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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Feb-2023Fit for the Future: Public Inquiries and NSW Local GovernmentWallace, Andrea 9-Nov-2023
22022AustraliaWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 10-Jun-2022
32021Local Emergency Co-production in Australia: The Case of the New South Wales Rural Fire ServiceWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 8-Jun-2022
42021Local Emergency Co-production In Australia: The Case Of The New South Wales Rural Fire ServiceWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 15-Mar-2024
52020Business Communication, Digital Innovation, and Decoding Possibilities for the Student ReceiverWallace, Andrea S 17-Mar-2021
6Dec-2019Amalgamation in action: Participant perspectives on the Armidale regional council merger processWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian ; Tran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh 25-Nov-2019
79-May-2019Great Expectations? Forced Local Government Amalgamations in the New England 2004/16Wallace, Andrea Siobhan ; Dollery, Brian ; Kortt, Michael 16-Jan-2024
82019Merger Melancholia: An Empirical Analysis of the Perceptions of the Residents of the Forcibly Amalgamated Manilla Shire CouncilWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 8-Jul-2019
912-Nov-2018Local Voices on forced mergers in small rural Australian communities: The case of the Guyra Shire CouncilWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 10-Feb-2021
10Sep-2018How two became one: The creation of the Armidale regional councilWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 10-Feb-2021
112018Merging Big and Small: A cautionary Tale from BarrabaWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 25-Jun-2018
12-Municipal Reponses to COVID-19: the case of library closures in New South Wales local governmentWallace, Andrea ; Dollery, Brian 15-Feb-2021

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