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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12022Theories for Visual Arts PracticeBrooks, Margaret ; Lindsay, Gai28-Jul-2022
22022Research in the Visual artsBrooks, Margaret ; Lindsay, Gai28-Jul-2022
32022What do artists do all dayMcMillan, Christine; Brooks, Margaret 28-Jul-2022
42022Vygotsky just makes senseBrooks, Margaret 28-Jul-2022
52022Working with Artists and MuseumsBrooks, Margaret ; Lindsay, Gai28-Jul-2022
62022Visual Arts Curriculum and PedagogyBrooks, Margaret ; Lindsay, Gai28-Jul-2022
72022Art for Cultural ConnectionBrooks, Margaret ; Lindsay, Gai28-Jul-2022
8Jun-2021More than one bridge is built: Building ECCD in BhutanBrooks, Margaret ; Dema, Chimi; Wangmo, Tshering28-Jul-2022
92021Authentic Art with ChildrenBrooks, Margaret 2-Mar-2021
102021Drawing to LearnBrooks, Margaret 2-Mar-2021
112016Early Childhood Care and Development in Bhutan: Mind the Gap(s)Wangmo, Tshering; Brooks, Margaret 13-Jul-2017
122015Examining 'funds of knowledge' of pre-primary children as they transition from home to school in Bhutan: In a context of 'Educating for Gross National Happiness'Wangmo, Tshering; Brooks, Margaret ; Green, Nicole 26-Mar-2015
132015Sustainability and the Creative ArtsEverett, Lynn M ; Noone, Genevieve ; Brooks, Margaret ; Littledyke, Rosalind 16-Jul-2015
142014Parents Grow Old, Children Embody Our Hope (Pha gee ba ta bu so): How are Western theories and Bhutanese parenting philosophies harmonized in the Childcare Education programmes in Bhutan?Pedey, Karma; Sims, Margaret ; Brooks, Margaret 8-Apr-2015
152014Drawn to nature: Young children learning about nature through drawingHeckrath, Anne Pamela; Brooks, Margaret ; McCrea, Nadine28-Apr-2015
162014Mentoring Teachers with a Critical Friend: Transforming Professional Development through Visual ToolsBetlem, Elisabeth Cato ; Brooks, Margaret ; Green, Nicole ; Auh, Myung-Sook 6-Nov-2015
172013Collaborative self-study of online teaching in early childhood teacher educationGreen, Nicole ; Wolodko, Brenda ; Stewart, Cherry ; Edwards, Helen ; Brooks, Margaret ; Littledyke, Rosalind 6-Jun-2013
182013Social media-enabled learning and the curriculum in Australian higher education: A literature reviewGreen, Nicole ; Wolodko, Brenda ; Foskey, Roslyn ; Brooks, Margaret 30-Jan-2014
192012Young Children's Art Experiences: A Visual Ethnographic Study with Four Children in their Homes, Early Childhood Centre and SchoolsRichards, Rosemary ; Brooks, Margaret ; Court, Marian10-Oct-2012
202012Subak with Art FestivalBrooks, Margaret 15-Oct-2014
212012SubakBrooks, Margaret ; McMillan, Christine2-Oct-2014
222011Please Dad, read me a storyDavidson, Colin William; Brooks, Margaret ; Wolodko, Brenda ; A'Beckett, Cynthia5-Aug-2011
232011Introducing the Project Approach and Use of Visual Representation to Early Childhood Education in BhutanBrooks, Margaret ; Wangmo, Tshering21-Feb-2013
242010Childhood Today Explored Through Notions of Being and TimeKnaus, Marianne June; Brooks, Margaret ; Edwards, Helen ; Hardy, Joy 16-Jan-2012
252010Reconceptualising higher education pedagogy in online learningGreen, Nicole ; Edwards, Helen ; Wolodko, Brenda ; Stewart, Cherry ; Brooks, Margaret ; Littledyke, Rosalind 5-May-2011
262010The impact of Aboriginal English (or Torres Strait Creole) on learning outcomes for Indigenous children in ACT preschools and preschool programsEllis, Elizabeth M ; Brooks, Margaret ; Edwards, Helen 17-Dec-2014
272009Place and Becoming: a study of graduate teachers in rural schoolsNoone, Genevieve ; McConaghy, Cathryn Elizabeth; Brooks, Margaret Leigh ; Hardy, Joy ; A'Beckett, Cynthia17-Jun-2009
282009Drawing, Visualisation and Young Children's Exploration of "Big Ideas"Brooks, Margaret 1-Apr-2010
292009What Vygotsky can teach us about young children drawingBrooks, Margaret 1-Apr-2010
302009Education for Sustainability in primary creative arts educationEverett, Lynn M ; Noone, Genevieve ; Brooks, Margaret ; Littledyke, Rosalind 16-Apr-2010
312009Using Photographs to Understand the Experiences of Older People Migrating to and Living in a New South Wales Coastal TownMcKenzie, Donald; Minichiello, Victor ; Brooks, Margaret 19-Nov-2009
322009Drawing to LearnBrooks, Margaret 4-Dec-2009
332007Re-Visioning Self and Society: Stories of Career Education for WomenEvelyn, Debra; Somerville, Margaret Jean; Brooks, Margaret ; McConnell-Imbriotis, Allison16-Oct-2009
342006Using Visual Ethnography in the Primary ClassroomBrooks, M 7-Aug-2008
352006Drawing: The Consequential Progression of IdeasBrooks, Margaret 16-Dec-2009
362005Drawing as a Unique Mental Development Tool for Young Children: interpersonal and intrapersonal dialoguesBrooks, M 13-Jun-2008
372005More Than One Bridge is Built: The benefits of an academic research project in a small rural preschoolAmadio, K; Brooks, Margaret ; Collins, A; Power, Kerith M6-Aug-2012
382005Using Visual Ethnography in the ClassroomBrooks, Margaret 6-Aug-2012
392004Drawing: The social construction of knowledgeBrooks, M 2-May-2008
402003Drawing to LearnBrooks, M 2-May-2008
412003Drawing, thinking, meaningBrooks, Margaret 16-Dec-2009

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