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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
118-Aug-2022A sustainable resourcing strategy for landcareMartin, Paul ; Werren, Kip 6-Sep-2022
22022Right to Work of Persons with Disabilities: The Public-Private InterfaceWerren, Kip ; Charlton, Guy 25-Jul-2022
32020Funding biodiversity conservationRossiter, Davi; Werren, Kip ; Martin, Paul ; Ribeiro da Cruz Godoy, Larissa13-May-2020
42019Australian Uniform Evidence LawHum, Fiona; Jackman, Bronwen ; Quirico, Ottavio ; Urbas, Gregor; Werren, Kip 29-May-2019
52011Underpinning success in the real world of corporations lawClarke, Catherine Therese; Wijeyewardene, Ingrid ; Landrigan, Brian; Mackay, Iain; Fraser, Helen B ; Werren, Kip 1-Aug-2011
62011Property LawJackman, Bronwen ; Werren, Kip 27-Jun-2012
72010Corporate Accounting Principles and the Courts: Contested Premises in Dividend PolicyWerren, Kip 6-Mar-2014
82009Discussion paper: An industry plan for the Victorian environment?Martin, Paul ; Werren, Kip 15-Dec-2014
92009The Use of Taxation Incentives to Create New Eco-Service MarketsMartin, Paul ; Werren, Kip 2-Jun-2010
102008Future Interests and PerpetuitiesWerren, Kip 2-Jun-2010
112008The Use of Taxation Incentives to Create New Eco-Service MarketsWerren, Kip ; Martin, Paul 6-Mar-2014
122007Concepts for private sector funded conservation using tax-effective instrumentsMartin, Paul Vincent ; Werren, Kip Anthony ; Shearing, S18-Aug-2009
132006Delay Totally Invalidates an Administrative Decision: Nais and Others v Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs and Another (2005) 223 Alr 171Werren, Kip 16-Dec-2008

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