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1Nov-2022Emergency medical services in rural and urban Saudi Arabia: A qualitative study of Red Crescent emergency personnel' perceptions of workforce and patient factors impacting effective deliveryAlanazy, Ahmed Ramdan M ; Fraser, John ; Wark, Stuart 3-Jun-2022
224-Jun-2022An exploratory study of factors influencing Pakistani physicians' retention and resettlement career decisionsArif, Muhammad; Fraser, John ; Cruickshank, Mary 27-Jun-2022
3May-2022It is time to reinvest in quality improvement collaboratives to support Australian general practiceKnight, Andrew W; Fraser, John ; Pond, C Dimity23-May-2022
4Apr-2022The role of quality improvement collaboratives in general practice: a qualitative systematic reviewKnight, Andrew Walter; Tam, Chun Wah Michael; Dennis, Sarah; Fraser, John ; Pond, Dimity23-May-2022
527-Jun-2021Provision of Emergency Medical Services in Rural and Urban Saudi Arabia: An overview of personnel experiencesAlanazy, Ahmed ; Fraser, John ; Wark, Stuart 19-Aug-2021
67-Jun-2021Organisational factors affecting emergency medical services' performance in rural and urban areas of Saudi ArabiaAlanazy, Ahmed Ramdan M ; Fraser, John ; Wark, Stuart 9-Jun-2021
77-May-2021Rural and urban Emergency Medical Services in Saudi Arabia: A comparison of barriers and facilitators of effective pre-hospital careAlanazy, Ahmed Ramdan M ; Wark, Stuart ; Nagle, Amanda ; Fraser, John 6-Dec-2023
82021Nontransported Cases after Emergency Medical Service Callout in the Rural and Urban Areas of the Riyadh RegionAlanazy, Ahmed Ramdan M ; Wark, Stuart ; Fraser, John ; Nagle, Amanda 19-Feb-2021
9Nov-2020Utilization of prehospital emergency medical services in Saudi Arabia: An urban versus rural comparisonAlanazy, Ahmed Ramdan M ; Wark, Stuart ; Fraser, John ; Nagle, Amanda 22-Dec-2020
1023-Jul-2020A comparison of pre-hospital emergency medical services' response and duration times in urban versus rural areas of Saudi ArabiaAlanazy, Ahmed Ramdan M ; Wark, Stuart ; Fraser, John ; Nagle, Amanda 23-Sep-2020
1110-Jul-2020Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by a black pigmented mould (Rhytidhysteron species) in rural north-western New South Wales, AustraliaFraser, John 27-Jun-2022
1224-Nov-2019To Remain, Migrate Abroad or Resettle: A Complex Dynamic Process Affecting Pakistani Physicians' Career DecisionsArif, Muhammad; Cruickshank, Mary ; Fraser, John 31-Mar-2020
1316-May-2019Factors Impacting Patient Outcomes Associated with Use of Emergency Medical Services Operating in Urban Versus Rural Areas: A Systematic ReviewAlanazy, Ahmed Ramdan M ; Wark, Stuart ; Fraser, John ; Nagle, Amanda 11-Jun-2019
1415-May-2019A case report suggestive of strongyloidiasis infection occurring in temperate AustraliaFraser, John 11-Jul-2019
152018How to write up your researchBriggs, David ; Fisher, Karin; Tejativaddhana, Phudit; Fraser, John 27-Nov-2020
16May-2016Mentoring medical students in your general practiceFraser, John 13-May-2016
172014Perceptions of primary health care managers in leading and managing primary health care reform in ThailandJariya, Wutthichai; Fraser, John ; Briggs, David ; Madison, Jeanne 22-Apr-2015
182013Identifying challenges and barriers in the delivery of primary healthcare at the district level: a study in one Thai provinceTejativaddhana, Phudit; Briggs, David ; Fraser, John ; Minichiello, Victor ; Cruickshank, Mary 13-Mar-2013
192011To Remain, Migrate Abroad or Resettle: An Exploratory Study of Pakistani Physicians' Career DecisionsArif, Muhammad; Fraser, John ; Cruickshank, Mary 18-Apr-2011
202011Managing Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services of Road Traffic Injuries in Khon Kaen Province, ThailandTienthavorn, Tanongson; Minichiello, Victor ; Fraser, John ; Briggs, David 19-Apr-2011
212011Lessons from understanding the role of community hospital director in Thailand: clinician versus managerTaytiwat, Prawit; Briggs, David ; Fraser, John ; Minichiello, Victor ; Cruickshank, Mary 23-Jun-2011
222010The Declaration: New strategic thinking to advancing health leadership and management through collaboration across the Asia Pacific regionIsouard, Godfrey ; Tejativaddhana, Phudit; Briggs, David ; Cruickshank, Mary ; Fraser, John ; Campbell, Steve 20-Feb-2012
232010The Thai-Australian Health Alliance: Developing Health Management Capacity and Sustainability for Primary Health Care ServicesBriggs, David ; Tejativaddhana, Phudit; Cruickshank, Mary ; Fraser, John ; Campbell, Steve 5-May-2011
242010Rural health career pathways: research themes in recruitment and retentionFisher, Karin Anne; Fraser, John 18-May-2011
252010The Thai-Australian Alliance: Developing a Rural Health Management Curriculum by Participatory Action ResearchYanggratoke, S; Briggs, David ; Alexander, C; Taytiwat, Prawit; Cruickshank, Mary ; Fraser, John ; Ditton, Mary; Gaul, Marianne8-Jun-2011
262010Collaborative capacity building in applied health systems researchBriggs, David ; Cruickshank, Mary ; Campbell, Steve ; Fisher, Karin Anne; Fraser, John ; Tejativaddhana, Phudit30-Jun-2011
272010Training Health Professionals in the Rural Health Career Pipeline: A Complex Health System requiring Strategic Systems Based ResearchFraser, John ; Campbell, Steve 30-Jun-2011
282010Entering the Health Workforce Pipeline: Perceptions of Rural Secondary StudentsFisher, Karin Anne; Fraser, John ; Crocket, Rebecca30-Jun-2011
292009Emigrer ou rester au pays: le dilemne des médecins du PakistanArif, Muhammad; Cruickshank, Mary ; Fraser, John 12-May-2010
302009Extending the health workforce: Recruitment and retention of health professionals in primary health careFraser, John 1-Jul-2010
312008Understanding the Role of Thai Community Hospital Directors in Implementing the Universal Health Coverage Policy in Relation to Primary Health CareTaytiwat, Prawit; Minichiello, Victor ; Fraser, John ; Briggs, David 14-Oct-2009
322008Mothers' knowledge, beliefs and attitudes towards their obese and overweight children living in rural north-west of New South WalesDruon, Valerie; Fraser, John ; Alexander, Christian8-Dec-2009
332008Quality of life in Hepatitis C virus infection: Assessment of rural patients living in north-western New South WalesGunasekara, Sanjeevani; Fraser, John ; Alexander, Christian8-Dec-2009
342008A Thai-Australian Rural Health Service Management and Medical Education Study Tour: Workplace changes after a yearFraser, John ; Briggs, David Stewart ; Taytiwat, Prawit9-Dec-2009
352008General practitioners' management of patients with mental health conditions: The views of general practitioners working in rural north-western New South WalesAlexander, Christian; Fraser, John 8-Dec-2009
362007Evaluation of Multi-disciplinary Human Factors Course in Rural Setting in Australia. Quality Initiatives, the tenth annual ACHS Quality Improvement Awards 2007Fraser, John ; Barac, B; Cox, S; Shaw, S; Wong, B; Doherty, S; Alexander, Christian15-Feb-2010
372007Registrar clinical teaching visits: Evaluation of an assessment toolFraser, John 14-May-2010
382007Education, training and support needs of Australian trained doctors and international medical graduates in rural Australia: a case of special needs?Alexander, Christian; Fraser, John 25-Nov-2009
392007Population Health and Public Health Training for Australian Rural General Practice Registrars: A Six Year Program 2000-2006Fraser, John 9-Dec-2009
402006The Thai-Australian Health Alliance: A case study of inter-organisational collaborationTaytiwat, P; Fraser, J ; Briggs, D 2-May-2008
412006Publish and perish: a case study of publication ethics in a rural communityFraser, John ; Alexander, C21-Aug-2009
422006Evaluation of an interpractice visit peer review program for rural Australian general practice registrarsFraser, John 23-Nov-2009
432006Professional autonomy: Is it the future of general practice?Fraser, John 18-Nov-2009
442006Caregivers' inability to identify childhood adiposity: A cross-sectional survey of rural children and their caregivers' attitudesFisher, Louise; Fraser, John ; Alexander, Christian8-Dec-2009
452006The impact of the Research Methods Support Structure on Research Capacity in rural New South WalesFraser, John ; Hawkins, Antonia; Alexander, Christian; Fragar, Lyn; Robertson, Christine8-Dec-2009
462005Ethics of HIV testing in general practice without informed consent: a case seriesFraser, John 31-Jul-2009
472005Population and public health in Australian general practice: changes, challenges and opportunitiesFraser, John 17-Nov-2009
482005Professional career needs of GPs and registrars working in northwestern NSWAlexander, Christian; Fraser, John 16-Nov-2009
492004Work in Progress: Development of an Inter-Practice Visit Program for GP RegistrarsFraser, John ; Koppe, Hilton7-Mar-2012
502004A case report: ethics of a proposed qualitative study of hospital closure in an Australian rural communityFraser, John 6-Nov-2009

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