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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
128-Nov-2023Community-based Interventions, National Impact: Enhancing Zambia's Indigenous Chicken SectorKanyama, Christopher Manchishi; Ngosa Mathews; Moss, Amy ; Crowley, Tamsyn M 29-Nov-2023
2Sep-2022Artificial gut and the applications in poultry: A reviewSharma, Nishchal K ; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Morgan, Natalie K ; Crowley, Tamsyn M 16-Jun-2022
32022Appraisal of matrix values for exogenous phytase alone or in combination with other enzymes in diets for broiler chickensMoss, A F ; Ghane, A; Dersjant-Li, Y; Dao, T H ; Suleman, M; Morgan, N ; Crowley, T M 17-Aug-2022
4Apr-2021Probiotic Bacillus subtilis 29,784 improved weight gain and enhanced gut health status of broilers under necrotic enteritis conditionKeerqin, C ; Rhayat, L; Zhang, Z-H; Gharib-Naseri, K ; Kheravii, S K ; Devillard, E; Crowley, T M ; Wu, S-B 18-May-2021
5Mar-2021Alternatives to formulate laying hen diets beyond the traditional least-cost modelMoss, A F ; Parkinson, G; Crowley, T M ; Pesti, G M 29-Apr-2022
6Mar-2021Raw material nutrient variability has substantial impact on the potential profitability of chicken meat productionMoss, A F ; Chrystal, P V; Crowley, T M ; Pesti, G M 29-Apr-2022
7Jul-2020Possibilities for formulating layer diets beyond the traditional least-cost modelMoss, Amy F ; Parkinson, Greg; Crowley, T M ; Pesti, Gene M17-Aug-2020
8Jul-2020Smallholder farmer community-based breeding program of indigenous chickens key to in-situ genetic resource conservation and enhancing rural livelihoods in ZambiaKanyama, Christopher M; Moss, Amy F ; Crowley, T M 17-Aug-2020
914-Jan-2020Anticipatory Behavior for a Mealworm Reward in Laying Hens Is Reduced by Opioid Receptor Antagonism but Not Standard Feed IntakeTaylor, Peta S ; Hamlin, Adam S ; Crowley, Tamsyn M 15-Jun-2020
102020Compilation and Assessment of the Variability of Nutrient Specifications for Commonly Used Australian Feed IngredientsCrowley, T M ; Choct, M ; Moss, A F 13-Aug-2020
11Sep-2019A field guide for the compositional analysis of any-omics dataQuinn, Thomas P; Erb, Ionas; Gloor, Greg; Notredame, Cedric; Richardson, Mark F; Crowley, Tamsyn M 29-Apr-2022
12Sep-2019Solving for X: Evidence for sex-specific autism biomarkers across multiple transcriptomic studiesLee, Samuel C; Quinn, Thomas P; Lai, Jerry; Kong, Sek Won; Hertz-Picciotto, Irva; Glatt, Stephen J; Crowley, Tamsyn M ; Venkatesh, Svetha; Thin Nguyen29-Apr-2022
132019Pharmacological intervention of the reward system in the laying hen has an impact on anticipatory behaviourTaylor, Peta Simone ; Wade, Ben; Craven, Meagan; Hamlin, Adam ; Crowley, Tamsyn 15-Aug-2021
1418-Jul-2018Benchmarking differential expression analysis tools for RNA-Seq: normalization-based vs. log-ratio transformation-based methodsQuinn, Thomas P; Crowley, Tamsyn M ; Richardson, Mark F3-May-2022

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A/Prof Tamsyn Crowley
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Crowley, Tamsyn M
Crowley, T M
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Director, Poultry Hub Australia
Poultry Hub Australia
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
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Poultry Hub Australia
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