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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Sep-2023An Historical Archaeology of Labor in Convict Australia: A Framework for EngagementGibbs, Martin ; Tuffin, Richard ; Roe, David 7-May-2024
2Jun-2023Where the past happened: Using history and archaeology to locate Australia’s convictsTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roe, David ; Szydzik, Sylvana29-Aug-2023
313-Dec-2022Landscapes of a Juvenile Institution: A Multiscalar Historical Archaeological Study of Point Puer 1834-1849D'Gluyas, Caitlin ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David Andrew ; Tuffin, Richard 10-Aug-2023
41-Nov-2021Recovering Convict Lives: A Historical Archaeology of the Port Arthur PenitentiaryTuffin, Richard ; Roe, David ; Szydzik, Sylvana; Harris, E Jeanne ; Matic, Ashley10-May-2022
516-Aug-2021Reconstructing a Longitudinal Dataset for TasmaniaCowley, Trudy; Frost, Lucy; Inwood, Kris; Kippen, Rebecca; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Schwarz, Monika; Shepherd, John; Tuffin, Richard ; Williams, Mark; Wilson, John; Wilson, Paul29-Nov-2021
6Jun-2021Crime, Penal Transportation, and Digital MethodologiesGodfrey, Barry; Homer, Caroline; Inwood, Kris; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Reed, Rebecca; Tuffin, Richard 24-Aug-2021
7Sep-2020The Archaeology of the Convict Probation System: The Labor Landscapes of Port Arthur and the Cascades Probation Station, 1839-55Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 4-Mar-2020
81-Jul-2020Integrating Historical Records through Digital Data Linking: Convicts Prosecuted for Collective Action in Van Diemen's LandTuffin, Richard ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Quinlan, Michael6-Aug-2021
92020'Uninformed and impractical'? The convict probation system and its impact upon the landscape of 1840s Van Diemen’s LandTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 19-Aug-2020
102020Shoot, Catalogue, Eat: Interacting with Nature at a Tasmanian Penal StationTuffin, Richard ; Vertigan, Caitlin23-Jun-2020
112020Convict Landscapes: Locating Australia's Convicts, 1788-1868 - Van Diemen's LandTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 27-Aug-2020
122020Convict Brickmaking at Port Arthur: 1830-1877Sebanc-Butler, Julie; Gibbs, Martin ; Tuffin, Richard 8-Dec-2020
132020Landscapes of production and punishment: LiDAR and the process of feature identification and analysis at a Tasmanian convict stationTuffin, Richard ; Roe, David ; Gibbs, Martin ; Clark, Donald; Clark, Marcus2-Jul-2020
142020'... One of the Most Severe Duties ...': Landscapes of Timber-getting at a Former Tasmanian Convict StationTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin ; Clark, Don; Clark, Marcus; Rigozzi, Peter29-Nov-2021
152020Coal Mines bench book, 1836-1841: Collective and non-collective prisoner offencesTuffin, Richard 18-Aug-2020
162020Port Arthur conduct record offences, 1830-1868: Collective and non-collective prisoner offencesTuffin, Richard 18-Aug-2020
172020The convict trades of the Port Arthur penal station, 1830-77: Landscapes project database 2Tuffin, Richard 24-Apr-2020
182020The convict population of Van Diemen's Land, 1837-54: Landscapes project database 1Tuffin, Richard 24-Apr-2020
192020The employment of convicts at the Port Arthur penal station, 1830-77: Landscapes project database 3Tuffin, Richard 24-Apr-2020
202020The convict places of Van Diemen's Land, 1803-77: Landscapes project database 4Tuffin, Richard 24-Apr-2020
212020The convict population of the Tasman Peninsula, 1830-77: Landscapes project database 5Tuffin, Richard 3-May-2020
2215-Nov-2019Convict labour landscapes, Port Arthur 1830-1877Tuffin, Richard L ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David Andrew ; Roe, David ; Steele, Jody ; Hood, Susan; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Godfrey, Barry2-Dec-2019
23Oct-2019Repopulating Landscapes: Using Offence Data to Recreate Landscapes of Incarceration and Labour at the Port Arthur Penal Station, 1830-1877Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 13-Mar-2020
24Sep-2019Early Port Arthur: Convict Colonization and the Formation of a Penal Station in Van Diemen's Land 1830-35Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 12-Aug-2019
2530-May-2019Forum: Industrial sites and immigrant architectures. A case study approachPieris, Anoma; Lozanovska, Mirjana; Dellios, Alexandra; Miller-Yeaman, Renee; Eklund, Erik; Beynon, David; Tuffin, Richard 13-Aug-2019
2622-May-2019A Global History of Convicts and Penal ColoniesTuffin, Richard 18-Jun-2024
27May-2018Convicts of the "Proper Description": The Appropriation and Management of Skilled Convict LabourTuffin, Richard 12-Aug-2019
2824-Apr-2018Landscapes of production and punishment: convict labour management on the Tasman Peninsula 1830-1877Gibbs, Martin D ; Tuffin, Richard L ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Roberts, David A ; Roe, David ; Steele, Jody N ; Hood, Susan; Godfrey, Barry S2-Jul-2018
297-Feb-2018Landscapes of Production and Punishment: Convict labour in the Australian contextTuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roberts, David ; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish ; Roe, David; Steele, Jody ; Hood, Susan; Godfrey, Barry2-Jul-2018
30-At the Edge of Space: the Archaeology of Boundaries within a Landscape for Young ConvictsD'Gluyas, Caitlin ; Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin ; Roe, David 9-May-2024
31-Carceral Time at Port Arthur and the Tasman Peninsula: An Archaeological View of the Mechanisms of Convict Time Management in a Nineteenth Century Penal LandscapeGibbs, Martin ; Tuffin, Richard 25-Mar-2024

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