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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
114-Sep-2023Triple Helix and Regional Innovation Systems: Knowledge Transfer in New South WalesLefley, Edward Robert John ; Dollery, Brian ; Argent, Neil ; Leu, Chen-Yu 15-Sep-2023
2Mar-2023A policy approach to minimising fiscal illusion in Australian local governmentDrew, Joseph ; Dollery, Brian ; Miyazaki, Masato4-May-2023
32023An empirical analysis of the impact of administrative intensity on the operational efficiency of the Victoria state local government system in AustraliaTran, Carolyn-Thi Thanh Dung ; Dollery, Brian 12-May-2022
42023The Influence of Administrative Intensity on Efficiency: An Empirical Analysis of Australian UniversitiesTran, Carolyn-Thi Thanh ; Dollery, Brian ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 5-Apr-2024
52023Municipal Performance in a Network Structure of Financial Operations and Service Provision in the New South Wales Local GovernmentThanh Dung Tran, Carolyn-Thi ; Dollery, Brian 4-Dec-2023
62023Fiscal outcomes arising from amalgamation: more complex than merely economies of scaleDrew, Joseph ; McQuestin, Dana; Dollery, Brian 6-Sep-2023
72023Does financial sustainability affect local resident satisfaction? The case of the Victorian local government systemTran, Carolyn-Thi Thanh Dung ; Dollery, Brian 7-Sep-2023
8Oct-2022Identifying interactions between size effects in New South Wales local governmentFellows, Caillan ; Dollery, Brian ; Marques, Rui 27-Sep-2023
9Jun-2022Did amalgamation make local government more fit for the future?Drew, Joseph ; McQuestin, Dana; Dollery, Brian 31-Jan-2022
1026-Apr-2022The Crown land accounting dilemma in New South Wales local governmentIvannikov, Igor ; Dollery, Brian ; Bayerlein, Leopold 11-May-2022
1122-Mar-2022Income Support Policy Incentives Regarding Compliance with Unemployment Payment RequirementsWright, Andrew Peter; Dollery, Brian ; Leu, Chen-Yu ; Kortt, Michael 9-Jan-2024
12Mar-2022The Impact of More Intensive Unemployment Benefit Requirements on Jobseekers' Likelihood of ComplyingWright, Andrew; Dollery, Brian ; Kortt, Michael ; Leu, Shawn 10-May-2022
13Mar-2022An Empirical Analysis of International Migrant Business Ownership and Employment in Regional AustraliaHogan, Owen; Kortt, Michael A; Dollery, Brian 23-Sep-2021
142022Outsourcing through intermunicipal co-operation: Waste collection and treatment services in BrazilSilvestre, Hugo Consciência; Marques, Rui Cunha; Dollery, Brian ; Gomes de Sá, Ginésio Justino9-Dec-2020
152022AustraliaWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 10-Jun-2022
162022Measuring what matters in local government: a Municipality Sustainability IndexCaldas, Paulo; Dollery, Brian ; Marques, Rui Cunha3-Nov-2020
172022The Effect of Varying Sanction Values on Future Compliance with Unemployment Benefit Requirements: An Empirical Analysis Using Australian Administrative DataWright, Andrew; Dollery, Brian ; Kortt, Michael ; Leu, Shawn 30-Mar-2023
182-Nov-2021An Empirical Analysis of Municipal Performance in Australian Local GovernmentFellows, Caillan ; Dollery, Brian E ; Villano, Renato 27-Nov-2023
19Sep-2021A critical appraisal of the Western Australian local government review panel’s recommendationsDollery, B E 23-Sep-2021
206-Aug-2021Local co-production and food insecurity: leveraging institutional advantages of partner organisationsKinoshita, Yukio; Dollery, Brian 6-Sep-2023
2121-Jul-2021An Empirical Analysis of Municipal Performance in Australian Local Government - DatasetFellows, Caillan ; Dollery, Brian ; Cunha Marques, Rui ; Tran, Carolyn 27-Nov-2023
22Jul-2021Addressing loneliness and social isolation amongst elderly people through local co‐production in JapanSuzuki, Kohei; Dollery, Brian E ; Kortt, Michael A17-Dec-2020
23Jul-2021The impact of rate capping on local government expenditureYarram, Subba Reddy ; Dollery, Brian ; Tran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh 5-Nov-2020
2430-Jun-2021Local Water Utility Reform: Case Studies from Iwate Prefecture in Northern JapanKinoshita, Yukio; Dollery, Brian 23-Sep-2021
25Mar-2021All in the Mind: Citizen Satisfaction and Financial Performance in the Victorian Local Government SystemTran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh ; Dollery, Brian 18-Nov-2020
26Jan-2021An Empirical Analysis of Scale Economies in Administrative Intensity in the Paraná State Local Government System in BrazilBernardelli, Luan V; Dollery, Brian E ; Kortt, Michael A24-Sep-2021
272021Local Emergency Co-production in Australia: The Case of the New South Wales Rural Fire ServiceWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 8-Jun-2022
282021Brazilian Municipal Expenditure and Scale Economies: Evidence from São PauloBernardelli, Luan V; Kortt, Michael A; Dollery, Brian 19-Aug-2021
292021What Exogenous Factors Generate Municipal Inefficiency? An Empirical Investigation of the Determinants of Input Excess in Local GovernmentTran, Carolyn-Thi Thanh Dung ; Dollery, Brian 24-Sep-2021
302021Assessing the effectiveness of using western movies in elucidating economic conceptsTing, Siew King; Yong, Sze Wei; Lai, Tze Wee; Subramaniam, Geetha; Dollery, Brian 24-Sep-2021
312021Local Emergency Co-production In Australia: The Case Of The New South Wales Rural Fire ServiceWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 15-Mar-2024
3229-Dec-2020Australian Government failure and the VET FEE-HELP loan programmeFellows, Caillan John ; Dollery, Brian 9-Aug-2021
3311-Aug-2020Examining the Effects of Zero‐Dollar Unemployment Payment SanctionsWright, Andrew; Dollery, Brian ; Kortt, Michael; Leu, Shawn 17-Dec-2020
34Jun-2020Accounting Problems in Infrastructure Asset Valuation and Depreciation in New South Wales Local GovernmentIvannikov, Igor ; Dollery, Brian 9-Dec-2020
35Jun-2020Council cooperation in New South Wales: Why have some councils not joined joint organisations?Dollery, Brian ; Piper, Donella 3-Apr-2020
3613-Apr-2020An empirical analysis of municipal efficiency and local resident satisfaction by council type in Victorian local governmentTran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh ; Dollery, Brian 31-Jul-2020
372020Local Public, Fiscal and Financial Governance: An International PerspectiveDollery, Brian ; Kitchen, Harry; McMillan, Melville; Shah, Anwar27-Nov-2020
382020Is cooperation cost reducing? An analysis of public-public partnerships and inter-municipal cooperation in Brazilian local governmentSilvestre, Hugo Consciencia; Marques, Rui Cunha; Dollery, Brian ; Correia, Aldenisio Moraes8-Jul-2019
392020Examining Efficiency Differentials by Council Type in South Australian Local Government: An Environmentally Adjusted Meta-Frontier Data Envelopment ApproachTran, Carolyn-dung Thi Thanh ; Dollery, Brian 9-Dec-2020
402020Willingness to Participate in Solid Waste Management amongst Residents of Sembulan Tengah Water Village in Sabah, MalaysiaMalasius, Marcilla Elmy Girl Girl; Alin, James; Dollery, Brian 15-Jan-2021
412020The impact of varying penalty values on compliance with unemployment payment requirements: An analysis using 2015/16 Australian National DataWright, Andrew; Dollery, Brian 5-Nov-2020
422020Economies of scale and Brazilian local government expenditure: evidence from the State of ParanáBernardelli, Luan Vinicius; Kortt, Michael A; Dollery, Brian 10-Jul-2019
432020Short video clip production on learning performance: evidence from university studentsTing, Siew King; Lai, Tze Wee; Yong, Sze Wei; Subramaniam, Geetha; Dollery, Brian 3-Nov-2020
442020The Economics and Politics of Financial Unsustainability in Local GovernmentDrew, Joseph; Dollery, Brian 18-Nov-2020
452020Creating institutional advantage: local government co-production with community groupsKinoshita, Yukio; Dollery, Brian ; Yamazaki, Keiichi24-Sep-2021
4611-Dec-2019Humanitarian co-production in local government: the case of natural disaster volunteering in JapanDollery, Brian ; Kinoshita, Yukio; Yamazaki, Keiichi11-Feb-2020
47Dec-2019Council type and the determinants of municipal expenditure: A semiparametric analysis of South Australian local governmentTran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh ; Dollery, Brian 15-Nov-2019
48Dec-2019Amalgamation in action: Participant perspectives on the Armidale regional council merger processWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian ; Tran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh 25-Nov-2019
4910-May-2019Are there scale economies in urban waste and wastewater municipal services? A non-radial input-oriented model applied to the Portuguese local governmentCaldas, Paulo; Ferreira, Diogo; Dollery, Brian ; Marques, Rui 22-Dec-2020
509-May-2019Great Expectations? Forced Local Government Amalgamations in the New England 2004/16Wallace, Andrea Siobhan ; Dollery, Brian ; Kortt, Michael 16-Jan-2024

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