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126-Oct-2023Thermal Biology of Two Burrowing Arid Zone Species: The Great Desert Skink (Liopholis Kintorei) and the Brush-tailed Mulgara (Dasycerus Blythi)Campbell, Martin Ian; Czenze, Zenon ; Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Paltridge, Rachel6-Nov-2023
23-Mar-2023Thermal biology of two burrowing arid zone species: The Great desert skink (Liopholis kintorei) and the Mulgara (Dasycerus blythi) - DatasetCampbell, Martin ; Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Paltridge, Rachel; Czenze, Zenon 6-Nov-2023
32023Flexible Employment of Torpor in Squirrel Gliders (Petaurus norfolcensis): An Adaptation to Unpredictable Climate?Dausmann, Kathrin H; Körtner, Gerhard ; Aharon-Rotman, Yaara ; Currie, Shannon E; Geiser, Fritz 4-Jan-2023
416-Dec-2021Heterothermy in a Small Passerine: Eastern Yellow Robins Use Nocturnal Torpor in WinterAharon-Rotman, Yaara ; McEvoy, John F; Beckmann, Christa ; Geiser, Fritz 31-Mar-2022
52021Ecological Physiology of Daily Torpor and HibernationGeiser, Fritz 29-Sep-2021
62021Selection for lower residual feed intake in mice is accompanied by increased body fatness and lower activity but not lower metabolic rateHebart, M L; Herd, R M ; Oddy, V H ; Geiser, F ; Pitchford, W S14-Apr-2022
7Nov-2020Do small precocial birds enter torpor to conserve energy during development?Aharon-Rotman, Yaara ; Körtner, Gerhard ; Wacker, Chris B ; Geiser, Fritz 26-Mar-2021
8Oct-2020Does control of insensible evaporative water loss by two species of mesic parrot have a thermoregulatory role?Cooper, Christine Elizabeth; Withers, Philip Carew; Körtner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 21-Apr-2022
920-May-2020Seasonal Expression of Avian and Mammalian Daily Torpor and Hibernation: Not a Simple Summer-Winter AffairGeiser, Fritz 21-Apr-2022
10Mar-2020White mouse pups can use torpor for energy conservationRenninger, Maura; Sprau, Lina; Geiser, Fritz 21-Apr-2022
1112-Feb-2020Growing Up in a Changing Climate: How Temperature Affects the Development of Morphological, Behavioral and Physiological Traits of a Marsupial MammalStawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz 22-Apr-2022
12Feb-2020Responding to the weather: energy budgeting by a small mammal in the wildHume, Taylor; Geiser, Fritz ; Currie, Shannon E; Körtner, Gerhard ; Stawski, Clare 22-Apr-2022
132020Non-invasive evaluation of stress hormone responses in a captive population of sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps)Scheun, Juan; Geiser, Fritz ; Ganswindt, Andre; Nowack, Julia 22-Apr-2022
1423-Dec-2019The Burramys Project: a conservationist's reach should exceed history's grasp, or what is the fossil record for?Archer, Michael; Bates, Hayley; Hand, Suzanne J; Evans, Trevor; Broome, Linda; McAllan, Bronwyn ; Geiser, Fritz ; Jackson, Stephen; Myers, Troy; Gillespie, Anna; Palmer, Chris; Hawke, Tahneal; Horn, Alexis M29-Apr-2022
1511-Nov-2019Thermal physiology and activity in relation to reproductive status and sex in a free-ranging semelparous marsupialParker, Cassandra A; Geiser, Fritz ; Stawski, Clare 26-Apr-2022
16Aug-2019Does aridity affect spatial ecology? Scaling of home range size in small carnivorous marsupialsKörtner, Gerhard ; Trachtenberg, Aaron; Geiser, Fritz 27-Apr-2022
17Jun-2019Frequent nocturnal torpor in a free-ranging Australian honeyeater, the noisy minerGeiser, Fritz 26-Apr-2022
1824-Apr-2019Precocious Torpor in an Altricial Mammal and the Functional Implications of Heterothermy During DevelopmentGeiser, Fritz ; Wen, Jing; Sukhchuluun, Gansukh; Chi, Qing-Sheng; Wang, De-Hua26-Apr-2022
192019Hibernation and daily torpor in Australian and New Zealand bats: does the climate zone matter?Geiser, Fritz ; Bondarenco, Artiom; Currie, Shannon E; Doty, Anna C ; Körtner, Gerhard ; Law, Bradley S; Pavey, Chris R ; Riek, Alexander; Stawski, Clare ; Turbill, Christopher ; Willis, Craig K R; Brigham, R Mark29-Apr-2022
202019Roost use and thermoregulation by female Australian long-eared bats (Nyctophilus geoffroyi and N. gouldi) during pregnancy and lactationTurbill, Christopher ; Körtner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 6-Apr-2022
2110-Oct-2018Trophic ecology of marsupial predators in arid Australia following reshaping of predator assemblagesPavey, Chris R; Burwell, Chris J; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 29-Apr-2022
221-Mar-2018Can bats sense smoke during deep torpor?Doty, Anna C ; Currie, Shannon E; Stawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz 20-Apr-2022
231-Feb-2018Physiological and behavioral responses of an arboreal mammal to smoke and charcoal-ash substrateNowack, Julia ; Stawski, Clare ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 21-Apr-2022
24Jan-2018Cold-hearted bats: uncoupling of heart rate and metabolism during torpor at sub-zero temperaturesCurrie, Shannon E; Stawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz 28-Apr-2022
252018Geographical variation in the standard physiology of brushtail possums (Trichosurus): implications for conservation translocationsCooper, Christine E; Withers, Philip C; Munns, Suzanne L; Geiser, Fritz ; Buttemer, William A28-Apr-2022
262018Flood-induced multiday torpor in golden spiny mice (Acomys russatus)Barak, Orly; Geiser, Fritz ; Kronfeld-Schor, Noga28-Apr-2022
272018A burning question: what are the risks and benefits of mammalian torpor during and after fires?Geiser, Fritz ; Stawski, Clare ; Doty, Anna C ; Cooper, Christine E; Nowack, Julia 21-Apr-2022
282018Torpor During Reproduction in Mammals and Birds: Balancing Energy Expenditure for SurvivalMcAllan, B.M; Geiser, Fritz 26-Apr-2022
292-Nov-2017Phoenix from the Ashes: Fire, Torpor, and the Evolution of Mammalian EndothermyGeiser, Fritz ; Stawski, Clare ; Wacker, Chris B ; Nowack, Julia 28-Apr-2022
3027-Oct-2017Thermal Energetics of Dunnarts (Marsupialia) in Relation to Development, Insulation, Torpor Expression and BaskingWacker, Christine ; Geiser, Fritz ; Koertner, Gerhard 17-Jan-2024
31Oct-2017The role of basking in the development of endothermy and torpor in a marsupialWacker, Chris B ; McAllan, Bronwyn M ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 21-Apr-2022
32Jul-2017More functions of torpor and their roles in a changing worldNowack, Julia ; Stawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz 26-Apr-2022
3317-May-2017Post-fire recovery of torpor and activity patterns of a small mammalStawski, Clare ; Hume, Taylor; Koertner, Gerhard ; Currie, Shannon E; Nowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 26-Apr-2022
34Feb-2017The influence of natural photoperiod on seasonal torpor expression of two opportunistic marsupial hibernatorsTurner, James M; Geiser, Fritz 22-Apr-2022
35Jan-2017A new cue for torpor induction: charcoal, ash and smokeStawski, Clare ; Nowack, Julia ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 22-Apr-2022
362017Torpor and basking after a severe wildfire: mammalian survival strategies in a scorched landscapeMatthews, Jaya K; Stawski, Clare ; Körtner, Gerhard ; Parker, Cassandra A; Geiser, Fritz 23-Jan-2017
372017Heart rate dynamics in a marsupial hibernatorSwoap, Steven J; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 27-Apr-2022
382017The effects of fire and environmental variables on the ecophysiology, ecology and behaviour of insectivorous batsDoty, Anna C ; Geiser, Fritz ; Stawski, Clare ; Law, Bradley28-Mar-2018
3915-Feb-2016Friends with benefits: the role of huddling in mixed groups of torpid and normothermic animalsNowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 20-Feb-2017
402016Seasonal Control of Mammalian Energy Balance: Recent Advances in the Understanding of Daily Torpor and HibernationJastroch, M; Giroud, S; Barrett, P; Geiser, Fritz ; Heldmaier, G; Herwig, A21-Apr-2017
412016How to keep cool in a hot desert: Torpor in two species of free-ranging bats in summerBondarenco, Artiom; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 20-Feb-2017
422016Marsupials don't adjust their thermal energetics for life in an alpine environmentCooper, Christine E; Withers, Philip; Hardie, Andrew; Geiser, Fritz 20-Feb-2017
432016Activity patterns and torpor in two free-ranging carnivorous marsupials in arid Australia in relation to precipitation, reproduction, and ground coverKoertner, Gerhard ; Riek, Alexander; Pavey, Chris R; Geiser, Fritz 28-Apr-2017
442016Post-wildfire physiological ecology of an Australian microbatDoty, Anna C ; Stawski, Clare ; Law, Brad S; Geiser, Fritz 25-Jan-2017
452016Phenotypic plasticity of post-fire activity and thermal biology of a free-ranging small mammalStawski, Clare ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Nowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 18-Jan-2017
462016The functional requirements of mammalian hair: a compromise between crypsis and thermoregulation?Wacker, Chris; McAllan, Bronwyn M; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 14-Feb-2017
472016Why is the marsupial kaluta, 'Dasykaluta rosamondae', diurnally active in winter: Foraging advantages or predator avoidance in arid northern Australia?Pavey, Chris R; Burwell, Chris J; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 14-Feb-2017
482016Cool echidnas survive the fireNowack, Julia ; Cooper, Christine Elizabeth; Geiser, Fritz 17-Feb-2017
492016Black or white? Physiological implications of roost colour and choice in a microbatDoty, Anna C ; Stawski, Clare ; Currie, Shannon; Geiser, Fritz 23-Jan-2017
502016Basking hamsters reduce resting metabolism, body temperature and energy costs during rewarming from torporGeiser, Fritz ; Gasch, Kristina; Bieber, Claudia; Stalder, Gabrielle L; Gerritsmann, Hanno; Ruf, Thomas20-Feb-2017

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