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1Oct-2021Co-expression analysis identifies networks of miRNAs implicated in biological ageing and modulated by short-term interval trainingKumar Dev, Prasun; Gray, Adrian J ; Scott-Hamilton, John ; Hagstrom, Amanda D ; Murphy, Aron ; Denham, Joshua 15-Sep-2021
2Dec-2020Cycling Power Outputs Predict Functional Threshold Power And Maximum Oxygen UptakeDenham, Joshua ; Scott-Hamilton, John ; Hagstrom, Amanda ; Gray, Adrian 7-Jan-2020
32-Apr-2018Small non-coding RNAs are altered by short-term sprint interval training in menDenham, Joshua ; Gray, Adrian J ; Scott-Hamilton, John ; Hagstrom, Amanda D ; Murphy, Aron J 3-Sep-2021
42017Sprint Interval Training Decreases Circulating MicroRNAs Important for Muscle DevelopmentDenham, Joshua; Gray, Adrian ; Scott-Hamilton, John ; Hagstrom, Amanda 25-Apr-2018
52016Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention on Sports-Anxiety, Pessimism, and Flow in Competitive CyclistsScott-Hamilton, John ; Schutte, Nicola ; Brown, Rhonda 22-Apr-2016
62016The relationships between mindfulness, sport anxiety, pessimistic attributions and flow in competitive cyclistsScott-Hamilton, John ; Schutte, Nicola ; Moyle, Gene M; Brown, Rhonda 20-Jul-2016
72016The Role of Adherence in the Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention for Competitive Athletes: Changes in Mindfulness, Flow, Pessimism, and AnxietyScott-Hamilton, John ; Schutte, Nicola 2-Dec-2016
82015Buddhism on a Bike: Tailoring Mindfulness-Acceptance to Promote Flow in Competitive AthletesScott-Hamilton, John ; Schutte, Nicola ; Brown, Rhonda ; Moyle, Gene12-Jan-2016

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