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12015Social Media-Enabled Learning: A Review of the Research in Higher EducationGreen, Nicole; Wolodko, Brenda ; Foskey, Roslyn 19-Feb-2017
22015Apprentices thriving at work: looking through an appreciative lensConway, Mary-Louise ; Foskey, Roslyn 20-Aug-2015
32014Dementia Care: Intersecting Informal Family Care and Formal Care SystemsSingh, Prabhjot; Hussain, Rafat ; Khan, Adeel; Irwin, Lyn; Foskey, Roslyn 2-Apr-2014
42014Collegial reflection on the meaning of metaphors in learning: Emerging theory and practiceNye, Adele ; Foskey, Roslyn ; Edwards, Helen 5-Jun-2014
52013Interdisciplinary Conversations on Complexities of Food/In SecurityFoskey, Roslyn ; Avery, Alan J; Sims, Margaret ; Brunckhorst, David J 5-Feb-2013
62013Social media-enabled learning and the curriculum in Australian higher education: A literature reviewGreen, Nicole ; Wolodko, Brenda ; Foskey, Roslyn ; Brooks, Margaret 30-Jan-2014
72012Australian Farmers' Attitudes Toward Succession and InheritanceBarclay, Elaine ; Reeve, Ian ; Foskey, Roslyn 18-Jan-2013
82012Reflections of a Lifelong Learner on Learning and Community ResilienceFoskey, Roslyn 9-May-2013
92012Sustaining Online Communities Involving SeniorsBurmeister, Oliver Kisalay; Foskey, Roslyn ; Hazzlewood, June; Lewis, Raymond V9-May-2013
102008Place, Poverty and Student Outcomes: Identifying the New Socio-spatial Dynamics of Schooling Disadvantage in NSWMcConaghy, Cathryn Elizabeth ; Maxwell, Thomas William ; Foskey, Ros 14-Oct-2009
112008Place, Gender and Student Outcomes: Implications for Pedagogy ReformsMcConaghy, Cathryn Elizabeth ; Maxwell, Thomas William ; Foskey, Ros ; de Blaeij, Machteld20-Oct-2009
122007Farm Succession and Inheritance: Comparing Australian and International TrendsBarclay, Elaine ; Foskey, Ros ; Reeve, Ian 11-Jan-2010

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