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1Jan-2024Medical Aspects of Bernini's Statue of Dr. Gabriele Fonseca (1586? - 1668)Albury, W Randall ; Weisz, George M 6-Feb-2024
21-Apr-2022Juvenile Arthritis in Nineteenth-Century Biedermeier PaintingsWeisz, George M ; Albury, W R 30-May-2022
32022The Contra-Amorem Tradition in the RenaissanceAlbury, W R 12-Jan-2023
4Sep-2021Arthritis in the hands of saints shown in 15th century Venetian altarpieces by Bartolomeo VivariniAlbury, W R ; Weisz, G M 26-Aug-2021
52020Leonardo: A Restless Genius by Antonio Forcellino (review)Albury, W Randall 18-Jan-2024
6Nov-2019Hand Deformities in the Paintings of Giacomo Ceruti (1698-1767), named 'il Pitocchetto' for his Depictions of the PoorWeisz, George M ; Albury, W R 10-Sep-2020
77-Apr-2017A New Approach to Post-graduate Educational programs for the Creative Industries: A Particular Focus on Product Marketing and CommercialisationMarkakis, George; Smith, Larry ; Albury, Randall 14-Oct-2021
82017Three saints with deformed extremities in an Italian Renaissance altarpieceAlbury, W Randall ; Weisz, George M 30-May-2017
92017Paul Klee (1879-1940) as a tragic figure: What the artist learned from his illnessAlbury, W Randall ; Weisz, George M 30-May-2017
102017Ribera's depiction of the sense of taste: A case of 'gouty arthritis' resulting from overindulgence?Weisz, George M ; Albury, W Randall 5-Jan-2018
112017Hand deformities in Filippino Lippi's Magrini Altarpiece (c. 1482)Weisz, George M ; Albury, W Randall 10-Jan-2018
122017Effects of Fetal Programming on OsteoporosisWeisz, George M ; Albury, W Randall 9-Mar-2018
13Nov-2016Hemidystonia - hemiatrophy syndrome in Domenico Morone's Madonna with childLippi, Donatella; Lazzeri, Davide; Albury, William R ; Weisz, George M 7-Sep-2020
142016'Epidemic' of hand deformities in the French Renaissance paintings of Jean and François ClouetWeisz, George M ; Albury, W Randall ; Matucci-Cerinic, M; Lazzeri, D12-Jan-2017
152016More on Fetal Programming of Adult Metabolic Disorders in Holocaust SurvivorsWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 19-Jul-2016
162015Review of 'The Book of the Courtier', by Baldassare CastiglioneAlbury, William Randall 14-May-2015
172015The Hand in Art: Clinodactyly in Renaissance PaintingsLazzeri, Davide; Grassetti, Luca; di Benedetto, Giovanni; Albury, William Randall ; Weisz, George M 8-Jul-2016
182015Diseases of Old Age in Two Paintings by RembrandtWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 19-Jul-2016
192015The Hand in Art: An Old Painting Showing the Osteoarthritis of Old AgeWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 11-Jul-2016
202015The Hand in Art: Bronzino's Allegory of Venus and CupidLazzeri, Davide; Albury, William Randall ; Lippi, Donatella; Weisz, George M 11-Jul-2016
212014SSc and the 2013 diagnostic criteria: the case of Paul Klee's manual pathology and dysgraphiaWeisz, George M ; Albury, William R ; Matucci-Cerinic, M21-Oct-2014
222014Scanogram for Sagittal Imbalance of the Spine: Low Dose Alternative for a Safer DiagnosisWeisz, George M ; Albury, W Randall ; Houang, Michael D; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco30-Sep-2014
232014Castiglione's Allegory: Veiled Policy in 'The Book of the Courtier' (1528)Albury, William Randall 16-Jul-2014
242014Skin disease in the Medici family and the illness of Contessina de' Bardi de' Medici: a dermatological puzzleWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall ; Matucci-Cerenic, Marco; Girolomoni, Giampiero; Lippi, Donatella22-May-2014
252014Hunger Whilst "In Utero" Programming Adult OsteoporosisWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 28-Mar-2014
262014The Attempt on the Life of Reinhard Heydrich, Architect of the "Final Solution": A Review of his Treatment and AutopsyWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 2-May-2014
272014Inherited knee disorders in the Medici familyLippi, Donatella; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco; Albury, William Randall ; Weisz, George M 28-Mar-2014
282013Medicine on the walls of the art galleryWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 7-Mar-2013
292013Osteoporosis in survivors of early life starvationWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 8-Mar-2013
302013Ghetto Medicine: The Special Case of Ghetto Lodz, 1940-44Weisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 2-May-2013
312013Rembrandt's Jewish Physician - Dr Ephraim Bueno (1599-1665): A Brief Medical HistoryWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 5-Jul-2013
322013Henryk, Thaddeusz and Ludwik Stabholz: Three Outstanding Physicians from a Jewish Medical Family in Mid-20th Century PolandWeisz, George M ; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Albury, William Randall 19-Jul-2013
332013Carlo di Ferdinando I. (1596-1666) - Ein Fall von extremer Langlebigkeit trotz lebenslanger KrankheitAlbury, William Randall ; Matucci-Cerenic, Marco; Weisz, George M 12-Sep-2013
342013Carlo di Ferdinando I (1596-1666) - un caso di estrema longevita nonostante la salute cagionevoleAlbury, William Randall ; Matucci-Cerenic, Marco; Weisz, George M 12-Sep-2013
352013Right or left hand: is this the real problem of Pontormo's Halberdier?Weisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall ; Lippi, Donatella; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco31-Jul-2013
362013Toulouse-Lautrec and medicine: A triumph over infirmityAlbury, William Randall ; Weisz, George M 20-Dec-2013
372012The Fate of the Warsaw Ghetto Medical FacultyWeisz, George M ; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Albury, William R 13-Jul-2012
382012The illnesses of Carlo di Ferdinando I de' Medici: a second opinionWeisz, George M ; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco; Albury, William R ; Lippi, Donatella13-Jul-2012
392012Who was Pontormo's Halberdier? The evidence from pathologyWeisz, George M ; Albury, William R ; Lippi, Donatella; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco13-Jul-2012
402011From changelings to extraterrestrials: popular metaphors and the "otherness" of autistic behaviorAlbury, William R 18-Oct-2011
412011St Joseph's Foot Deformity in Italian Renaissance ArtAlbury, William R ; Weisz, George M 5-Aug-2011
422011The Gouty Joseph in Giulio Romano's 'Holy Family'Weisz, George M ; Albury, William R ; Lippi, Donatella; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco11-Aug-2011
432011The ossification diathesis in the Medici family: DISH and other featuresWeisz, George M ; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco; Lippi, Donatella; Albury, William R 3-Feb-2012
442011Castiglione's 'Francescopaedia': Pope Julius II and Francesco Maria della Rovere in 'The Book of the Courtier'Albury, William R 6-Feb-2012
452011The model for Albrecht Dürer's 'Praying hands'Albury, William R ; Weisz, George M 5-May-2011
462010The Medici syndrome: a medico-historical puzzleAlbury, William R ; Weisz, George M ; Lippi, Donatella; Mattuci Cerinic, Marco25-May-2010
472010Metascience JournalAlbury, William R ; Home, R W31-May-2011
482010The medico-artistic phenomenon and its implications for medical educationWeisz, George M ; Albury, William R 10-May-2010
492010Historical reflections on cause, responsibility and blame in medicineAlbury, William R 3-May-2011
502009Depicting the Bread of the Last Supper: Religious Representation in Italian Renaissance SocietyAlbury, William R ; Weisz, George M 3-Feb-2010

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