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110-Nov-2023Treating Depression and Anxiety Disorders Simultaneously in Patients With Cardiovascular Diseases Utilizing the Unified ProtocolTully, Phillip J ; Cosh, Suzanne M 7-Feb-2024
2Nov-2023Exploration of orthorexia nervosa and diagnostic overlap with eating disorders, anorexia nervosa and obsessive-compulsive disorderCosh, Suzanne M ; Olson, Jemma ; Tully, Phillip J 6-Sep-2023
3Nov-2023Classifying excessive exercise: Examining the relationship between compulsive exercise with obsessive‐compulsive disorder symptoms and disordered eating symptomsCosh, Suzanne M ; Eshkevari, Ertimiss; McNeil, Dominic G ; Tully, Phillip J 20-Nov-2023
4Jul-2023Compulsive exercise and its relationship with mental health and psychosocial wellbeing in recreational exercisers and athletesCosh, S M ; McNeil, D G ; Tully, P J 21-Jun-2023
5Jun-2023Prevalence and Prognostic Implication of Atrial Fibrillation in Heart Failure Subtypes: Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisMundisugih, Juan; Franke, Kyle B; Tully, Phillip J ; Munawar, Dian A; Kumar, Saurabh; Mahajan, Rajiv21-Jul-2023
69-Feb-2023Cardiovascular disease, associated risk factors, and risk of dementia: An umbrella review of meta-analysesBrain, Jacob; Greene, Leanne; Tang, Eugene Y H; Louise, Jennie; Salter, Amy; Beach, Sarah; Turnbull, Deborah; Siervo, Mario; Stephan, Blossom C. M.; Tully, Phillip J 29-Jun-2023
711-Jan-2023The mental health effects of eco-anxiety - a systematic review of quantitative researchLykins, A ; Robinson, K; Ryan, R; Tognella, J; Tully, P 22-Jul-2023
82023Frequency of coexistent eye diseases and cognitive impairment or dementia: a systematic review and meta-analysisXu, Ying; Phu, Jack; Aung, Htein Linn; Hesam-Shariati, Negin; Keay, Lisa; Tully, Phillip J ; Booth, Andrew; Anderson, Craig S; Anstey, Kaarin J; Peters, Ruth22-Jul-2023
92023Understandings and experiences of adherence to secondary prevention for patients with cardiovascular disease and comorbid depression or anxietyCosh, Suzanne M ; Pinto, Ronette; Denson, Linley; Tully, Phillip J 24-May-2022
102023Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Panic Disorder in Patients with Stable Coronary Artery Disease: A Feasibility StudyTremblay, Marie-Andrée; Denis, Isabelle; Turcotte, Stéphane; DeGrâce, Michel; Tully, Phillip J ; Foldes-Busque, Guillaume27-Jun-2022
11Aug-2022Predictive role of atrial fibrillation in cognitive decline: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 2.8 million individualsKoh, Yu Han; Lew, Leslie Z W; Franke, Kyle B; Elliott, Adrian D; Lau, Dennis H; Thiyagarajah, Anand; Linz, Dominik; Arstall, Margaret; Tully, Phillip J ; Baune, Bernhard T; Munawar, Dian A; Mahajan, Rajiv27-Jun-2022
1221-Jul-2022Risk factors for dementia in the context of cardiovascular disease: A protocol of an overview of reviewsBrain, Jacob; Tully, Phillip J ; Turnbull, Deborah; Tang, Eugene; Greene, Leanne; Beach, Sarah; Siervo, Mario; Stephan, Blossom C M4-Aug-2022
13Jun-2022Blood pressure variability and structural brain changes: a systematic reviewGutteridge, Daria S; Tully, Phillip J ; Ghezzi, Erica S; Jamadar, Sharna; Smith, Ashleigh E; Commerford, Toby; Keage, Hannah A D28-Jun-2022
14May-2022Diastolic Blood Pressure Variability in Later Life May Be a Key Risk Marker for Cognitive DeclinePeters, Ruth; Xu, Ying; Eramudugolla, Ranmalee; Sachdev, Perminder S; Cherbuin, Nicolas; Tully, Phillip J ; Mortby, Moyra E; Anstey, Kaarin J27-Jun-2022
1514-Apr-2022Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Anxiety Disorders in Cardiovascular Disease Patients: Results From the CHAMPS Pilot-Feasibility TrialTully, Phillip J ; Turnbull, Deborah A; Horowitz, John D; Beltrame, John F; Baune, Bernhard T; Sauer-Zavala, Shannon; Baumeister, Harald; Bean, Christopher G; Pinto, Ronette B; Cosh, Suzie ; Wittert, Gary A20-May-2022
1631-Mar-2022Commentary: An Extension of the Australian Postgraduate Psychology Education Simulation Working Group Guidelines: Simulated Learning Activities Within Professional Psychology PlacementsRice, Kylie ; Murray, Clara V ; Tully, Phillip J ; Hone, Alice ; Bartik, Warren J ; Newby, Daiva ; Cosh, Suzanne M 20-May-2022
17Feb-2022The bidirectional association between depression and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men: A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studiesMartin, Sean A; Tully, Phillip J ; Kahokehr, Arman A; Jay, Alex; Wittert, Gary A22-Jun-2022
182022Cardiovascular diseaseTully, Phillip J ; Cosedis Nielsen, Jens; Burg, Matthew M; Pedersen, Susanne S6-Jan-2023
192022Treating Anxiety Disorders in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease: How to Formulate Exposure Therapy When Anxiety Mimics the HeartTully, Phillip J ; Pedersen, Susanne S; Cosh, Susanne M ; Foldes-Busque, Guillaume6-Jan-2023
202022Constructions of athlete mental health post-retirement: a discursive analysis of stigmatising and legitimising versions of transition distress in the Australian broadcast mediaCosh, Suzanne M ; Crabb, Shona; McNeil, Dominic G ; Tully, Phillip J 31-Mar-2023
211-Nov-2021Canadian French Translation and Preliminary Validation of the Conformity to Masculine Norms Inventory: A Pilot StudyJbilou, Jalila; Levesque, Natasha; Sonier, René-Pierre; Tully, Phillip J ; Pinette-Drapeau, Iza; Sonier, Véronique; Charbonneau, Andréanne; Greenman, Paul S; Grenier, Jean; Chomienne, Marie-Hélène3-Aug-2022
22Nov-2021Evaluation of High Cholesterol and Risk of Dementia and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults Using Individual Patient Meta-AnalysisPeters, Ruth; Xu, Ying; Antikainen, Riitta; Beckett, Nigel; Gussekloo, Jacobijn; Jagger, Carol; Jukema, Johan Wouter; Keinanen-Kiukaanniemi, Sirkka; Rydén, Lina; Skoog, Ingmar; Staessen, Jan A; Thijs, Lutgarde; Trompet, Stella; Tully, Phillip J ; Tzourio, Christophe; Anstey, Kaarin J27-Apr-2022
23Nov-2021Impact of Model Choice When Studying the Relationship Between Blood Pressure Variability and Risk of Stroke RecurrenceDeCourson, Hugues; Ferrer, Loïc; Barbieri, Antoine; Tully, Phillip J ; Woodward, Mark; Chalmers, John; Tzourio, Christophe; Leffondré, Karen21-Jun-2023
24Oct-2021Live long and PROSPERO: A comment on Chiu and coworkersTully, Phillip J ; de Heus, Rianne A A18-Jul-2023
2511-May-2021Hoarding to the heart's content: a case series and detailed case report of hoarding treatment in heart failureTully, Phillip ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Wootton, Bethany22-Jul-2023
261-Apr-2021Day-to-day home blood pressure variability is associated with cerebral small vessel disease burden in a memory clinic populationDe Heus, Rianne; Reumers, Stacha; Van Der Have, Alba; Tumelaire, Maxime; Tully, Phillip ; Claassen, Jurgen19-Jul-2023
271-Apr-2021Impact of model choice when studying the relationship between blood pressure variability and risk of strokeDe Courson, Hugues; Ferrer, Loic; Barbieri, Antoine; Tully, Phillip ; Woodward, Mark; Chalmers, John; Leffondre, Karen; Tzourio, Christophe19-Jul-2023
281-Apr-2021The association of blood pressure variability with dementia and cognitive impairment: A systematic review and meta-analysisDe Heus, Rianne; Tully, Phillip ; Consortium, Na Variable Brain27-Jul-2023
291-Apr-2021Risk and predictors of sudden death in cardiac sarcoidosis: A systematic review and meta-analysisFranke, Kyle B; Marshall, Henry; Kennewell, Patrick; Pham, Huy-Dat; Tully, Phillip J ; Rattanakosit, Thirakan; Mahadevan, Gnanadevan; Mahajan, Rajiv29-Mar-2022
3012-Jan-2021Epidemiology and prognostic implications of panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder in patients with coronary artery disease: rationale and design for a longitudinal cohort studyFoldes‑Busque, Guillaume; Dionne, Clermont E; Turcotte, Stephane; Tully, Phillip J ; Tremblay, Marie‑Andree; Poirier, Paul; Denis, Isabelle19-Apr-2022
318-Jan-2021Screening and referral is not enough: a qualitative exploration of barriers to access and uptake of mental health services in patients with cardiovascular diseasesCollopy, C M; Cosh, S M ; Tully, P J 30-Mar-2021
322021Poor mental health outcomes in crisis transitions: an examination of retired athletes accounting of crisis transition experiences in a cultural contextCosh, S M ; McNeil, D G ; Tully, P J 30-Mar-2021
332021Psychological and pharmacological interventions for depression in patients with coronary artery diseaseTully, Phillip J ; Ang, Ser Yee; Lee, Emily J L; Bendig, Eileen; Bauereiß, Natalie; Bengel, Jürgen; Baumeister, Harald20-Apr-2022
34Dec-2020Blood Pressure Variability and Dementia: A State-of-the-Art ReviewMa, Yuan; Tully, Phillip J ; Hofman, Albert; Tzourio, Christophe19-Apr-2022
3512-Nov-2020Depression Screening, Assessment, and Treatment for Patients with Coronary Heart Disease: A Review for PsychologistsTully, Phillip J ; Higgins, Rosemary13-Sep-2023
36Mar-2020Heterogeneity in the reporting of blood pressure variability: high time for methodological consensusTully, Phillip J ; Tzourio, Christophe19-Jul-2023
37Feb-2020Association Between Cerebral Small Vessel Disease With Antidepressant Use and Depression: 3C Dijon Magnetic Resonance Imaging StudyTully, Phillip J ; Alperovitch, Annick; Soumare, Aicha; Mazoyer, Bernard; Debette, Stephanie; Tzourio, Christophe20-Apr-2022
3815-Jan-2020Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Heart Failure Patients: A Test of the Cardiac Disease-induced PTSD HypothesisTully, Phillip J ; Cosh, Suzanne M 30-Mar-2021
397-Jan-2020Association Between Blood Pressure Variability and Cerebral Small-Vessel Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisTully, Phillip J ; Yano, Yuichiro; Launer, Lenore J; Kario, Kazuomi; Nagai, Michiaki; Mooijaart, Simon P; Claassen, Jurgen A H R; Lattanzi, Simona; Vincent, Andrew D; Tzourio, Christophe12-Jul-2021
40Jan-2020Convergence of psychiatric symptoms and restless legs syndrome: A cross-sectional study in an elderly French population.Tully, Phillip J ; Kurth, Tobias; Elbaz, Alexis; Tzourio, Christophe19-Jul-2023
412020Cardiovascular Manifestations of Panic and AnxietyTully, Phillip J ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Pedersen, Susanne6-Apr-2021
422020Day-to-Day Home Blood Pressure Variability is Associated with Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Burden in a Memory Clinic Populationde Heus, Rianne A A; Reumers, Stacha F I; van der Have, Alba; Tumelaire, Maxime; Tully, Phillip J ; Claassen, Jurgen A H R19-Apr-2022
432020Sex-specific associations between sleep and mental health in university students: a large cross-sectional studyMontagni, Ilaria; Qchiqach, Sarah; Pereira, Edwige; Tully, Phillip J ; Tzourio, Christophe19-Apr-2022

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