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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
17-May-2021Examining the Impacts of Climate Change, Climate Variability and Land Use/Cover Changes on Rainfed Agriculture in KenyaKogo, Benjamin Kipkemboi; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard 7-Aug-2023
215-Jan-2021Discriminated perceptions of climatic impacts on coastal farm management practicesHasan, Md Kamrul; Kumar, Lalit 23-Dec-2020
3Jan-2021Climate change and variability in Kenya: a review of impacts on agriculture and food securityKogo, Benjamin Kipkemboi; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard 21-Jan-2021
42021Monitoring of land use/land-cover dynamics using remote sensing: a case of Tana River Basin, KenyaLangat, Philip Kibet ; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard ; Ghosh, Manoj Kumer23-Dec-2020
5Dec-2020Coastal settlement patterns and exposure to sea-level rise in the Jaffna Peninsula, Sri LankaGopalakrishnan, Tharani; Kumar, Lalit ; Hasan, Md Kamrul22-Dec-2020
618-Nov-2020Modelling the Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Rice Cultivation in Mekong Delta, VietnamDang, An T N; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Michael 22-Dec-2020
79-Oct-2020Modeling and Mapping of Soil Salinity and its Impact on Paddy Lands in Jaffna Peninsula, Sri LankaGopalakrishnan, Tharani; Kumar, Lalit 22-Dec-2020
8Sep-2020Long-Term Variability in Potential Evapotranspiration, Water Availability and Drought under Climate Change Scenarios in the Awash River Basin, EthiopiaTadese, Mahtsente; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard19-Jan-2021
9Aug-2020Mapping of land-use/land-cover changes and its dynamics in Awash River Basin using remote sensing and GISTadese, Mahtsente; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard; Kogo, Benjamin K19-Jan-2021
1021-Jul-2020Spatiotemporal Variation of Urban Heat Islands for Implementing Nature-Based Solutions: A Case Study of Kurunegala, Sri LankaRanagalage, Manjula; Ratnayake, Sujith S ; Dissanayake, D M S L B; Kumar, Lalit ; Wickremasinghe, Hasula; Vidanagama, Jagathdeva; Cho, Hanna; Udagedara, Susantha; Jha, Keshav Kumar; Simwanda, Matamyo; Phiri, Darius; Perera, E N C; Muthunayake, Priyantha21-Jan-2021
1126-May-2020Potential Impacts of Sea-Level Rise upon the Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka: How Climate Change Can Adversely Affect the Coastal ZoneGopalakrishnan, Tharani; Kumar, Lalit 3-Feb-2021
1225-May-2020Consequences of Climate Change Impacts and Incidences of Extreme Weather Events in Relation to Crop Production in BhutanChhogyel, Ngawang; Kumar, Lalit ; Bajgai, Yadunath4-Feb-2021
1313-May-2020Prediction of Bhutan's ecological distribution of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under the impact of climate change through maximum entropy modellingChhogyel, Ngawang; Kumar, Lalit ; Bajgai, Yadunath; Sadeeka Jayasinghe, Layomi3-Feb-2021
142-May-2020Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Trend of Groundwater Salinity in Jaffna Peninsula and Its Link to Paddy Land AbandonmentGopalakrishnan, Tharani; Kumar, Lalit ; Mikunthan, Thushyanthy15-Jan-2021
1515-Apr-2020Land use change affects water erosion in the Nepal HimalayasChalise, Devraj; Kumar, Lalit 4-Feb-2021
166-Apr-2020Perceived farm-level climatic impacts on coastal agricultural productivity in BangladeshHasan, Md Kamrul; Kumar, Lalit 4-Feb-2021
17Mar-2020Characterisation of channel morphological pattern changes and flood corridor dynamics of the tropical Tana River fluvial systems, KenyaLangat, Philip Kibet; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard ; Ghosh, Manoj Kumer4-Feb-2021
188-Feb-2020Perception of farmers on climate change and its impacts on agriculture across various altitudinal zones of Bhutan HimalayasChhogyel, N; Kumar, L ; Bajgai, Y; Hasan, Md K2-Feb-2021
192020Inundation modelling for Bangladeshi coasts using downscaled and bias-corrected temperatureHasan, Md Kamrul; Kumar, Lalit ; Gopalakrishnan, Tharani22-Dec-2020
2016-Dec-2019Sustainability of Coastal Agriculture under Climate ChangeGopalakrishnan, Tharani; Hasan, Md Kamrul; Haque, A T M Sanaul; Jayasinghe, Sadeeka Layomi; Kumar, Lalit 22-Dec-2020
2121-Nov-2019Meteorological data and farmers' perception of coastal climate in BangladeshHasan, Md Kamrul; Kumar, Lalit 2-Feb-2021
229-Oct-2019A novel GIS-based ensemble technique for flood susceptibility mapping using evidential belief function and support vector machine: Brisbane, AustraliaShafapour Tehrany, Mahyat; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 13-Jan-2021
2319-Jul-2019Invasive Plants Distribution Modeling: A Tool for Tropical Biodiversity Conservation With Special Reference to Sri LankaKariyawasam, Champika S; Kumar, Lalit ; Ratnayake, Sujith S 14-Jan-2021
245-Jun-2019Invasive Plant Species Establishment and Range Dynamics in Sri Lanka under Climate ChangeKariyawasam, Champika S; Kumar, Lalit ; Ratnayake, Sujith S 2-Feb-2021
25Apr-2019Forest cover dynamics and underlying driving forces affecting ecosystem services in western KenyaKogo, Benjamin Kipkemboi; Kumar, Lalit ; Koech, Richard 4-Feb-2021
268-Mar-2019Ommatissus Lybicus Infestation in Relation to Spatial Characteristics of Date Palm Plantations in OmanAl Shidi, Rashid H; Kumar, Lalit ; Al-Khatri, Salim A H; Al-Ajmi, Najat A4-Feb-2021
272019Evaluating the application of the statistical index method in flood susceptibility mapping and its comparison with frequency ratio and logistic regression methodsTehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Kumar, Lalit ; Jebur, Mustafa Neamah; Shabani, Farzin 22-Dec-2020
28Aug-2018Impact of climate-smart agriculture adoption on the food security of coastal farmers in BangladeshHasan, Md Kamrul; Desiere, Sam; D'Haese, Marijke; Kumar, Lalit 21-Dec-2020
29Jul-2018The application of a Dempster–Shafer-based evidential belief function in flood susceptibility mapping and comparison with frequency ratio and logistic regression methodsTehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Kumar, Lalit 21-Dec-2020
3019-Mar-2018A comparative modeling study on non-climatic and climatic risk assessment on Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus)Shabani, Farzin ; Tehrany, Mahyat Shafapour; Solhjouy-fard, Samaneh; Kumar, Lalit 21-Jan-2021
312018An analysis of sensitivity of CLIMEX parameters in mapping species potential distribution and the broad-scale changes observed with minor variations in parameters values: an investigation using open-field Solanum lycopersicum and Neoleucinodes elegantalis as an exampleda Silva, Ricardo Siqueira; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho23-May-2018
322017Assessing the impact of global warming on worldwide open field tomato cultivation through CSIRO-Mk3·0 global climate modelSilva, R S; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Picanco, M C31-Mar-2017
332017Potential risk levels of invasive 'Neoleucinodes elegantalis' (small tomato borer) in areas optimal for open-field 'Solanum lycopersicum' (tomato) cultivation in the present and under predicted climate changeSiqueria da Silva, Ricardo; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho13-Mar-2017
342017Spatio-temporal dynamic climate model for Neoleucinodes elegantalis using CLIMEXda Silva, Ricardo Siqueira; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; da Silva, Ezio Marques; da Silva Galdino, Tarcisio Visintin; Picanço, Marcelo Coutinho18-May-2017
352017World climate suitability projections to 2050 and 2100 for growing oil palmPaterson, R R M; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin ; Lima, N2-Jun-2017
362017Variances in the projections, resulting from CLIMEX, Boosted Regression Trees and Random Forests techniquesShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Solhjouy-fard, Samaneh26-Sep-2017
372017Climate change impacts on date palm cultivation in Saudi ArabiaAllbed, Amal; Kumar, Lalit ; Shabani, Farzin 18-Oct-2017
382017Application of remote sensing and GIS-based hydrological modelling for flood risk analysis: a case study of District 8, Ho Chi Minh city, VietnamDang, An Thi Ngoc; Kumar, Lalit 15-Dec-2017
392016Changing global risk of invading greenbug 'Schizaphis graminum' under climate changeAl-Jaryian, Rasha Ayad Jawad; Kumar, Lalit 5-Sep-2016
402016High Altitude Wetlands of NepalKumar, Lalit ; Lamsal, Pramod14-Feb-2017
412014Suitable regions for date palm cultivation in Iran are predicted to increase substantially under future climate change scenariosShabani, Farzin ; Kumar, Lalit ; Taylor, Subhashni 26-Aug-2014
422014Vegetation, terrain and fire history shape the impact of extreme weather on fire severity and ecosystem responseClarke, Peter J ; Knox, Kirsten J ; Bradstock, Ross A; Munoz-Robles, Carlos; Kumar, Lalit 9-Sep-2014
432014Using spatial analyses tools to study the impact of changing demographics, agricultural extents and urban growth on water quality and availability in the Amman-Zarqa basin, JordanAlqadi, Khaled Abdallah; Kumar, Lalit ; Alzubi, Jarrah Mahmood9-Apr-2015

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