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1012010Hydrological and erosional responses in woody plant encroachment areas of semi-arid south-eastern AustraliaMunoz-Robles, Carlos; Tighe, Matthew ; Reid, Nicholas ; Briggs, Sue; Wilson, Brian 5-Jul-2011
1022010Experimental burning changes the quality of fallen timber as habitat for vertebrate and invertebrate fauna: implications for fire managementCroft, Peter; Reid, Nicholas ; Hunter, John T 13-Jul-2011
1032010Threat of frequent fire and drought for the rare wattle 'Acacia williamsiana' J. T. Hunter: an experimental burn highlights implications for fire managementCroft, Peter; Hunter, John T ; Reid, Nick 28-Sep-2011
1042010Conflict, Consensus and Planning: Negotiations in NSW Water and Vegetation CommitteesPrior, Julian Chisholm; Reeve, Ian ; Reid, Nicholas 16-Jan-2012
1052010Conservation of plant diversity in native pastures on the North-West Slopes of New South WalesSchultz, Nicholas ; Reid, Nick ; Lodge, Gregory Mark6-Feb-2012
1062010Using active optical sensing of biomass to investigate the effect of scattered trees on native perennial pasturesBarnes, Phoebe ; Trotter, Mark ; Lamb, David ; Wilson, Brian ; Reid, Nick ; Lockwood, Peter V ; Koen, T22-Jun-2012
1072010Mapping 'Lantana camara': Accuracy Comparison of Various Fusion TechniquesTaylor, Subhashni ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nicholas 11-May-2011
1082010Resilience of a high-conservation-value, semi-arid grassland on fertile clay soils to burning, mowing and ploughingLewis, Tom; Reid, Nicholas ; Clarke, Peter J ; Whalley, Ralph D 26-May-2011
1092010Sustainable Livestock ProductionGardiner, Bruce; Reid, Nicholas 26-May-2011
1102009Final Report: Baseline Measurements at the Direct-Seeding Revegetation Sites for Biodiversity and Carbon, Moree, NSWReid, Nicholas ; Tighe, Matthew ; Smith, Rhiannon20-Jun-2011
1112009Assessment criteria and successional pathways for rehabilitation after manganese mining on Groote Eylandt, Northern TerritoryMeek, Ingrid; Reid, Nicholas ; Duggin, John; Grant, Carl7-May-2009
1122009Invasive native scrub and soil condition in semi-arid south-eastern AustraliaTighe, Matthew ; Reid, Nicholas ; Wilson, Brian ; Briggs, Sue V3-Feb-2010
1132009What drives plant biodiversity in the clay floodplain grasslands of NSW?Lewis, Tom; Clarke, Peter J; Whalley, Ralph D; Reid, Nicholas 3-Feb-2010
1142009Sheep grazing reduces 'Hieracium pilosella' floweringNorton, David A; Reid, Nicholas 18-Dec-2009
1152009Contrasting research approaches to managing mistletoes in commercial forests and wooded pasturesReid, Nicholas ; Shamoun, Simon F9-Mar-2010
1162009Use of Remote Sensing Techniques in Lantana MappingTaylor, Subhashni ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nicholas 6-Apr-2010
1172008Stand-level management of plantations to improve biodiversity valuesCummings, Jason; Reid, Nicholas 13-May-2010
1182008Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Wool ProductionReid, Nick 19-Jan-2012
1192008The Impact of Local Plant Density on Plant-Pollinator Interactions and Plant Reproduction in a Fragmented Landscape: A Comparative ApproachSimpson, Simone Rose; Gross, Caroline ; Reid, Nicholas 3-Sep-2010
1202008Perennial grassland dynamics on fertile plains: Is coexistence mediated by disturbance?Lewis, Tom; Clarke, Peter John ; Reid, Nicholas ; Whalley, Ralph D 2-Nov-2009
1212007Depletion of regenerative bud resources during cyclic drought: What are the implications for fire management?Croft, Peter; Hunter, John T ; Reid, Nicholas 24-Nov-2009
1222007Experimental Manipulation of Restoration Barriers in Abandoned Eucalypt PlantationsCummings, Jason; Reid, Nicholas ; Davies, Ian; Grant, Carl27-Nov-2009
1232006Biodiversity and Wool Production - Answers to The 10 Big IssuesReid, Nicholas 20-Jun-2011
1242006Bats on New England wool propertiesReid, Nick ; Green, Stuart ; Ford, Greg17-Oct-2011
1252006Testimonial: Wool production & biodiversity working together for Michele & Graeme Blackman - 'Pint Pot'Blackman, M; Blackman, G; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1262006Birds on New England wool propertiesReid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1272006How to Lift Wool Profits and Improve Biodiversity!Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1282006A quick guide to the Case Study and Testimonial farmsReid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1292006Testimonial: Wool production & biodiversity working together for Richard & Mary Maclean - 'Woodville East'Maclean, Richard; Maclean, Mary; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1302006Testimonial: Wool production & biodiversity working together for The McKemey Family - 'Willow Park'McKemey, John; McKemey, Helen; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1312006Testimonial: Wool production & biodiversity working together for Gordon & Jan Edmonds - 'Ponds Creek'Edmonds, Gordan; Edmonds, Jan; O'Keefe, Mike; Nadolny, Christopher; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1322006Testimonial: Wool production & biodiversity working together for James & Caroline Street - 'Blaxland'Street, James; Street, Caroline; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1332006Pastures on New England wool propertiesReid, Nick ; Reseigh, Jodie; Fittler, Jim17-Oct-2011
1342006Arboreal Marsupials on New England wool propertiesReid, Nick ; Green, Stuart 17-Oct-2011
1352006Testimonial: Wool production & biodiversity working together for Tony & Janet Gall - 'Wilson's Creek'Gall, Tony; Gall, Janet; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1362006Testimonial: Wool production & biodiversity working together for Rob & Lucy Adams - 'Swallowfield'Adams, Rob; Adams, Lucy; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
1372006Water Quality on New England wool propertiesReid, Nick ; Green, Stuart ; Fittler, Jim17-Oct-2011
1382006Fauna on Case Study farmsReid, Nick ; Green, Stuart ; Macgregor, Catherine 17-Oct-2011
1392006Land, Water & Wool - Appreciating Biodiversity in New England: 2007 CalendarReid, Nick ; Taylor, Jon; Taylor, Micheal; Lytton-Hitchins, Peter25-Oct-2011
1402006Grazing management and environmental determinants of the diversity and composition of ground-story vegetation on the Northern Tablelands, NSWReseigh, Jodie; Reid, Nicholas ; Nadolny, Christopher; Clarke, Peter; Whalley, Ralph ; McIntyre, Sue16-Oct-2009
1412006Community-Friendly Methods for Monitoring Riverside Rehabilitation: A Case StudyGollan, John ; Smith, H; Bulbert, M; Donnelly, A; Wilkie, L; Reid, C; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Reid, Nicholas 31-May-2012
1422006Land and LivelihoodReid, Nick ; Kahn, Lewis 27-Oct-2009
1432005Establishment and Early Growth of Trees in the Cicerone ProjectReid, Nicholas ; Hoad, J; Eveleigh, C; Gaden, C; Scott, James Murray 24-Dec-2009
1442005Grassland species response to soil disturbance and nutrient enrichment on the Northern Tablelands of New South WalesChalmers, AC; McIntyre, S; Whalley, RD ; Reid, N 5-Aug-2008
1452005Case Study: Wool production & biodiversity working together for Jon & Vicki Taylor - 'The Hill'Taylor, Jon; Taylor, Vicki; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
462005Case Study: Wool production & biodiversity working together for Rob & Annabel Dulhunty - 'Nant Lodge'Dulhunty, Rob; Dulhunty, Annabel; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
472005Case Study: Wool production & biodiversity working together for Tim & Karen Wright - 'Lana'Wright, Tim; Wright, Karen; Reid, Nick 17-Oct-2011
482005Adaptive restoration of sand-mined areas for biological conservationCummings, J; Reid, N ; Davies, I; Grant, C23-May-2008
492005Variation in frost tolerance of the 1,8-cineole-rich variants of the peppermint eucalypts, 'Eucalyptus radiata' and 'E. dives'Doran, J C; Kar, Ajoy Kumar; Larmour, J S; Reid, Nicholas 1-Dec-2009
502004Implementing ecological restoration in national parksCummings, J; Reid, N 6-May-2008

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