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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Apr-2024The pragmatic turn in the scientific realism debateBoucher, Sandy C ; Forbes, Curtis3-Apr-2024
218-Feb-2024Spinoza on Being: An Analogical FrameworkGriffiths, Rachel ; Boucher, Sandy ; Lynch, Anthony 30-May-2024
325-Sep-2023An argument for global realism about the units of selectionBoucher, Alexander 25-Oct-2023
412-Jul-2022Who's Watching? Surveillance, Big Data and Applied Ethics in the Digital AgeWalsh, Adrian ; Boucher, Sandy 18-Oct-2022
59-Jun-2022Imprisonment as Punishment and the Problem of Recidivism: The Intersection of Philosophy and LawHogan, Kayt Maree; Walsh, Adrian John ; Coady, David ; Boucher, Alexander Cameron 25-Jan-2024
67-Jun-2022Cladism, Monophyly and Natural KindsBoucher, Sandy C 28-Jun-2022
75-Apr-2022Nondual Consciousness and its Significance for Eco-Philosophy and Eco-Theology: Toward a Deepening Aesthetic Consciousness and EthicHawkins, Julie Ann; Boucher, Alexander Cameron ; McLean, Lesley ; Lynch, Anthony James 20-Nov-2023
82022'Who's Watching? Surveillance, Big Data and Applied Ethics in the Digital Age'Walsh, Adrian ; Boucher, Sandy 21-Jul-2023
9Dec-2021Evolutionary debunking arguments, commonsense and scepticismBoucher, Sandy C 23-Jul-2020
10Dec-2021Biological Teleology, Reductionism, and Verbal DisputesBoucher, Sandy C 17-Feb-2021
11Aug-2020Methodological naturalism in the sciencesBoucher, Sandy C 9-Jul-2020
122020Pluralism, realism and the units of selectionBoucher, Sandy C 9-Jul-2020
13Nov-2019An Empiricist Conception of the Relation Between Metaphysics and ScienceBoucher, Sandy C 9-Jul-2020
14Dec-2018What is the Relation between a Philosophical Stance and Its Associated Beliefs?Boucher, Sandy C 9-Jul-2020
15Jul-2018Stances and Epistemology: Values, Pragmatics, and RationalityBoucher, Sandy 8-Jul-2020
162018Scientific imperialism, folk morality and the proper boundaries of disciplinesWalsh, Adrian ; Boucher, Sandy C 9-Jul-2020
172017Gould on Species, Metaphysics and Macroevolution: A critical appraisalBoucher, Sandy 17-May-2018
182015Functionalism and structuralism as philosophical stances: van Fraassen meets the philosophy of biologyBoucher, Sandy 29-Jan-2016
192014What is a philosophical stance? Paradigms, policies and perspectivesBoucher, Sandy 11-Jan-2016
20Jul-2002A computational approach to linguistic knowledgeBoucher, Sandy ; Gold, Ian9-Jul-2020
21-Conceptual engineering and conceptual extension in scienceBoucher, Sandy C 16-May-2022

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