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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11-Dec-2023Opportunities for developing intercultural competence during COVID-19: A case study of international students in AustraliaVeliz, Leonardo ; Marandi, Pegah1-Dec-2023
223-Nov-2023School leadership attitudes towards EAL/D students and their commitment to professional learning for diverse contextsVeliz, Leonardo ; Bonar, Gary24-Nov-2023
323-Nov-2023Editorial: Teaching EAL/D learners across the curriculumVeliz, Leonardo ; Bonar, Gary; Premier, Jessica24-Nov-2023
41-Jul-2023Trans-Disciplinary Interpretations of Formation in Christian Higher Education: Navigating Academic Diversity, Cultural Pluralism, and Locating Identity for the Questing StudentBeilharz, Kirsty; Carroll, Christine; Eddie, Ian; Gowan, Sunaina; Khlentzos, Dion; Miner, Maureen; Seton, Mark; Veliz, Leonardo 23-Jan-2024
522-Mar-2023Review of Harper, H. & Feez, S. (2020). An EAL/D handbook: Teaching and learning across the curriculum when English is an additional language or dialect. PETAA.Veliz, Leonardo 4-Apr-2023
62023Foreign Language Anxiety in Online and In-person Learning Environments: A Case from ChileVéliz-Campos, Mauricio; Villegas, Carola; Veliz, Leonardo 9-Nov-2023
72023Navigating New Horizons: Inaugural Words from the Editor-in-ChiefVeliz, Leonardo 6-Dec-2023
82022A Socio-Semiotic Analysis of Latino Migrants' Metaphorical Conceptualizations of Language LearningVeliz, Leonardo ; Véliz-Campos, Mauricio15-May-2023
931-Dec-2021In-service teachers' challenges to implementing an approach to critical thinking and critical reading in ChileVeliz, Leonardo 18-Apr-2023
1030-Sep-2021On the Teachability of Figurative Language: Teachers' Perceptions of the Role of Metaphor in English Language Teaching in ChileVeliz, Leonardo ; Smith, Scott15-May-2023
11May-2021International Students' Perceptions of and Attitudes towards their Chinese Accented English in Academic ContextsVeliz, Leonardo ; Veliz-Campos, Mauricio15-May-2023
122021Translanguaging as a Pedagogy for Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice in a Multilingual ClassroomVeliz, Leonardo 15-May-2023
1328-Feb-2020EAL Teachers' (Un)Preparedness to Implement Classroom Practice for Multiliteracies PedagogyVeliz, Leonardo ; Hossein, Shokouhi15-May-2023
142020Game-Based Student Response Systems: The Impact of Kahoot in a Chilean Vocational Higher Education EFL ClassroomCárdenas-Moncada, Claudio; Veliz-Campos, Mauricio; Veliz, Leonardo 22-May-2023
1510-Oct-2019Academic journeys of socially disadvantaged students in Chile's more equitable pathways to university entryWalker-Janzen, Walter; Véliz-Campos, Mauricio; Veliz, Leonardo 2-Aug-2023
166-Jul-2019Assessment in the English language classroom in Chile: exploring the washback effect of traditional testing and alternative assessment on seventh grade studentsMuñoz, Paola; Véliz-Campos, Mauricio; Veliz, Leonardo 26-May-2023
171-Jul-2019Multimodal Texts in Chilean English Teaching Education: Experiences From Educators and Pre-Service TeachersFarías, Miguel; Veliz, Leonardo 24-May-2023
181-Jan-2019Análisis de metáforas visuales y textuales de estudiantes en formación inicial docente de pedagogía en inglés: aproximaciones a la identidad docenteFarías, Miguel; Véliz, Leonardo 2-Aug-2023
19Jan-2019Portfolios as a Strategy to Lower English Language Test Anxiety: The Case of ChileContreras-Soto, Amanda; Véliz-Campos, Mauricio; Veliz, Leonardo 1-Jun-2023
202019An interrogation of the role of critical thinking in English language pedagogy in ChileVeliz, Leonardo ; Veliz-Campos, Mauricio2-Aug-2023
215-Jan-2018A Route to the Teaching of Polysemous Lexicon: Benefits from Cognitive Linguistics and Conceptual Metaphor TheoryVeliz, Leonardo 5-Oct-2023
22Sep-2017Enhancing ESL Learners' Vocabulary Learning of Metaphorically-used WordsVeliz, Leonardo 6-Jun-2023
232016Demystifying Grammar: Rethinking language awareness for teacher education: Final reportNeilsen, Roderick; Xih, Nancy Huang Lan; Soetjaminah, Sri; Veliz, Leonardo 2-Aug-2023
2414-Aug-2008Corrective Feedback in Second Language ClassroomsVeliz, Leonardo 5-Oct-2023
25-Multimodality as a “third space” for English as an additional language or dialect teaching: early career teachers’ use and integration of technology in culturally and linguistically diverse classroomsVeliz, Leonardo ; Veliz-Campos, Mauricio10-Dec-2023

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I am experienced secondary school teacher and teacher educator who has been working in higher education for over 15 years. As an academic, I have been researching a variety of issues relating to initial teacher education, second language teacher education, teacher identity, multilingualism, multiculturalism, international education, academic trajectories of international students, cross-border mobility and issues to do with language and migration. My research has been published in reputable journals, edited volumes, and presented at national and international conferences.
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