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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
121-Jul-2022Complexity Theory and Social Movement Praxis: Emergence, Adaptability and UnpredictabilityRicketts, Aidan Kent; Branagan, Martin ; Jenkins, Bertram Ashby 16-Nov-2023
224-May-2022Nonviolence and Sustainability: An Indivisible Connection.Branagan, Marty 13-Jul-2022
32022Women and Nonviolent Resistance to WWII NazismBranagan, Marty 21-Mar-2024
415-Dec-2021Complexity Theory and Social Movement Praxis: Emergence, Adaptability and Unpredictability-datasetRicketts, Aidan Kent; Branagan, Martin 16-Nov-2023
57-Jul-2021Women's Empowerment and Education in Post-Conflict Sierra LeoneHackworth, Jerusha Laleh ; Branagan, Martin ; Kenny, Christina 20-May-2024
62021Collaborative wilderness preservation and the Franklin River campaignBranagan, Marty 9-Feb-2021
72021Reimagining wilderness and the wild in Australia in the wake of bushfiresBartel, Robyn ; Branagan, Marty 25-Nov-2020
82021Rethinking Wilderness and the Wild: Conflict, Conservation and Co-existenceBartel, Robyn ; Branagan, Marty ; Utley, Fiona ; Harris, Stephen 23-Nov-2020
92021IntroductionBartel, Robyn ; Branagan, Marty 27-Nov-2020
102021Evolving values of wilderness in the Age of Extinction: Environmental campaigning in AustraliaBible, Vanessa ; Branagan, Martin 2-May-2024
111-Oct-2020Locked On! Why humorous, illustrated cli-fi?Branagan, Martin 23-Aug-2021
127-Feb-2020Political Violence in Africa: The Role of Political Parties in Kenya and South AfricaAhere, John Rabuogi ; Branagan, Martin ; Spence, Rebecca 12-Jan-2024
132020Tintin: From Violent, Communist-Hating Conservative to Radical PeacenikBranagan, Marty 11-Jun-2021
142020Tintin: From Violent Communist-Hating Conservative to Radical Peacenik, Part 2Branagan, Marty 22-Mar-2022
1527-Oct-2018The Role of the Kenyan Constitution and Indigenous Communities in Natural Resource Management: The Case of Turkana Crude OilTwayigize, William; Ware, Helen ; Branagan, Martin 19-Aug-2019
162018Locked On!Branagan, Marty 24-Mar-2022
172018Surreal ThingBranagan, Marty 24-Mar-2022
182017Saving the World with Organic Agriculture: Environmental Peacebuilding in the Nascent Democracy of MyanmarGarnett, Johanna ; Branagan, Marty ; Spence, Rebecca 21-Feb-2018
192017'Global Warning': Beautifying the DiscourseBranagan, Marty 6-Jun-2018
2022-Oct-2016On Common Ground. Cultivating Environmental Peace: A History of the Rainbow RegionBible, Vanessa ; Ihde, Erin ; Branagan, Martin 4-Nov-2021
212016Recent activity by Peace Studies, University of New England, AustraliaBranagan, Marty 16-Jun-2016
222015Divestment as a powerful tacticBranagan, Marty 8-Dec-2015
232015National Tertiary Education Divestment May Have Unexpected BenefitsBranagan, Marty 22-Dec-2016
242014Nonviolent Resistance to Nazi Germany: What occurred and what could have occurredBranagan, Marty 29-Apr-2015
252014Review of 'Journalism and Conflict in Indonesia: From reporting violence to promoting peace', Steve Sharp: Routledge Contemporary Southeast Asia SeriesBranagan, Marty 6-May-2015
262014Editorial: Mining in a Sustainable WorldBranagan, Marty ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Kennedy, Amanda L 15-Oct-2014
272014Cultivating Peace: Contexts, Practices and Multidimensional ModelsWare, Helen ; Jenkins, Bertram A ; Branagan, Marty ; Subedi, Dambaru B 18-Nov-2014
282014IntroductionJenkins, Bertram A ; Branagan, Marty 18-Nov-2014
292014The Australian Movement Against Uranium Mining: Its Rationale and EvolutionBranagan, Marty 31-Oct-2014
302013Global Warming, Militarism and Nonviolence: The Art of Active ResistanceBranagan, Marty 3-Jul-2013
312011Recent Immigrants in Rural Towns: a Moree Case StudyBranagan, Marty 9-Jan-2012
322011Communicating a Nonviolent Paradigm Through the Arts and HumourBranagan, Marty 9-Jan-2012
332011The Folklore of War and PeaceBranagan, Marty 15-May-2012
342010Nonviolent Social Change in the Contemporary WorldBranagan, Marty 19-May-2011
352009Nonviolence or Continued Militarism and Climate Change?Branagan, Marty 12-Sep-2011
362009We Shall Never Be Moved: The Art of Australian NonviolenceBranagan, Marty 31-May-2011
372009A Hindsight View 1929-2009: Why many became Communists and Why the Ideological Conflict ContinuesBranagan, Marty 16-Dec-2010
382009Southern New England Social and Community Plan 2009 - Covering Local Government Authorities: Armidale Dumaresq, Guyra, Uralla and WalchaHoracek, Stefan; Branagan, Marty ; Scott, John ; Reavell, Ron 20-Aug-2012
392007The Last laugh: humour in community activismBranagan, Martin 11-Jun-2009
402007Activism and the power of humourBranagan, Martin 25-May-2009
412006Volunteerism and Learning in the Eco-pax MovementBranagan, Martin 17-Jul-2009
422005Environmental Education, Activism and the ArtsBranagan, Martin 4-Jun-2009
432005The Art(s) of NonviolenceBranagan, Martin 10-Aug-2009
442003'We Shall Never Be Moved': Australian Developments in NonviolenceBranagan, Marty 20-May-2010
452003The Art(s) of Non-violent ActivismBranagan, Marty 17-Aug-2011
462003The Art of NonviolenceBranagan, Martin 22-May-2009
472003How Do You Learn How to Change the World?: Learning and Teaching in Australian Protest MovementsBoughton, Robert George ; Branagan, Martin 6-Nov-2009
482003The art(s) of nonviolent protestBranagan, Marty 3-Jun-2014
49-Women in Environmental Nonviolent ActionBranagan, Marty 15-Sep-2021

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