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19-May-2024Potency of New Additives in Controlling Coccidiosis and Necrotic Enteritis in Broiler Chickens, Under In Vitro and In Vivo ConditionsDaneshmand, Ali ; Qassim, Sarbast ; Sharma, Nishchal Kumar ; Wu, Shubiao 17-May-2024
2Apr-2024Bromelain can reduce the negative effects of a subclinical necrotic enteritis in broiler chickensGharib-Naseri, Kosar ; Qassim, Sarbast K ; Thi Nguyen, Hong ; Wu, Shu-biao 16-May-2024
3Mar-2024Re-evaluation of recent research on metabolic utilization of energy in poultry: Recommendations for a net energy system for broilersNoblet, Jean; Tay-Zar, Aye-Cho; Wu, Shu-biao ; Srichana, Pairat; Cozannet, Pierre; Geraert, Pierre-André; Choct, Mingan 27-Jun-2024
4Feb-2024The effect of sex and dietary crude protein level on nutrient transporter gene expression and cecal microbiota populations in broiler chickensEngland, Ashley D; de las Heras-Saldana, Sara ; Gharib-Naseri, Kosar ; Qassim, Sarbast ; Wu, Shu-Biao 29-Nov-2023
5Nov-2023Xylanase and beta-glucanase improve performance parameters and footpad dermatitis and modulate intestinal microbiota in broilers under an Eimeria challengeDaneshmand, Ali ; Kumar, Alip ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Aguiar Mateus Pasquali, Guilherme; Wu, Shu-biao 2-Nov-2023
69-Oct-2023Developing an Institutional Working Mechanism for the Production of Health-Tested Citrus Seedling – Confronting Citrus Huanglongbing in BhutanDorji, Kinley ; Backhouse, David ; Hunt, Peter W ; Miller, Judith Anne ; Tenzin, Jigme; Wu, Shubiao 8-Nov-2023
7Oct-2023Buffered formic acid and a monoglyceride blend improve performance and modulate gut bacteria and immunity gene expression in broilers under necrotic enteritis challengeDaneshmand, Ali ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Hall, Leon; Wu, Shubiao 2-Nov-2023
816-Jul-2023Impact of necrotic enteritis on long non-coding RNA expression in chickenWhistler, C; Wu, S ; De Las Heras-Saldana, Sara 21-Aug-2023
9Jul-2023Partition of variation for predicting experimental power with a broiler chicken examplePesti, G M ; Billard, L; Wu, S-B ; Morgan, N K ; Taylor, P S; de las Heras-Saldana, S 10-Aug-2023
10Jun-2023Total amino acid level affects the results of standardized ileal digestibility assays for feed ingredients for swineBloxham, Darlene J; Azain, Michael; Pesti, Gene M ; Wu, Shu-Biao 16-Apr-2024
11May-2023Most root-derived carbon inputs do not contribute to long-term global soil carbon storageWang, Guocheng; Xiao, Liujun; Lin, Ziqi; Zhang, Qing ; Guo, Xiaowei; Cowie, Annette ; Zhang, Shuai; Wang, Mingming; Chen, Songchao; Zhang, Ganlin; Shi, Zhou; Sun, Wenjuan; Luo, Zhongkui22-Mar-2024
12Mar-2023Spray-dried porcine plasma enhances feed efficiency, intestinal integrity, and immune response of broilers challenged with necrotic enteritisDaneshmand, A ; Sharma, N K ; Dao, T H ; Barekatain, R; Swick, R A ; Wu, S 1-Nov-2023
13Mar-2023Influence of sex and rearing method on performance and flock uniformity in broilers—implications for research settingsEngland, Ashley ; Gharib-Naseri, Kosar ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Wu, Shu-Biao 10-Oct-2023
14Mar-2023Agricultural Interventions in the Bhutanese Context for Sustainability-A Documentary Analysis Using a Thematic Conceptual FrameworkDorji, Kinley ; Miller, Judith ; Wu, Shubiao 18-Apr-2023
1514-Feb-2023Sex Effects and the Use of the ANCOVA Model: Approaches to Make the Use of As-Hatched Broilers in Research More PowerfulEngland, Ashley ; Wu, Shubiao ; Qassim, Sarbast ; Gharib Naseri, Kosar ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 9-Aug-2023
1620-Jan-2023Sex proportion as a covariate increases the statistical test power in growth performance based experiments using as-hatched broilersEngland, Ashley D ; Musigwa, Sosthene ; Kumar, Alip ; Daneshmand, Ali ; Gharib Naseri, Kosar ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Pesti, Gene ; Wu, Shu-biao 13-Jun-2024
172023Supplementation of enzyme and probiotic improved growth performance in broilers under necrotic enteritis challengeKhairunnesa, M; Kumar, A ; Nguyen, T H ; WU, A; Gharib Naseri, Kosar ; Choct, M ; Wu, Shu-biao 11-Jul-2024
182023Efficacy of a phytogenic feed additive in broilers challenged with subclinical necrotic enteritisGharib Naseri, Kosar ; Alabdal, S; Palanisamy, K; Patil, R; Bhoyar, A; Wu, Shu-biao 11-Jul-2024
192023Sex Effects and the Use of the ANCOVA Model: Approaches to Make the Use of As-Hatched Broilers in Research More Powerful - DatasetEngland, Ashley Dawn ; Wu, Shubiao ; Gharib Naseri, Kosar ; Kheravii, Sarbast 9-Aug-2023
202023Editorial: Bacterial diseases in poultry: Biology, virulence and prevention in the age of reduced antibiotic useVan, Thi Thu Hao; Smooker, Peter M; Wu, Shubiao ; Wu, Zuowei22-Apr-2024
21Dec-2022An Inquiry into Bhutanese Agriculture Research-Practice Gaps Using Rogers Innovation Adoption Attributes and Mode 2 Knowledge Production FeaturesDorji, Kinley; Miller, Judith ; Wu, Shubiao 3-Jan-2023
22Dec-2022Rearing broilers as mixed or single-sex: relevance to performance, coefficient of variation, and flock uniformityEngland, Ashley D ; Gharib-Naseri, Kosar ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Wu, Shu-biao 4-Apr-2024
23Sep-2022Artificial gut and the applications in poultry: A reviewSharma, Nishchal K ; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Morgan, Natalie K ; Crowley, Tamsyn M 16-Jun-2022
24Sep-2022Abductive statistical methods improve the results of calibration curve bioassays: An example of determining zinc bioavailability in broiler chickensPesti, Gene M ; Billard, Lynne; Wu, Shu-biao ; Swick, Robert A ; Nguyen, Thi Thanh Hoai ; Morgan, Natalie 8-Apr-2024
251-Jul-2022Supplementation of reduced protein diets with L-arginine and L-citrulline for broilers challenged with subclinical necrotic enteritis. 3. Immunological parameters and gene expressionDao, Hiep Thi ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Bradbury, Emma J; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Swick, Robert A 24-Mar-2024
261-Mar-2022Dietary Soluble Non-Starch Polysaccharide Level Influences Performance, Nutrient Utilisation and Disappearance of Non-Starch Polysaccharides in Broiler ChickensNguyen, Hong T ; Bedford, Michael R; Wu, Shu-biao ; Morgan, Natalie K 17-Jun-2024
27Mar-2022Methodologies for energy evaluation of pig and poultry feeds: A reviewNoblet, Jean; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Choct, Mingan 21-Oct-2021
28Mar-2022Potential of a mixture of eugenol and garlic tincture to improve performance and intestinal health in broilers under necrotic enteritis challengeKumar, Alip ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Keerqin, Chake ; Ionescu, Catherine; Blanchard, Alexandra; Wu, Shu-biao 21-Oct-2021
2911-Feb-2022Cecal Microbiota of Free-Range Hens Varied With Different Rearing Enrichments and Ranging PatternsBari, Md Saiful ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Bajagai, Yadav S; Wu, Shu-biao ; Keerqin, Chake ; Campbell, Dana L M 12-May-2022
3010-Feb-2022Sources and levels of copper afect liver copper profle, intestinal morphology and cecal microbiota population of broiler chickens fed wheat‑soybean meal dietsNguyen, Hoai Thi Thanh ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Roberts, Julie R ; Swick, Robert A ; Toghyani, Mehdi 5-Apr-2024
312022Supplementation of reduced protein diets with L-arginine and L-citrulline for broilers challenged with subclinical necrotic enteritis. 1. Growth, carcass yield, and intestinal lesion scoresDao, Hiep Thi ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Daneshmand, Ali ; Kumar, Alip ; Bradbury, Emma J; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Swick, Robert A 13-May-2022
322022Responses of broilers reared as single or mixed sex to low protein diets and the variationsEngland, Ashley ; Gharib Naseri, Kosar ; Qassim, Sarbast ; Wu, Shubiao 11-Jul-2024
332022Buffered formic acid and a monoglyceride blend coordinately alleviate subclinical necrotic enteritis impact in broiler chickensGharib Naseri, Kosar ; Kheravii K, Sarbast ; Li, Lily ; Wu, Shu-biao 11-Jul-2024
342022Differences in gut microbiome in free-range laying hensde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Pilla, R; Suchodolski, J S; Kheravii, S K ; Sibanda, T Z ; Wu, S B ; Ruhnke, I 18-Oct-2022
352022Intestinal gene expression profile in free-range laying hens with divergent behaviour and body weightde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Kheravii, S K ; Wu, S B ; Sibanda, T Z ; Ruhnke, I 1-May-2023
362022Organic acid blends improve intestinal integrity, modulate short-chain fatty acids profiles and alter microbiota of broilers under necrotic enteritis challengeKumar, Alip ; Toghyani, Mehdi ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Pineda, Lane; Han, Yanming; Swick, Robert A ; Wu, Shu-biao 10-Apr-2024
372022Dietary soluble non-starch polysaccharide level and xylanase influence the gastrointestinal environment and nutrient utilisation in laying hensNguyen, H T ; Wu, S-B ; Bedford, M R ; Nguyen, X H; Morgan, N K 25-Mar-2024
38Dec-2021In vitro inhibitory activities of sugarcane extract on avian Eimeria sporozoitesDaneshmand, Ali; Young, Petrina; Campbell, Bronwyn; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Sharma, Nishchal Kumar ; Afshari, Roya; Dias, Daniel A; Flavel, Matthew; Kitchen, Barry; Wu, Shu-Biao 19-Jul-2021
3924-Nov-2021The Role of Soluble Non-Starch Polysaccharides in Poultry DietsNguyen, Thi Hong ; Bedford, Michael ; Morgan, Natalie ; Wu, Shubiao 26-Nov-2023
4021-Oct-2021Response of broilers to dietary inclusions of different insoluble fibre sources in a reduced crude protein dietSharma, N K ; Qassim, S K ; Gurney, K; Choct, M ; Wu, S B 22-Apr-2024
416-Oct-2021Feed Additives to Improve Performance and Gut Health in Broilers Under Necrotic Enteritis ChallengeKumar, Alip ; Wu, Shubiao ; Qassim, Sarbast ; Toghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi 28-Nov-2023
42Oct-2021Detection and distribution of haematophagous flies and lice on cattle farms and potential role in the transmission of Theileria orientalisLakew, Biniam T ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Wu, Shubiao ; Eastwood, Steve; Andrew, Nigel R ; Nicholas, Adrian H; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W 15-Jul-2021
435-Aug-2021Microbial communities of poultry house dust, excreta and litter are partially representative of microbiota of chicken caecum and ileumBindari, Yugal R; Moore, Robert J; Van, Thi Thu Hao; Hilliar, Matthew ; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Gerber, Priscilla F 14-Feb-2022
44Aug-2021Soluble non-starch polysaccharide modulates broiler gastrointestinal tract environmentNguyen, H T; Bedford, M R; Wu, S-B ; Morgan, N K 30-Jun-2021
45Aug-2021Zinc hydroxychloride supplementation improves tibia bone development and intestinal health of broiler chickensNguyen, H T T; Morgan, N ; Roberts, J R ; Wu, S-B ; Swick, R A ; Toghyani, M 1-Jul-2021
46Aug-2021Buffered formic acid and a monoglyceride blend coordinately alleviate subclinical necrotic enteritis impact in broiler chickensGharib-Naseri, Kosar ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Li, Lily ; Wu, Shu-Biao 1-Jul-2021
476-Jul-2021A Microencapsulated Mixture of Eugenol and Garlic Tincture Supplementation Mitigates the Effect of Necrotic Enteritis on Intestinal Integrity and Increases Goblet Cells in BroilersKumar, Alip ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Ionescu, Catherine; Blanchard, Alexandra; Barekatain, Reza ; Bajagai, Yadav S; Wu, Shu-Biao 19-Jul-2021
48Jun-2021Multi-carbohydrase enzymes improve feed energy in broiler diets containing standard or low crude proteinMusigwa, Sosthene ; Morgan, Natalie ; Swick, Robert A ; Cozannet, Pierre; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Wu, Shu-Biao 25-May-2021
49Jun-2021Net energy, energy utilization, and nitrogen and energy balance affected by dietary pea supplementation in broilersSharma, Nishchal Kumar ; Ban, Zhibin; Classen, Hank L; Yang, Huaming; Yan, Xiaogang; Choct, Mingan ; Wu, Shubiao 18-May-2021
50Jun-2021Potential of blended organic acids to improve performance and health of broilers infected with necrotic enteritisKumar, Alip ; Toghyani, Mehdi ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Pineda, Lane; Han, Yanming; Swick, Robert A ; Wu, Shubiao 18-May-2021

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