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12024World War II in the Solomon Islands Conflict and AftermathGibbs, Martin ; Duncan, Brad ; Kiko, Lawrence; Manebosa, Stephen14-Nov-2023
2Nov-2023Some DetritusGibbs, Martin 1-Feb-2024
3Sep-2023An Historical Archaeology of Labor in Convict Australia: A Framework for EngagementGibbs, Martin ; Tuffin, Richard ; Roe, David 7-May-2024
4Jun-2023Where the past happened: Using history and archaeology to locate Australia’s convictsTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roe, David ; Szydzik, Sylvana29-Aug-2023
52023Whaling and Sealing in Nineteenth-Century AustraliaGibbs, Martin ; Russell, Lynette20-Nov-2023
613-Dec-2022Landscapes of a Juvenile Institution: A Multiscalar Historical Archaeological Study of Point Puer 1834-1849D'Gluyas, Caitlin ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David Andrew ; Tuffin, Richard 10-Aug-2023
725-Apr-2022The convict huts of Parramatta 1788–1841: an archaeological view of the development of an early Australian urban landscapeShanahan, Madeline ; Gibbs, Martin 6-Oct-2023
812-Apr-2022Maritime Industry: WhalingGibbs, Martin 23-Mar-2023
922-Mar-2022Foreign Fishers and Contested Waters: Japanese Pearling in the Northern Territory and the Archaeology of the Sanyo Maru ShipwreckSteinberg, David; Gibbs, Martin ; Moore, Mark 7-Aug-2023
102022Future use or no future at all? An examination of post-excavation historical archaeological repositories in NSWD'Gluyas, Caitlin ; Gibbs, Martin 16-May-2022
112-Dec-2021A Public Good Conservation Approach for Underwater Cultural Heritage Management Through Citizen ScienceViduka, Andrew John ; Gibbs, Martin ; Grave, Peter 22-Nov-2023
1224-Nov-2021Forgotten Women: A New Bounty-Pitcairn NarrativeReynolds, Pauline Elizabeth Seton ; McDougall, Russell ; Gibbs, Martin ; Barnes, Diana 23-Nov-2023
1329-Oct-2021Airfields of the Commonwealth: Catalogue of SitesLeahy, Daniel J ; Gibbs, Martin 1-Nov-2021
1430-Sep-2021When Margins are Centres: De-ranging Pitcairn Island's Place in Pacific ScholarshipYoung, Adrian; Amoamo, Maria; Gibbs, Martin ; Mawyer, Alexander; Nash, Joshua ; Nechtman, Tillman W; Reynolds, Pauline 30-Nov-2021
1521-Jul-2021A public good conservation approach for underwater cultural heritage management through citizen scienceViduka, Andrew; Gibbs, Martin 23-Nov-2023
161-Dec-2020Looking for Trim's Store - Archaeological Remote Sensing at Curtis Park, ArmidaleGibbs, Martin 25-Jun-2021
17Sep-2020The Archaeology of the Convict Probation System: The Labor Landscapes of Port Arthur and the Cascades Probation Station, 1839-55Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 4-Mar-2020
187-Feb-2020The Binh Chau Anchors: A 7th -8th CE Composite ConundrumMcCann, Ian Kenneth; Gibbs, Martin ; Grave, Peter 30-Jan-2024
192020'... One of the Most Severe Duties ...': Landscapes of Timber-getting at a Former Tasmanian Convict StationTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin ; Clark, Don; Clark, Marcus; Rigozzi, Peter29-Nov-2021
202020Landscapes of production and punishment: LiDAR and the process of feature identification and analysis at a Tasmanian convict stationTuffin, Richard ; Roe, David ; Gibbs, Martin ; Clark, Donald; Clark, Marcus2-Jul-2020
212020'Uninformed and impractical'? The convict probation system and its impact upon the landscape of 1840s Van Diemen’s LandTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 19-Aug-2020
222020Convict Brickmaking at Port Arthur: 1830-1877Sebanc-Butler, Julie; Gibbs, Martin ; Tuffin, Richard 8-Dec-2020
232020Shipwrecks and Communities: Responses to Shipping Mishaps in Victoria, AustraliaDuncan, Brad ; Gibbs, Martin 22-Dec-2020
242020Reflecting on the Landscapes of Production and Punishment ProjectGibbs, Martin 8-Dec-2020
252020Convict Landscapes: Locating Australia's Convicts, 1788-1868 - Van Diemen's LandTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 27-Aug-2020
262020The People of Solomon: Performance in Cross-Cultural Contacts between Spanish and Melanesians in the Southwest Pacific, 1568 and 1595Gibbs, Martin ; Roe, David 21-Sep-2021
27Dec-2019Finding Convicts and Convict Sites: A Job For Professionals, Community Or Both?Gibbs, Martin 23-Apr-2020
2815-Nov-2019Convict labour landscapes, Port Arthur 1830-1877Tuffin, Richard L ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David Andrew ; Roe, David ; Steele, Jody ; Hood, Susan; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Godfrey, Barry2-Dec-2019
29Oct-2019Repopulating Landscapes: Using Offence Data to Recreate Landscapes of Incarceration and Labour at the Port Arthur Penal Station, 1830-1877Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 13-Mar-2020
30Sep-2019Early Port Arthur: Convict Colonization and the Formation of a Penal Station in Van Diemen's Land 1830-35Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 12-Aug-2019
31Apr-2019Archaeology of the Solomon Islands By Walter, Richard and Sheppard, Peter Otago University Press, Dunedin, NZ, 2017 ISBN: 9780947522537. Pp. 200. NZD 50Gibbs, Martin 25-Nov-2021
3214-Jun-2018Complex history of dog (Canis familiaris) origins and translocations in the Pacific revealed by ancient mitogenomesGreig, K; Gosling, A; Collins, C J; Boocock, J; McDonald, K; Addison, D J; Allen, M S; David, B; Gibbs, M ; Higham, C F W; Liu, F; McNiven, I J; O'Connor, S; Tsang, C H; Walter, R; Matisoo-Smith, E16-Mar-2020
33Jun-2018Transforming the Colony: The Archaeology of Convictism in Western AustraliaGibbs, Martin 29-Nov-2021
34Jun-2018Criminal nation?: An archaeological view of the Australian convict systemGibbs, Martin 9-Dec-2021
3524-Apr-2018Landscapes of production and punishment: convict labour management on the Tasman Peninsula 1830-1877Gibbs, Martin D ; Tuffin, Richard L ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Roberts, David A ; Roe, David ; Steele, Jody N ; Hood, Susan; Godfrey, Barry S2-Jul-2018
367-Feb-2018Landscapes of Production and Punishment: Convict labour in the Australian contextTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Roe, David; Steele, Jody ; Hood, Susan; Godfrey, Barry2-Jul-2018
372018Diachronic Fetishisation: Ruin Porn and Pitcairn Island Language, Archaeology, and ArchitectureNash, Joshua ; Gibbs, Martin 23-Apr-2020
382017The free and unfree settlements of Norfolk Island: an overview of archaeological researchGibbs, Martin ; Duncan, Brad ; Varman, Robert2-Jul-2018
39Aug-2016Sherds on the Edge: Characterization of 16th Century Colonial Spanish Pottery Recovered from the Solomon IslandsKelloway, S J; Ferguson, T J; Iñañez, J G; Vanvalkenburgh, P; Roush, C C; Gibbs, Martin ; Glascock, M D23-Nov-2021
402016Shipwrecks as Archaeological Signatures of a Maritime Industrial Frontier in the Solomon Islands, 1788-1942Korsgaard, Annika; Gibbs, Martin 31-Mar-2016
412016Do You Bring Your Gods With You or Do You Find Them There Waiting? Reconsidering the 1790 Polynesian Colonisation of Pitcairn IslandGibbs, Martin ; Roe, David 28-Mar-2018
422016Cultural Site Formation Processes Affecting Shipwrecks and Shipping Mishap SitesGibbs, Martin ; Duncan, Brad 7-Apr-2016
432016The Failed Sixteenth Century Spanish Colonizing Expeditions to the Solomon Islands, Southwest Pacific: The Archaeologies of Settlement Process and Indigenous AgencyGibbs, Martin 7-Apr-2016
442016The Geraldine Mine: the 1850s lead mining frontier in Midwest Western AustraliaGibbs, Martin 4-Jan-2017
452015Please God Send Me a Wreck: Responses to Shipwreck in a 19th Century Australian CommunityDuncan, Brad; Gibbs, Martin 4-Nov-2015
462015Everyday artefacts: subsistence and quality of life at the Prisoner Barracks, Port Arthur, TasmaniaD'Gluyas, Caitlin ; Gibbs, Martin ; Hamilton, Chloe; Roe, David6-Nov-2015
472015Spanish Maritime Exploration in the South-west Pacific: the search for Mendana's lost 'almiranta, Santa Isabel', 1595Gibbs, Martin ; Duncan, Brad; Kiko, Lawrence5-Nov-2015
482015Revised Radiocarbon Dates for Mwanihuki, Makira: a ca. 3000 BP aceramic site in the Southeast Solomon IslandsBlake, Natalie; Gibbs, Martin ; Roe, David6-Nov-2015
492015The Dirk Hartog Island post site: Early European Encounters with Australia and the Establishment of a Maritime Cultural LandscapeGibbs, Martin ; Duncan, Brad4-Jan-2016
502010The Shore Whalers of Western Australia: Historical Archaeology of a Maritime FrontierGibbs, Martin 5-Feb-2018

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