Drugs, moral panics and the dispositiveBennett, Cary 11-Feb-2019
62018Behind Closed Doors: Exploring Ways to Support Partnered Baby Boomers' Coupledom in Residential Aged Care SettingsRahn, Alison Ainslie ; Bennett, Cary ; Lykins, Amy ; Jones, Tiffany 1-Apr-2019
7Nov-2017Couples' Privacy in Residential Aged CareRahn, Alison ; Bennett, Cary ; Jones, Tiffany ; Lykins, Amy 13-Mar-2019
82017Barriers to and facilitators of the inclusion of learners with special education needs: An appraisal of the education systems of the islands of the Eastern CaribbeanHodge, Carel Eulena; Bennett, Cary ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Zafarullah, Habib M 22-Feb-2018
92016Assessment rubrics: Thinking inside the boxesBennett, Cary 5-Jul-2016
102016On philosophy, discourse, and context: complementary medicine practitioner responses to meeting work practices with evidence-based medicineFlatt, Jeffrey Stephen; Humphries, Judy ; Bennett, Cary 14-Aug-2017
112016Conflicting Agendas: The Politics of Sex in Aged CareRahn, Alison ; Jones, Tiffany ; Bennett, Cary ; Lykins, Amy 10-Apr-2017
122015Opening a Can of Worms: Consenting Partners in Aged CareRahn, Alison ; Lykins, Amy ; Bennett, Cary ; Jones, Tiffany 23-May-2017
132014School-based drug education: the shaping of subjectivitiesBennett, Cary 26-Aug-2014
142012Supporting the Posts in Development Discourse: Under-development, Over-development, Post-developmentBennett, Cary 19-Nov-2012
152011Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Disciplining the 'Addict'Bennett, Cary 10-Jan-2012
162010Drug Law Enforcement: A Study in the Interplay of Power and ResistanceBennett, Cary 15-Apr-2011
172009Governing at a Distance: Mainstreaming of Australian HIV/AIDS Treatments and Services 1989-1996 ReconsideredBennett, Cary ; Donovan, Raymond15-Apr-2011
182008The emergence of Australia's national campaign against drug abuse: a case-study in the politics of drug controlBennett, Cary 15-Apr-2011
192005Review of Fischlin, D and Heble, A (eds) (2004) 'The Other Side of Nowhere: Jazz, Improvisation and Communities in Dialogue', Middletown (Connecticut): Wesleyan University PressBennett, Cary 15-Apr-2011

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