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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
122-Mar-2022Foreign Fishers and Contested Waters: Japanese Pearling in the Northern Territory and the Archaeology of the Sanyo Maru ShipwreckSteinberg, David; Gibbs, Martin ; Moore, Mark 7-Aug-2023
226-May-2021A standardised classification scheme for the Mid-Holocene Toalean artefacts of South Sulawesi, IndonesiaPerston, Yinika L; Moore, Mark ; Suryatman; Langley, Michelle; Hakim, Budianto; Oktaviana, Adhi Agus; Brumm, Adam28-Nov-2021
3Nov-2020Hominin Stone Flaking and the Emergence of 'Top-down' Design in Human EvolutionMoore, Mark W 3-Aug-2020
4Sep-2020Scratching the Surface: Engraved Cortex as Portable Art in Pleistocene SulawesiBrumm, Adam; Langley, Michelle C; Hakim, Budianto; Perston, Yinika; Suryatman; Oktaviana, Adhi Agus; Burhan, Basran; Moore, Mark W 3-Aug-2020
57-Feb-2020The Seventh Generation: Exploring the journey of Charlotte (Birrpai Goori woman) and James Bugg (her English convict husband), and their descendants through to today, with reflection on the law of the seven generationsHeath, Sydney John Clyde; Kent, Eliza ; Moore, Mark 10-Jan-2024
65-Feb-2020Archaeology and art in context: Excavations at the Gunu Site Complex, Northwest Kimberley, Western AustraliaMoore, Mark W ; Westaway, Kira; Ross, June ; Newman, Kim ; Perston, Yinika; Huntley, Jillian; Keats, Samantha; Kandiwal Aboriginal Corporation; Morwood, Michael J4-Aug-2020
716-Jan-2020Last appearance of Homo erectus at Ngandong, Java, 117,000-108,000 years agoRizal, Yan; Westaway, Kira E; Zaim, Yahdi; van den Bergh, Gerrit D; Bettis, E Arthur; Morwood, Michael J; Huffman, O Frank; Grun, Rainer; Joannes-Boyau, Renaud; Bailey, Richard M; Sidarto; Westaway, Michael C; Kurniawan, Iwan; Moore, Mark W ; Storey, Michael; Aziz, Fachroel; Suminto; Zhao, Jian-xin; Aswan; Sipola, Maija E; Larick, Roy; Zonneveld, John-Paul; Scott, Robert; Putt, Shelby; Ciochon, Russell L4-Aug-2020
81-Jan-2020Bronze Age microliths at Saruq al-Hadid, DubaiMoore, Mark W ; Weeks, Lloyd ; Cable, Charlotte M ; Al-Ali, Yaaqoub Youssef; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan18-Oct-2022
92019Flake-Making and the "Cognitive Rubicon": Insights from Stone-Knapping ExperimentsMoore, Mark W 10-Aug-2020
102019Saruq al-Hadid: a persistent temporary place in late prehistoric ArabiaWeeks, L ; Cable, C M ; Franke, K A ; Karacic, S; Newton, C; Roberts, J ; Stepanov, I ; McRae, I K; Moore, M W ; David-Cuny, H; Aali, Y Y Al; Boraik, M; Zein, H M12-Apr-2019
1111-Apr-2018A reassessment of the early archaeological record at Leang Burung 2, a Late Pleistocene rock-shelter site on the Indonesian island of SulawesiBrumm, Adam; Hakim, Budianto; Ramli, Muhammad; Aubert, Maxime; van den Bergh, Gerrit D; Li, Bo; Burhan, Basran; Saiful, Andi Muhammad; Siagian, Linda; Sardi, Ratno; Jusdi, Andi; Abdullah; Mubarak, Andi Pampang; Moore, Mark W ; Roberts, Richard G; Zhao, Jian-Xin; McGahan, David; Jones, Brian G; Perston, Yinika; Szabo, Katherine; Mahmud, M Irfan; Westaway, Kira; Jatmiko; Saptomo, E Wahyu; van der Kaars, Sander; Grun, Rainer; Wood, Rachel; Dodson, John; Morwood, Michael J4-Aug-2020
122018Bedrock Flaking in The North Kimberley in Cultural PerspectiveNewman, Kimberlee ; Moore, Mark ; Ross, June 26-Jun-2018
132017Early human symbolic behavior in the Late Pleistocene of WallaceaBrumm, Adam; Langley, Michelle C; Sardi, Ratno; Jusdi, Andi; Abdullah,; Mubarak, Andi Pampang; Hasliana,; Hasrianti,; Oktaviana, Adhi Agus; Adhityatama, Shinatria; van den Bergh, Gerrit D; Aubert, Maxime; Moore, Mark ; Zhao, Jian-xin; Huntley, Jillian; Li, Bo; Roberts, Richard G; Saptomo, E Wahyu; Perston, Yinika; Grun, Rainer; Hakim, Budianto; Ramli, Muhammad; Sumantri, Iwan; Burhan, Basran; Saiful, Andi Muhammad; Siagian, Linda; Suryatman,8-May-2017
142017Isolating downward displacement: The solutions and challenges of amino acid racemisation in shell midden archaeologyKoppel, Brent; Szabo, Katherine; Moore, Mark ; Morwood, Michael J 4-May-2017
15Nov-2016Report on archaeological fieldwork at Narran Lakes, New South WalesMoore, Mark W 27-Jan-2022
162016Age and context of the oldest known hominin fossils from FloresBrumm, Adam; van den Bergh, Gerrit D; Puspaningrum, Mika R; Wibowo, Unggul P; Insani, Halmi; Sutisna, Indra; Westgate, John A; Pearce, Nick J G; Duval, Mathieu; Meijer, Hanneke J M; Aziz, Fachroel; Sutikna, Thomas; Storey, Michael; van der Kaars, Sander; Flude, Stephanie; Morwood, Michael J ; Kurniawan, Iwan; Alloway, Brent V; Setiawan, Ruly; Setiyabudi, Erick; Grun, Rainer; Moore, Mark ; Yurnaldi, Dida16-Aug-2016
172016Experimental Insights into the Cognitive Significance of Early Stone ToolsMoore, Mark ; Perston, Yinika15-Aug-2016
182016Untangling time-averaging in shell middens: Defining temporal units using amino acid racemisationKoppel, Brent; Szabo, Katherine; Moore, Mark ; Morwood, Michael J 26-Apr-2017
192016Earliest hominin occupation of Sulawesi, Indonesiavan den Bergh, Gerrit D; Li, Bo; Suyono,; Storey, Michael; Setiabudi, Erick; Morwood, Michael J ; Brumm, Adam; Grun, Rainer; Yurnaldi, Dida; Moore, Mark ; Kurniawan, Iwan; Setiawan, Ruly; Aziz, Fachroel; Roberts, Richard G22-Jan-2016
202015The Brremangurey pearl: A 2000 year old archaeological find from the coastal Kimberley, Western AustraliaSzabo, Katherine; Koppel, Brent; Moore, Mark ; Young, Iain ; Tighe, Matthew ; Morwood, Michael J 20-Jul-2015
212015Bifacial Flintknapping in the Northwest Kimberley, Western AustraliaMoore, Mark 3-Nov-2015
222013Simple stone flaking in Australasia: Patterns and implicationsMoore, Mark 31-Jan-2013
232013Ballistically anomalous stone projectile points in AustraliaNewman, Kimberlee ; Moore, Mark 12-Mar-2013
242013Large Burin Blade Cores from south central QueenslandCochrane, Grant W G; Doelman, Trudy; Moore, Mark 23-Dec-2013
252012Colonising SahulMoore, Mark 12-Mar-2013
262012Biface Distributions and the Movius Line: A Southeast Asian perspectiveBrumm, Adam; Moore, Mark 12-Mar-2013
272011The design space of stone flaking: implications for cognitive evolutionMoore, Mark 22-Feb-2012
282010"Grammars of Action" and Stone Flaking Design SpaceMoore, Mark 18-May-2011
292010Stone technology at the Middle Pleistocene site of Mata Menge, Flores, IndonesiaBrumm, Adam; Moore, Mark ; van den Bergh, Gert D; Kurniawan, Iwan; Morwood, Michael J ; Aziz, Fachroel8-Mar-2010
302009'Homo floresiensis' and the late Pleistocene environments of eastern Indonesia: defining the nature of the relationshipWestaway, KE; Morwood, Michael J ; Sutikna, T; Moore, Mark ; Rokus, AD; van den Bergh, GD; Roberts, RG; Saptomo, EW4-Mar-2010
312009'Homo floresiensis' and the African OldowanMoore, Mark ; Brumm, Adam12-May-2010
322009Continuities in stone flaking technology at Liang Bua, Flores, IndonesiaMoore, Mark ; Sutikna, T; Jatmiko,; Morwood, Michael J ; Brumm, A11-May-2010
332009Early Pleistocene stone technology at Mata Menge, central Flores, IndonesiaBrumm, Adam; Kurniawan, I; Moore, Mark ; Suyono,; Setiawan, R; Jatmiko,; Morwood, Michael J ; Aziz, F1-Jul-2010
342008Climate, people and faunal succession on Java, Indonesia: evidence from Song GupuhMorwood, MJ ; Sutikna, T; Turney, C S M; Fifield, K; Allen, H; Soejono, R P; Saptomo, E W; Westaway, K E; Jatmiko,; Awe Due, R; Moore, Mark ; Yuniawati, Dwi Yani; Hadi, P; Zhao, J-x16-Jun-2017
352007Stone artifacts and hominins in island Southeast Asia: New insights from Flores, eastern IndonesiaMoore, Mark ; Brumm, Adam6-May-2009
362007Lithic design space modelling and cognition in Homo floresiensisMoore, Mark 12-May-2009
372006Early stone technology on Flores and its implications for Homo floresiensisBrumm, A; Aziz, F; van den Bergh, GD; Morwood, MJ ; Moore, M ; Kurniawan, I; Hobbs, DR; Fullagar, R5-May-2008
382005Symbolic Revolutions and the Australian Archaeological RecordBrumm, A; Moore, M 9-May-2008
392005'A Record in Stone: the Study of Australia's Flaked Stone Artifacts', by Simon Holdaway and Nicola Stern: Museum of Victoria and Aboriginal Studies Press, Melbourne, 2004, i-x, x-375 pages, CD-ROM, paper. RRP A$49.95Moore, Mark 21-Aug-2009
402004The Tula Adze: Manufacture and PurposeMoore, Mark 2-May-2008
412004Archaeology and age of a new hominin from Flores in eastern IndonesiaMorwood, MJ ; Soejono, RP; Hobbs, DR; Moore, Mark ; Bird, MI; Fifield, LK; Roberts, RG; Sutikna, T; Turney, CSM; Westaway, KE; Rink, WJ; Zhao, J; van den Bergh, GD; Rokus Awe, D2-May-2008
422003Australian Aboriginal Blade Production Methods on the Georgina River, Camooweal, QueenslandMoore, Mark 8-Jul-2009
432003Australian Aboriginal biface reduction techniques on the Georgina River, Camooweal, QueenslandMoore, Mark 22-May-2009
442003Flexibility of stone tool manufacturing methods on the Georgina River, Camooweal, QueenslandMoore, Mark 29-May-2009
452001Aboriginal Stone Tools: Camooweal, QueenslandMoore, Mark 4-Aug-2020
46Jul-2000Lithic Technology in TasmaniaMoore, Mark W 4-Aug-2020
472000Technology of Hunter Valley microlith assemblages, New South WalesMoore, Mark W 4-Aug-2020
481992A Summary of East-Central Indiana Prehistoric Knapping TechniquesMoore, Mark W 7-Aug-2020

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