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12009Accumulation of diverse parasite genotypes within the bivalve second intermediate host of the digenean 'Gymnophallus' sp.Leung, Tommy; Poulin, Robert; Keeney, Devon B
22011Body size, trophic level, and the use of fish as transmission routes by parasitesPoulin, Robert; Leung, Tommy
32009Causes of intraspecific variation in body size among trematode metacercariaeSaldanha, Ian; Leung, Tommy; Poulin, Robert
42009Contribution of parasites to intra- and inter-site variation in shell morphology of a marine gastropodThieltges, David W; Saldanha, Ian; Leung, Tommy; Poulin, Robert
52009Cryptic species complexes in manipulative echinostomatid trematodes: when two become sixLeung, Tommy; Keeney, Devon; Poulin, Robert
62008Effects of interspecific competition on asexual proliferation and clonal genetic diversity in larval trematode infections of snailsKeeney, Devon B; Boessenkool, Sanne; King, Tania M; Leung, Tommy; Poulin, Robert
72006Effects of the trematode 'Maritrema novaezealandensis' on the behaviour of its amphipod host: adaptive or not?Leung, Tommy; Poulin, Robert
82012Escape from the Red Queen: an overlooked scenario in coevolutionary studiesLeung, Tommy; King, Kayla C; Wolinska, Justyna
92014Evolution: How a Barnacle Came to Parasitise a SharkLeung, Tommy
102014Fish as parasites: an insight into evolutionary convergence in adaptations for parasitismLeung, Tommy
112011Fluorescent probes as a tool for labelling and tracking the amphibian chytrid fungus 'Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis'Herbert, Sarah M; Leung, Tommy; Bishop, Phillip J
122015Flying with diverse passengers: greater richness of parasitic nematodes in migratory birdsKoprivnikar, Janet; Leung, Tommy
132017Fossils of parasites: what can the fossil record tell us about the evolution of parasitism?Leung, Tommy
142008Four trematode cercariae from the New Zealand intertidal snail 'Zeacumantus subcarinatus' (Batillariidae)Martorelli, Sergio R; Fredensborg, Brian L; Leung, Tommy; Poulin, Robert
152012Genetic and phenotypic influences on clone-level success and host specialization in a generalist parasiteKoehler, Anson V; Springer, Yuri P; Randhawa, Haseeb S; Leung, Tommy; Keeney, Devon B; Poulin, Robert
162010Genetics, intensity-dependence, and host manipulation in the trematode 'Curtuteria australis': following the strategies of others?Leung, Tommy; Keeney, Devon; Poulin, Robert
172010Infection success of different trematode genotypes in two alternative intermediate hosts: evidence for intraspecific specialisation?Leung, Tommy; Poulin, Robert
182007Interactions between parasites of the cockle 'Austrovenus stutchburyi': hitch-hikers, resident-cleaners, and habitat-facilitatorsLeung, Tommy; Poulin, Robert
192011Intra-host competition between co-infecting digeneans within a bivalve second intermediate host: Dominance by priority-effect or taking advantage of others?Leung, Tommy; Poulin, Robert
202011Latitudinal gradient in the taxonomic composition of parasite communitiesPoulin, Robert; Leung, Tommy

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Tommy Leung
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Leung, Tommy
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