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12016Ecology and Biogeography, Future Perspectives: Example Marine ParasitesRohde, Klaus 24-May-2016
22015Patterns of diversity and distribution of aquatic invertebrates and their parasitesLeung, Tommy ; Maro, Camilo; Rohde, Klaus 6-Jul-2016
32013How to conserve biodiversity in a nonequilibrium worldRohde, Klaus ; Ford, Hugh A ; Andrew, Nigel R ; Heatwole, Harold 2-Jul-2013
42013The Balance of Nature and Human ImpactRohde, Klaus 21-Nov-2013
52013The paradox of the planktonRohde, Klaus 21-Nov-2013
62013The intricacy of structural and ecological adaptations: micromorphology and ecology of some AspidogastreaRohde, Klaus 21-Nov-2013
72013Community stability and instability in ectoparasites of marine and freshwater fishSimkova, Andrea; Rohde, Klaus 21-Nov-2013
82013Latitudinal diversity gradients: equilibrium and nonequilibrium explanationsRohde, Klaus 21-Nov-2013
92013The importance of interspecific competition in regulating communities, equilibrium vs. nonequilibriumRohde, Klaus 21-Nov-2013
102013Evolutionarily stable strategies: how common are they?Rohde, Klaus 21-Nov-2013
112013Gathorne Cranbrook's Contributions to Parasitology in Malaysia in the 1960s: A Historical PerspectiveRohde, Klaus 7-Mar-2014
122013Energy and spatial order in niche and communityWright, Shane D; Rohde, Klaus 7-Mar-2014
132012MonogeneaRohde, Klaus 1-Jul-2013
142012DigeneaRohde, Klaus 1-Jul-2013
152012EucestodaRohde, Klaus 1-Jul-2013
162012CestodaRohde, Klaus 1-Jul-2013
172012TrematodaRohde, Klaus 1-Jul-2013
182012AspidogastreaRohde, Klaus 1-Jul-2013
192010Marine parasite diversity and environmental gradientsRohde, Klaus 6-Jul-2011
202008Natural Laws, Vacant Niches and Superorganisms. A Response to WoodleyRohde, Klaus 10-Mar-2010
212008How to measure ecological host specificityRohde, Klaus ; Rohde, PP15-Sep-2011
222008PlatyhelminthesRohde, Klaus ; Goodchild, CG1-Feb-2012
232008AmphilinideaRohde, Klaus 1-Feb-2012
242008GyrocotylideaRohde, Klaus 1-Feb-2012
252008Vacant Niches and the Possible Operation of Natural Laws in EcosystemsRohde, Klaus 24-Nov-2010
262007Habitat width along a latitudinal gradientStauffer, Dietrich; Schulze, C; Rohde, Klaus 30-Nov-2011
272006Schnellere Evolution in den TropenRohde, Klaus 15-May-2009
282006Simulation of Rapoport's rule for latitudinal species spreadStauffer, D; Rohde, Klaus 15-Sep-2011
292006Appendix 2 - Plankton: a paradox resolvedRohde, Klaus 24-Jan-2012
302006Appendix 3 - Evolutionarily stable strategies and nonequilibriumRohde, Klaus 24-Jan-2012
312006Appendix 1 - Simulations of geographical trends with an agent based ecological modelRohde, Klaus 24-Jan-2012
322005Eine neue Ökologie - Aktuelle Entwicklungen der evolutionären ÖkologieRohde, Klaus 20-May-2009
332005Chaos in einem Nahrungsnetz von MikrobenRohde, Klaus 24-Jun-2009
342005Simulation of geographical trends in the Chowdhury ecosystem modelRohde, Klaus ; Stauffer, D15-Sep-2011
352005Cellular automata and ecologyRohde, Klaus 15-Sep-2011
362005Nonequilibrium EcologyRohde, Klaus 12-Jan-2012
372005Parasite populations and communities as non-equilibrium systemsRohde, Klaus 3-Feb-2012
382005Definitions, and adaptations to a parasitic way of lifeRohde, Klaus 3-Feb-2012
392005The ecological niches of parasitesRohde, Klaus ; Rohde, Peter P3-Feb-2012
402005Latitudinal, longitudinal and depth gradientsRohde, Klaus 3-Feb-2012
412005Marine ParasitologyRohde, Klaus 3-Feb-2012
422005Aspidogastrea (aspidogastreans)Rohde, Klaus 3-Feb-2012
432005Amphilinidea (unsegmented tapeworms)Rohde, Klaus 3-Feb-2012
442003Understanding the Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution of Parasites: Central Problems and How to Solve ThemRohde, Klaus 16-Oct-2013
452002The responses of larval copepods and monogeneans to light, gravity and magnetic fieldsRothsey, Siobhan; Rohde, Klaus 30-Jun-2014
462002Niche Restriction and Mate Finding in Vertebrate HostsRohde, Klaus 1-Jul-2014
472002Subclass Aspidogastrea Faust & Tang, 1936Rohde, Klaus 1-Jul-2013
482002Ecology and Biogeography of Marine ParasitesRohde, Klaus 1-Jul-2013
492002Order in ectoparasite communities of marine fish is explained by epidemiological processesMorand, S; Rohde, Klaus ; Hayward, C31-Jul-2012
502002Co-occurrence of ectoparasites of marine fishes: a null model analysisGotelli, NJ; Rohde, Klaus 31-Jul-2012

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