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1Jul-2024Exploring jump experience, risk perception, anxiety and self-confidence in skydiving: A mixed methods approachMcNeil, Dominic G ; Fell, Michael; Loi, Natasha M ; Chambers, Timothy P; Cosh, Suzanne M 21-Jun-2024
24-Jun-2024A Community Mental Health Integrated Disaster Preparedness Intervention for Bushfire Recovery in Rural Australian Communities: Protocol for a Multimethods Feasibility and Acceptability Pilot StudyPike, Caitlin E ; Dohnt, Henriette C ; Tully, Phillip J ; Bartik, Warren ; Welton-Mitchell, Courtney; Murray, Clara V ; Rice, Kylie ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Lykins, Amy D 8-Jun-2024
3May-2024Climate Change in Rural Australia: Natural Hazard Preparedness and Recovery Needs of a Rural CommunityPike, Caitlin E ; Lykins, Amy D ; Bartik, Warren ; Tully, Phillip J ; Cosh, Suzanne M 13-Jun-2024
49-Mar-2024Older individuals and preventative behavioural interventions for COVID-19: a scoping review and perspective on wellbeingThorsteinsson, Einar B ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Loi, Natasha M 9-May-2024
5Mar-2024Athlete mental health help-seeking: A systematic review and meta-analysis of rates, barriers and facilitatorsCosh, S M ; McNeil, D G ; Jeffreys, A; Clark, L; Tully, P J 21-Jun-2024
69-Feb-2024"Na Neitou Qele Ga Qo" ("This Is Our Only Land"): Adaptation to the Effects of Climate Change in Rural Indigenous FijiansLykins, Amy D ; Nunn, Patrick ; Kumar, Roselyn; Sundaraja, Cassandra ; Cosh, Suzanne 11-Apr-2024
79-Feb-2024“Na Neitou Qele Ga Qo” (“This Is Our Only Land”): Adaptation to the Effects of Climate Change in Rural Indigenous FijiansLykins, Amy D ; Nunn, Patrick D ; Kumar, Roselyn; Sundaraja, Cassandra ; Cosh, Suzanne 14-May-2024
82-Jan-2024Factors contributing to the variation in antibiotic prescribing among primary health care physicians: a systematic reviewKasse, Gashaw Enbiyale; Humphries, Judy ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Islam, Md Shahidul 12-Jun-2024
9Jan-2024Climate change anxiety positively predicts antenatal distress in expectant female parentsLykins, Amy D ; Bonich, Mary; Sundaraja, Cassandra ; Cosh, Suzanne 11-Apr-2024
10Jan-2024'All we found were bones': Veterinary workers' distress and trauma after Australia's Black Summer bushfiresPaul, Nicola K ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Lykins, Amy D 11-Apr-2024
11Jan-2024Exploring experiences, barriers and treatment preferences for self-reported perinatal anxiety in Australian women: a qualitative studyMaguire, Peta N ; Clark, Gavin I ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Wootton, Bethany M21-Jun-2024
122024Experiences of professional mental health help-seeking and engagement with services among emerging adult men identifying as gayCosh, Suzanne M ; Doyle, Mitchell; Lykins, Amy ; Clark, Laura H 13-Jun-2024
132024Reliability and validity of the Self-Reflection and Insight Scale for psychologists and the development and validation of the revised short versionBanner, S E ; Rice, K; Schutte, N; Cosh, S M ; Rock, A J7-May-2024
142024Feasibility and practicality of a simulated placement: an exploratory pilot of a novel training method for postgraduate psychology students in the wake of COVID-19Shelley, Jaeva; Rice, Kylie ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Schutte, Nicola ; Rock, Adam 20-May-2024
152024Mental health through occupational health and safety in high performance sportSchinke, Robert J; Giffin, Cole; Cosh, Suzanne ; Douglas, Kitrina; Harwood, Chris; Si, Gangyan; Papaiounnou, Athanasios21-Jun-2024
1610-Nov-2023Treating Depression and Anxiety Disorders Simultaneously in Patients With Cardiovascular Diseases Utilizing the Unified ProtocolTully, Phillip J ; Cosh, Suzanne M 7-Feb-2024
176-Nov-2023“Io, Keimami Leqataka Vakalevu Na Vei Gauna Mai Muri” (“We are Worried About the Future Generation”): Experiences of Eco-Grief in Rural Indigenous FijiansLykins, Amy ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Nunn, Patrick D ; Kumar, Roselyn; Sundaraja, Cassandra 20-Nov-2023
18Nov-2023Classifying excessive exercise: Examining the relationship between compulsive exercise with obsessive‐compulsive disorder symptoms and disordered eating symptomsCosh, Suzanne M ; Eshkevari, Ertimiss; McNeil, Dominic G ; Tully, Phillip J 20-Nov-2023
19Nov-2023Exploration of orthorexia nervosa and diagnostic overlap with eating disorders, anorexia nervosa and obsessive-compulsive disorderCosh, Suzanne M ; Olson, Jemma ; Tully, Phillip J 6-Sep-2023
2024-Oct-2023Assessing the relationship between early maladaptive schemas and interpersonal problems using interpersonal scenarios depicting rejectionJanovsky, Thomas ; Rock, Adam J ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B ; Clark, Gavin I ; Polad, Valerie; Cosh, Suzanne 28-Feb-2024
2112-Jul-2023Community Pharmacists in Maternal and Child Health Services Provisions in EthiopiaAyele, Asnakew Achaw ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Cosh, Suzanne ; East, Leah 3-Aug-2023
22Jul-2023Compulsive exercise and its relationship with mental health and psychosocial wellbeing in recreational exercisers and athletesCosh, S M ; McNeil, D G ; Tully, P J 21-Jun-2023
2330-May-2023Feasibility and acceptability of a remotely delivered transdiagnostic CBT treatment for postnatal anxiety and related disorders: A pilot case seriesMaguire, Peta N ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Wootton, Bethany M11-Jan-2024
2428-Apr-2023Australian Youth Mental Health and Climate Change Concern After the Black Summer BushfiresLykins, Amy D ; Parsons, Melissa ; Craig, Belinda M ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Hine, Donald W ; Murray, Clara 19-Jun-2023
25Mar-2023Reproductive and sexual health effects of intimate partner violence: A longitudinal and intergenerational analysisHutchinson, Marie; Cosh, Suzanne M ; East, Leah 3-Apr-2023
26Mar-2023Involvement of community pharmacy professionals in maternal health service provision in Ethiopia: a multi-centre cross-sectional surveyAyele, Asnakew Achaw ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Cosh, Suzanne ; East, Leah 4-Apr-2023
272023Understandings and experiences of adherence to secondary prevention for patients with cardiovascular disease and comorbid depression or anxietyCosh, Suzanne M ; Pinto, Ronette; Denson, Linley; Tully, Phillip J 24-May-2022
282023“A Love–Hate Relationship with What I Do”: Protecting the Mental Health of Animal Care WorkersPaul, Nicola K ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Lykins, Amy D 30-Mar-2023
292023Examining personality trait patterns in transdiagnostic dimensions of psychopathologyHayne, Daniel P ; Phillips, Wendy ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Price, Ian 29-Nov-2022
302023Help-seeking and treatment delivery preferences for women experiencing perinatal anxiety symptomsMaguire, Peta N ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Wootton, Bethany M20-Apr-2023
312023Passion moderates the relationship between exercise identity and compulsive exerciseCosh, Suzanne M ; Loi, Natasha M ; McNeil, Dominic G 13-Jun-2023
3213-Dec-2022Treatment Access, Engagement and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Perinatal AnxietyMaguire, Peta ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Bethany May Wootton11-Aug-2023
3318-Oct-2022Role of community pharmacy professionals in child health service provision in Ethiopia: a cross-sectional survey in six cities of Amhara regional stateAyele, Asnakew Achaw ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; East, Leah 31-Mar-2023
34Oct-2022Compulsive Exercise, Exercise Identity, and Coping StylesPike, Caitlin ; Taylor, Amanda M; Cosh, Suzanne 3-Apr-2023
35Aug-2022Social media and eating disorder recovery: An exploration of Instagram recovery community users and their reasons for engagementAu, Emily S ; Cosh, Suzanne M 31-Mar-2023
361-Jun-2022The Utility and Development of the Competencies of Professional Psychology Rating Scales (COPPR)Rice, Kylie ; Schutte, Nicola S ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Rock, Adam J ; Banner, Stephanie E ; Sheen, Jade3-Jun-2022
3714-Apr-2022Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Anxiety Disorders in Cardiovascular Disease Patients: Results From the CHAMPS Pilot-Feasibility TrialTully, Phillip J ; Turnbull, Deborah A; Horowitz, John D; Beltrame, John F; Baune, Bernhard T; Sauer-Zavala, Shannon; Baumeister, Harald; Bean, Christopher G; Pinto, Ronette B; Cosh, Suzie ; Wittert, Gary A20-May-2022
386-Apr-2022Community pharmacy professionals' practice in responding to minor symptoms experienced by pregnant women in Ethiopia: results from sequential mixed methodsAyele, Asnakew Achaw ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Cosh, Suzanne ; East, Leah 30-Mar-2023
39Apr-2022Correlates of therapist drift in psychological practice: A systematic review of therapist characteristicsSpeers, Andrew J H ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Wootton, Bethany M12-May-2022
4031-Mar-2022Commentary: An Extension of the Australian Postgraduate Psychology Education Simulation Working Group Guidelines: Simulated Learning Activities Within Professional Psychology PlacementsRice, Kylie ; Murray, Clara V ; Tully, Phillip J ; Hone, Alice ; Bartik, Warren J ; Newby, Daiva ; Cosh, Suzanne M 20-May-2022
412022International society of sport psychology position stand: mental health through occupational health and safety in high performance sportSchinke, Robert J; Giffin, Cole; Cosh, Suzanne ; Douglas, Kitrina; Rhind, Daniel; Harwood, Chris; Si, Gangyan; Papaiounnou, Athanasios9-Dec-2021
422022Athlete Identity and Career Transition: Implications for Retirement OutcomesCosh, Suzanne M 29-Jul-2021
432022A Mixed-Methods Assessment of Human Well-Being Related to the Presence of Companion Animals During the COVID-19 PandemicBennett, Bindi; Cosh, Suzie ; Thepsourinthone, Jack; Lykins, Amy 22-Jun-2022
442022Constructions of athlete mental health post-retirement: a discursive analysis of stigmatising and legitimising versions of transition distress in the Australian broadcast mediaCosh, Suzanne M ; Crabb, Shona; McNeil, Dominic G ; Tully, Phillip J 31-Mar-2023
452022Treating Anxiety Disorders in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease: How to Formulate Exposure Therapy When Anxiety Mimics the HeartTully, Phillip J ; Pedersen, Susanne S; Cosh, Susanne M ; Foldes-Busque, Guillaume6-Jan-2023
462022Acceptability and feasibility of telehealth as a training modality for trainee psychologist placements: a COVID-19 response studyCosh, Suzanne ; Rice, Kylie ; Bartik, Warren ; Jefferys, Amanda; Hone, Alice ; Murray, Clara ; Lykins, Amy D 27-Sep-2021
47Dec-2021Outcomes for infants whose mothers had an eating disorder in the perinatal period: A systematic review of the evidenceMah, Beth; Cibralic, Sara; Hanna, Joanne ; Hart, Melissa; Loughland, Carmel; Cosh, Suzanne 9-Dec-2021
481-Jul-2021Associations Between Defence-Style, Eating Disorder Symptoms, and Quality of Life in Community Sample of Women: A Longitudinal Exploratory StudyAouad, Phillip; Hay, Phillipa; Foroughi, Nasim; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Mannan, Haider29-Jul-2021
4911-May-2021Hoarding to the heart's content: a case series and detailed case report of hoarding treatment in heart failureTully, Phillip ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Wootton, Bethany22-Jul-2023
50Apr-2021Involvement and practice of community pharmacists in maternal and child health services: A systematic reviewAyele, Asnakew Achaw; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Cosh, Suzanne ; East, Leah 6-Apr-2021

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