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110-Feb-2022Sources and levels of copper afect liver copper profle, intestinal morphology and cecal microbiota population of broiler chickens fed wheat‑soybean meal dietsNguyen, Hoai Thi Thanh ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Roberts, Julie R ; Swick, Robert A ; Toghyani, Mehdi 5-Apr-2024
22022Effects of protease supplementation and diet type on jejunal and ileal digestibility and total tract metabolisability of nitrogen, starch, and energy in broilersMccafferty, K W ; Toghyani, M ; Morgan, N K ; Cowieson, A J; Choct, M ; Moss, A F 23-Apr-2024
32022Organic acid blends improve intestinal integrity, modulate short-chain fatty acids profiles and alter microbiota of broilers under necrotic enteritis challengeKumar, Alip ; Toghyani, Mehdi ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Pineda, Lane; Han, Yanming; Swick, Robert A ; Wu, Shu-biao 10-Apr-2024
46-Oct-2021Feed Additives to Improve Performance and Gut Health in Broilers Under Necrotic Enteritis ChallengeKumar, Alip ; Wu, Shubiao ; Qassim, Sarbast ; Toghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi 28-Nov-2023
5Aug-2021Zinc hydroxychloride supplementation improves tibia bone development and intestinal health of broiler chickensNguyen, H T T; Morgan, N ; Roberts, J R ; Wu, S-B ; Swick, R A ; Toghyani, M 1-Jul-2021
6Jun-2021Potential of blended organic acids to improve performance and health of broilers infected with necrotic enteritisKumar, Alip ; Toghyani, Mehdi ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Pineda, Lane; Han, Yanming; Swick, Robert A ; Wu, Shubiao 18-May-2021
73-Feb-2021The Effects of Different Sources and Levels of Trace Minerals on Poultry Performance and Gut HealthNguyen, Thi Thanh Hoai ; Swick, Robert ; Morgan, Natalie ; Toghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi ; Roberts, Juliet R 7-Dec-2023
8Dec-2020Copper hydroxychloride is more efficacious than copper sulfate in improving broiler chicken's growth performance, both at nutritional and growth-promoting levelsNguyen, H T T; Morgan, N ; Roberts, J R ; Swick, R A ; Toghyani, M 30-Jun-2021
9Dec-2020Possible role of available phosphorus in potentiating the use of low-protein diets for broiler chicken productionCowieson, A. J; Perez-Maldonado, R; Kumar, A ; Toghyani, M 7-Apr-2022
1024-Sep-2020Initial assessment of protein and amino acid digestive dynamics in protein-rich feedstuffs for broiler chickensToghyani, M ; McQuade, L R; Mclnerney, B V; Moss, A F ; Selle, P H; Liu, S Y11-Apr-2024
11Sep-2020The effects of different sources and levels of trace minerals on poultry performance and gut health - DatasetNguyen, Thi Thanh Hoai ; Swick, Robert ; Toghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi ; Roberts, Julie R ; Morgan, Natalie ; Wu, Shubiao 7-Dec-2023
122020Response of meat chickens to Arginine in reduced protein dietsDao, T H ; Toghyani, M ; Bradbury, E; Wu, S-B ; Swick, R A 31-May-2022
131-Mar-2019A mono-component microbial protease improves performance, net energy, and digestibility of amino acids and starch, and upregulates jejunal expression of genes responsible for peptide transport in broilers fed corn/wheat-based diets supplemented with xylanase and phytaseCowieson, A J; Toghyani, M ; Kheravii, S K ; Wu, S-B ; Romero, L F; Choct, M 27-Aug-2020
142019Laying performance, egg quality and feed stability in response to replacement of inorganic zinc, copper and manganese with hydrixychloride sources in hy-line layer hen's dietToghyani, M ; Nguyen, T T H ; Morgan, N ; Wu, S-B ; Swick, R A 8-Jul-2021
152019Dietary supplementation of mono-glycerides showed reduced mortality and improved feed efficiency in broilers challenged with clinical necrotic enteritisKumar, A ; Kheravii, S K ; Toghyani, M ; Swick, R A ; Wu, S-B 2-May-2024
162018Effects of meat and bone meal, phytase and antibiotics on growth performance in broiler chickens during necrotic enteritis challengeZanu, H K ; Morgan, N K ; Toghyani, M ; Wu, S B ; Swick, R A 7-Jul-2021
171-May-2017Effect of elevated dietary amino acid levels in high canola meal diets on productive traits and cecal microbiota population of broiler chickens in a pair-feeding studyToghyani, M ; Girish, C K; Wu, S B ; Iji, P A ; Swick, R A 3-May-2018
182016Nutritional value of canola meal for broiler chickens as affected by processing conditions, microbial enzymes and essential amino acidsToghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi ; Swick, Robert ; Iji, Paul ; Wu, Shubiao 22-Nov-2016
192014Impact of processing conditions and chemical composition on energy utilisation of expeller-extracted canola meal for broiler chickensToghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi ; Barekatain, Mohammad Reza; Rodgers, Nicholas ; Iji, Paul ; Swick, Robert A 27-May-2014

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