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14-Jun-2024A Community Mental Health Integrated Disaster Preparedness Intervention for Bushfire Recovery in Rural Australian Communities: Protocol for a Multimethods Feasibility and Acceptability Pilot StudyPike, Caitlin E ; Dohnt, Henriette C ; Tully, Phillip J ; Bartik, Warren ; Welton-Mitchell, Courtney; Murray, Clara V ; Rice, Kylie ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Lykins, Amy D 8-Jun-2024
2May-2024Climate Change in Rural Australia: Natural Hazard Preparedness and Recovery Needs of a Rural CommunityPike, Caitlin E ; Lykins, Amy D ; Bartik, Warren ; Tully, Phillip J ; Cosh, Suzanne M 13-Jun-2024
3Oct-2022Compulsive Exercise, Exercise Identity, and Coping StylesPike, Caitlin ; Taylor, Amanda M; Cosh, Suzanne 3-Apr-2023

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