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11-Jan-2023A Qualitative Investigation of Factors Affecting Saudi Patients’ Communication Experience with Non-Saudi Physicians in Saudi ArabiaAlkhamees, Mohammad; Lea, Jackie ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Alasqah, Ibrahim ; Alzghaibi, Haitham; Alharbi, Mohammad F; Albejaidi, Fahad; Mughal, Yasir Hayat; Parker, Vicki 5-Oct-2023
225-Feb-2022Towards translational research participation for nurses and midwives: a mixed method studyLieschke, Gena; Giles, Michelle ; Ball, Jean; Ohr, Se Ok ; Parker, Vicki 25-Mar-2024
320-Jun-2021Student nurses' strategies when speaking up for patient safety: A qualitative studyFagan, Anthea ; Lea, Jackie ; Parker, Vicki 27-Mar-2023
43-Feb-2021Communication between expatriate physicians and patients in Saudi Arabia-A qualitative studyAlkhamees, Mohammad Ibrahim A; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Parker, Vicki ; Jackie Lea13-Dec-2023
5Jan-2021Conflict, confusion and inconsistencies: Pre-registration nursing students' perceptions and experiences of speaking up for patient safetyFagan, Anthea ; Lea, Jackie ; Parker, Vicki 27-Mar-2023
620-Jul-2020PACE-IT study protocol: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating the implementation of telehealth visual assessment in emergency care for people living in residential agedcare facilitiesSunner, Carla; Giles, Michelle Therese; Parker, Vicki ; Dilworth, Sophie; Bantawa, Kamana; Kable, Ashley; Oldmeadow, Chris; Foureur, Maralyn2-Apr-2024
72020Rapid realist review of opioid tapering in the context of long term opioid use for non-cancer pain in rural areasLieschke, Gena; Parker, Vicki ; Smith, Angela; Hayes, Christopher; Dunlop, Adrian J; Rajappa, Hema; White, Ruth; Oakley, Patrick; Holliday, Simon20-May-2024
814-Apr-2018Recognising the Actual, Expected and Potential of the Nurse Consultant Role in AustraliaGiles, Michelle Therese; Parker, Vicki ; Conway, Jane ; Mitchell, Rebecca23-Jan-2024
92018Patient safety content and delivery in pre-registration nursing curricula: A national cross-sectional survey studyUsher, Kim ; Woods, Cindy ; Conway, Jane ; Lea, Jacqueline ; Parker, Vicki T ; Barrett, Fiona ; O'Shea, Eilish ; Jackson, Debra 30-May-2018
102018The impact of patient safety culture on handover in rural health facilitiesPiper, Donella ; Lea, Jackie ; Woods, Cindy ; Parker, Vicki 14-Feb-2019
112-May-2017Avoiding inappropriate urinary catheter use and catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI): a pre-post control intervention studyParker, Vicki ; Giles, Michelle; Graham, Laura; Suthers, Belinda; Watts, Wendy; O'Brien, Tony; Searles, Andrew5-Apr-2024
122017Balancing cognitive diversity and mutual understanding in multidisciplinary teamsMitchell, Rebecca; Boyle, Brendan; O'Brien, Rachael; Malik, Ashley; Tian, Karen; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Joyce, Pauline; Chiang, Vico2-Jun-2017
132016Understanding Nurse Consultant role engagement in metropolitan and rural contextsGiles, Michelle; Parker, Vicki T ; Mitchell, Rebecca4-May-2017
142016A concept analysis of undergraduate nursing students speaking up for patient safety in the patient care environmentFagan, Anthea ; Parker, Vicki T ; Jackson, Debra 8-May-2017
152016Study Protocol: Evaluation of a DVD intervention designed to meet the information needs of patients with head and neck cancer and their partner, carer and familiesParker, Vicki T ; Bennet, Leearna; Bellamy, Douglas James; Britton, Benjamin; Lambert, Sylvie11-May-2017
162016Examining Nurse Consultant connectivity: An Australian mixed method studyGiles, Michelle; Parker, Vicki T ; Mitchell, Rebecca7-Jun-2016
172015The paradoxical effects of workforce shortages on rural interprofessional practiceMcNeil, Karen; Mitchell, Rebecca; Parker, Vicki T 19-Feb-2015
182015The experience of communication difficulties in critically ill patients and beyond intensive care: Findings from a larger phenomenological studyTembo, Agness C; Higgins, Isabel; Parker, Vicki T 29-Sep-2015
192015'Right' for publication: Strategies for supporting novice writers across health disciplinesPaliadelis, Penelope S ; Parker, Vicki T ; Parmenter, Glenda ; Maple, Myfanwy 30-Apr-2015
202015Communicating across rural and metropolitan health care settingsPiper, Donella ; Parker, Vicki T ; Gray, Jane27-Apr-2016
212015Managing Inclusiveness and Diversity in Teams: How Leader Inclusiveness Affects Performance Through Status and Team IdentityMitchell, Rebecca; Boyle, Brendan; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Chiang, Vico; Joyce, Pauline30-Apr-2015
222015The development and evaluation of online stories to enhance clinical learning experiences across health professions in rural AustraliaPaliadelis, Penelope S ; Stupans, Ieva ; Parker, Vicki T ; Piper, Donella ; Gillan, Pauline ; Lea, Jacqueline ; Jarrott, Helenmary ; Wilson, Rhonda L ; Hudson, Judith; Fagan, Anthea 1-Dec-2015
232015Communicating in an e-health environmentParker, Vicki T ; Bellamy, Douglas; Besuijen, Deidre17-Feb-2017
242014Transformation through tension: The moderating impact of negative affect on transformational leadership in teamsMitchell, Rebecca; Boyle, Brendan; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Joyce, Pauline; Chiang, Vico30-Apr-2015
252014Implementing a Psychosocial Intervention in Cancer Care: An Examination of the Change Process through a Discourse Analysis of Clinical SupervisionDilworth, Sophie; Higgins, Isabel; Parker, Vicki T ; Kelly, Brian; Turner, Jane30-Apr-2015
262014Recognising the differences in nurse consultant role across context: a study protocolGiles, Michelle; Parker, Vicki T ; Mitchell, Rebecca30-Apr-2015
272014Examining clinical supervision as a mechanism for change in practice: a research protocolDilworth, Sophie; Higgins, Isabel; Parker, Vicki T ; Kelly, Brian; Turner, Jane24-Mar-2014
282014Evaluating the preceptor role for pre-registration nursing and midwifery clinical educationO'Brien, Anthony; Giles, Michelle; Dempsey, Shane; Lynne, Slater; McGregor, Michelle; Kable, Ashley; Parmenter, Glenda ; Parker, Vicki T 3-Apr-2014
292014Organizational support in recruitment and transition of overseas-qualified nurses: Lessons learnt from a study tourOhr, Seok; Jeong, Sarah; Parker, Vicki T ; McMillan, Margaret5-May-2015
302014The ABC of health care dynamics: Understanding complex affective, behavioural, and cognitive dynamics in interprofessional teamsMitchell, Rebecca; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Boyle, Brendan12-Jan-2015
312014New graduate nurses' experiences in their first year of practiceParker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Lantry, Gena; McMillan, Margaret3-Apr-2014
322014A fracture prevention service reduces further fractures two years after minimal trauma fractureVan Der Kallen, John; Giles, Michelle; Cooper, Kerry; Gill, Kerry; Parker, Vicki T ; Tembo, Agness C; Major, Gabor; Ross, Linda; Carter, Jan4-Apr-2014
332014Patient and health professional's perceived barriers to delivery of psychosocial care to adults with cancer: a systematic reviewDilworth, Sophie; Higgins, Isabel; Parker, Vicki T ; Kelly, Brian; Turner, Jane18-Jun-2014
342014The Experiences of Head and Neck Cancer Patients Requiring Major SurgeryParker, Vicki T ; Bellamy, Douglas; Rossiter, Rachel; Graham, Vicki; Britton, Ben; Bennett, Leearna; Giles, Michelle30-Sep-2014
352013Finding a way forward: A literature review on the current debates around clinical supervisionDilworth, Sophie; Higgins, Isabel; Parker, Vicki T ; Kelly, Brian; Turner, Jane18-Mar-2014
362013Interprofessional practice and professional identity threatMcNeil, Karen Anne; Mitchell, Rebecca J; Parker, Vicki 17-Mar-2014
372013How health professionals conceive and construct interprofessional practice in rural settings: qualitative studyParker, Vicki T ; McNeil, Karen; Higgins, Isabel; Mitchell, Rebecca; Paliadelis, Penelope S ; Giles, Michelle; Parmenter, Glenda 31-Mar-2014
382013The experience of sleep deprivation in intensive care patients: Findings from a larger hermeneutic phenomenological studyTembu, Agness C; Parker, Vicki T ; Higgins, Isabel4-Apr-2014
392013Exploring the situational complexities associated practice change in healthDilworth, Sophie; Higgins, Isabel; Parker, Vicki ; Kelly, Brian; Turner, Jane17-Aug-2017
402013An interprofessional team approach to tracheostomy care: A mixed-method investigation into the mechanisms explaining tracheostomy team effectivenessMitchell, Rebecca; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle4-Apr-2014
412013Effective interprofessional collaboration in rural contexts: a research protocolMitchell, Rebecca; Paliadelis, Penelope S ; McNeil, Karen; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Higgins, Isabel; Parmenter, Glenda ; Ahrens, Yvonne12-Mar-2014
422012Perceived value congruence and team innovationMitchell, Rebecca; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Joyce, Pauline; Chiang, Vico17-Apr-2014
432012Feeling let down: An exploratory study of the experiences of older people who were readmitted to hospital following a recent dischargeDilworth, Sophie; Higgins, Isabel; Parker, Vicki T 3-Jun-2013
442012Being in limbo: The experience of critical illness in intensive care and beyondTembo, Agness C; Parker, Vicki T ; Higgins, Isabel3-Jun-2013
452012The challenges confronting clinicians in rural acute care settings: a participatory research projectPaliadelis, Penelope S ; Parmenter, Glenda ; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle; Higgins, Isabel13-Jul-2012
462012Open-mindedness in diverse team performance: investigating a three-way interactionMitchell, Rebecca; Parker, Vicki T ; Giles, Michelle13-Aug-2012
472011A team approach: implementing a model of care for preventing osteoporosis related fracturesGiles, Michelle; Van Der Kallen, John; Parker, Vicki Therese ; Cooper, Kerry; Gill, Kerry; Ross, Linda; McNeill, Susan2-Feb-2012
482011When do interprofessional teams succeed? Investigating the moderating roles of team and professional identity in interprofessional effectivenessMitchell, Rebecca J; Parker, Vicki Therese ; Giles, Michelle21-Feb-2012
492010Toward Realizing the Potential of Diversity in Composition of Interprofessional Health Care Teams: An Examination of the Cognitive and Psychosocial Dynamics of Interprofessional CollaborationMitchell, Rebecca; Parker, Vicki Therese ; Giles, Michelle; White, Nadine31-Jan-2012
502010Interprofessional Practice: Possibility or PipedreamParker, Vicki Therese ; Mitchell, Rebecca; Giles, Michelle31-Jan-2012

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