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12020The Location of Homeric ThryoessaBourke, Graeme 10-Jun-2021
22020Strabo and the Epeians of the IliadBourke, Graeme 16-Jun-2020
34-Feb-2019Collaborative Festival Event for the 40th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies, 50th Anniversary of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, and 60th Anniversary of the UNE Museum of Antiquities (UNEMA)Hopwood, Bronwyn ; Koehn, Clemens ; Bourke, Graeme 19-May-2022
42019Sparta's Eleian War of 402-400 BC: singular vengeance or consistent pursuit of policy objectives?Bourke, Graeme 12-Aug-2021
52018Pelops at Olympia: the archaeology of a mythBourke, Graeme 12-Aug-2021
62017The mass execution at Elis in 343 BCBourke, Graeme 11-Aug-2021
72017Elis: Internal Politics and External Policy in Ancient GreeceBourke, Graeme 28-Sep-2017
82016Elis, War with Arcadia (360s)Bourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
92016TriphyliaBourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
102016ElisBourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
112016Olympic Truce (Ekecheiria)Bourke, Graeme F 7-Nov-2016
122015Elis and Pisa: Archaic conflict or Classical construction?Bourke, Graeme 19-Aug-2021
132015Classical Sophism and Philosophy in Pseudo-Plutarch 'On the Training of Children'Bourke, Graeme F 5-Jul-2016
142014The Eleian Mantic 'Gene'Bourke, Graeme F 4-Nov-2014
152014Travels in Eleia: William Leake's journals and ancient Greek historyBourke, G 29-Aug-2023
162014How to Create the Ideal Son: The unhidden curriculum in pseudo-Plutarch 'On the Training of Children'Bourke, Graeme F 24-Sep-2014
172013Iconic Artworks as Stimuli for Engaging School Students in Their National History: A Priority in Pre-Service Teacher EducationBourke, Graeme F 19-Jul-2013
182013Review of Judy Powell, 2013 'Love's Obsession: The Lives and Archaeology of Jim and Eve Stewart', Kent Town, South Australia: Wakefield Press, ISBN 978-1-74305-235-8, pp. xvi + 308, 8 pls, 1 map A$30.Bourke, Graeme F 1-Jul-2014
192012A Strabonic discord: Homeric Elis diminishedBourke, G 29-Aug-2023
202011How 'Sophistic' is Pseudo-Plutarch On the Education of Children?Bourke, Graeme 29-Aug-2023
212011The Eleian 'Asylia': A Defence of the Ancient TextsBourke, Graeme Francis 26-Mar-2012
222011Bakkhylides 11 and the Rule of the «Slaves» at ArgosBourke, Graeme Francis 27-Jun-2012
232011The Statue of Zeus at Olympia and the 'Polis' of the EleansBourke, Graeme Francis 9-Jul-2012
242010Bakkhylides XI and the rule of the douloi at ArgosBourke, Graeme 29-Aug-2023
252009The only pious way out of the Lakonike: Why the Spartans went by sea for the Tanagra campaignBourke, Graeme 17-Mar-2023
262009Promoting, Developing and Sustaining Good History Learning and TeachingReitano, Paul ; Bourke, Graeme Francis 11-Jun-2010
272008Sparta and Olympia: sport, religion and politics in the Classical PeloponneseBourke, Graeme 19-Mar-2023
282007E. Meyer, B. Niese and the falsification of HistoryBourke, Graeme 29-Aug-2023

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