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1Jul-2022Varying apparent metabolizable energy concentrations and protease supplementation affected broiler performance and jejunal and ileal nutrient digestibility from 1 to 35 d of ageMccafferty, K W ; Morgan, N K ; Cowieson, A J; Choct, M ; Moss, A F 21-Jun-2024
22022Effects of protease supplementation and diet type on jejunal and ileal digestibility and total tract metabolisability of nitrogen, starch, and energy in broilersMccafferty, K W ; Toghyani, M ; Morgan, N K ; Cowieson, A J; Choct, M ; Moss, A F 23-Apr-2024
32022Supplemental protease with phytase and xylanase and cereal grain source affected nutrient digestibility and performance of broilersMccafferty, K W ; Moss, A F ; Morgan, N K ; Cowieson, A J; Choct, M 21-Jun-2024
42-Dec-2021The Energy Effects of Supplemental Protease in Broiler Chicken DietsMccafferty, Klinton W ; Choct, Mingan ; Cowieson, Aaron; Morgan, Natalie ; Moss, Amy 7-Aug-2023

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Mccafferty, Klinton W
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