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12021Forensic transcription: The case for transcription as a dedicated branch of linguistic scienceFraser, Helen 8-Mar-2021
22021Enhancing and priming at a voir dire: can we be sure the judge reached the right conclusion?Fraser, Helen 20-Feb-2020
32020‘Enhancing’ forensic audio: false beliefs and their effect in criminal trialsFraser, Helen 2-Sep-2019
42020'Enhancing' forensic audio: what if all that really gets enhanced is the credibility of a misleading transcript?Fraser, Helen 22-Aug-2019
52019How 'Enhanced' Forensic Audio is Evaluated in Criminal Trials: What if All That Really Gets Enhanced is the Credibility of a Misleading Transcript?Fraser, Helen 29-Oct-2019
62019The reliability of voice recognition by 'ear witnesses': An overview of research findingsFraser, Helen 12-Mar-2021
7Jul-2018Covert recordings used as evidence in criminal trials: concerns of Australian linguistsFraser, Helen 2-Sep-2019
8Jan-2018Book Review - Forensic Communication in Theory and Practice: A study of discourse analysis and transcription by Franca Orletti & Laura Mariottini (eds)Fraser, Helen 3-Dec-2019
92018Forensic Transcription: How Confident False Beliefs about Language and Speech Threaten the Right to a Fair Trial in AustraliaFraser, Helen 21-Aug-2019
102018Thirty Years Is Long Enough: It Is Time to Create a Process That Ensures Covert Recordings Used as Evidence in Court Are Interpreted ReliablyFraser, Helen 22-Aug-2019
112018Real forensic experts should pay more attention to the dangers posed by ‘ad hoc experts’Fraser, Helen 26-Aug-2019
122018Why "Ad Hoc Experts" Should Not Provide Transcripts of Indistinct Forensic Audio, and a Proposal for a Better ApproachFrench, Peter; Fraser, Helen 26-Aug-2019
132018'Assisting' listeners to hear words that aren't there: dangers in using police transcripts of indistinct covert recordingsFraser, Helen 2-Sep-2019
142017How Interpretation of Indistinct Covert Recordings Can Lead to Wrongful Conviction: A Case Study and Recommendations for ReformFraser, Helen 3-Sep-2019
152014The power and persistence of contextual priming: more risks in using police transcripts to aid jurors' perception of poor quality covert recordingsFraser, Helen ; Stevenson, Bruce 23-Dec-2014
162012Spoken Word RecognitionFraser, Helen B 27-Feb-2013
172012Language Analysis for the Determination of Origin (LADO)Fraser, Helen B 27-Feb-2013
182011The role of linguists and native speakers in language analysis for the determination of speaker origin: A response to Tina Cambier-LangeveldFraser, Helen B 20-Oct-2011
192011Speaking and listening in the multicultural University: A reflective case studyFraser, Helen B 20-Oct-2011
202011Underpinning success in the real world of corporations lawClarke, Catherine Therese; Wijeyewardene, Ingrid ; Landrigan, Brian; Mackay, Iain; Fraser, Helen B ; Werren, Kip 1-Aug-2011
212011Phonetics and phonologyFraser, Helen B 7-Mar-2012
222011Speaking of speech: Developing metalanguage for effective communication about pronunciation between English language teachers and learnersFraser, Helen B 14-May-2012
232011Interpretation of a crisis call: persistence of a primed perception of a disputed utteranceFraser, Helen B ; Stevenson, Bruce ; Marks, Anthony 18-May-2012
242010Cognitive Phonology as a tool for teaching second language pronunciationFraser, Helen B 12-Mar-2012
252010Transcripts in the legal systemFraser, Helen B 23-Mar-2012
262010Teaching and Learning L2 Pronunciation: Understanding the Effectiveness of Socially Constructed Metalanguage and Critical Listening in Terms of a Cognitive Phonology FrameworkCouper, Graeme; Fraser, Helen ; Ellis, Elizabeth 10-May-2011
272009The role of 'educated native speakers' in providing language analysis for the determination of the origin of asylum seekersFraser, Helen B 26-Mar-2010
282009Pronunciation as Categorisation: The Role of Contrast in Teaching English /R/ and /L/¹Fraser, Helen Beatrice 30-Mar-2010
292009Communicating about Communication: Intercultural Competence as a Factor in the Success of Interdisciplinary CollaborationFraser, Helen Beatrice ; Schalley, Andrea C24-Feb-2010
302008Phonological literacy: Preparing primary teachers for the challenge of a balanced approach to literacy educationBuckland, Corinne Anitra; Fraser, Helen Beatrice 1-May-2009
312007The sbelling of sdops: Preliterate children's spelling of stops after /s/Hannam, Rachel Louise; Fraser, Helen Beatrice ; Byrne, Brian John 7-May-2009
322007Categories and concepts in phonology: Theory and practiceFraser, Helen Beatrice 18-Aug-2009
332006Helping teachers help students with pronunciationFraser, HB 6-Aug-2008
342006Phonological Concepts and Concept Formation: Metatheory, Theory and ApplicationFraser, HB 8-Aug-2008
352005Representing Speech in Practice and TheoryFraser, Helen Beatrice 18-Aug-2009
362004Constraining abstractness: Phonological representation in the light of color termsFraser, HB 29-Sep-2008
372003Issues in Transcription: Factors affecting the reliability of transcripts as evidence in legal casesFraser, HB 31-Jul-2008
382003Linguistic identification in the determination of nationality: A preliminary reportEades, D ; Fraser, Helen Beatrice ; Siegel, Jeff ; McNamara, T; Baker, Brett 4-May-2009

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