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1Jun-2023Access to Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Australia: Time for Legislative Change in Queensland and the Northern Territory to Remove the Ability to Discriminate Based on Relationship Status or SexualityMcGrady, Alisha; Smith, Malcolm; Allan, Sonia 9-Oct-2023
216-Mar-2022'Donor-matching' in Third-party Reproduction: a Comparative Analysis of Law and Practice in EuropeŁukasiewicz, Rafał; Allan, Sonia 14-Aug-2023
3Jul-2021The motivations of donor-conceived adults for seeking information about, and contact with, sperm donorsMacmillan, Caitlin. M; Allan, Sonia ; Johnstone, Melissa; Stokes, Mark. A14-Aug-2023
4Mar-2021The Regulation and Governance of Clinical Trials: Past and Present Considerations to Ensure Ethical Treatment of Human ParticipantsBorsellino, Grace; Foong, Patrick; Allan, Sonia 22-Nov-2023
52021Donor gamete and surrogacy regulationsMcCreery, Alisha ; Allan, Sonia 9-Jan-2024
6Jul-2020Absence of laws regarding sperm and oocyte donation in Japan and the impacts on donors, parents, and the people born as a resultHibino, Yuri; Allan, Sonia 9-Jan-2024
7Mar-2020A governance model for the application of AI in health care.Reddy, Sandeep; Allan, Sonia ; Coghlan, Simon; Cooper, Paul20-Nov-2023
8Mar-2019International Federation of Fertility Societies’ Surveillance (IFFS) 2019: Global Trends in Reproductive Policy and Practice, 8th EditionAllan, Sonia ; Balaban, Basak; Banker, Manish; Buster, John; Horton, Marcos; Miller, Kathleen; Mocanu, Edgar; Ory, Steven J; Pai, Hirshikesh; Poel, Sheryl van der; Zegers-Hochschild, Fernando20-Nov-2023
9Jan-2019The Review of the Western Australian Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991 and the Surrogacy Act 2008 (Report: Part 2)Allan, Sonia 11-Jan-2024
102019The Review of the Western Australian Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991 and the Surrogacy Act 2008 (Report: Part 1)Allan, Sonia 11-Jan-2024
11Dec-2018The impact of the law in helping or hindering fertility preservation for children with cancer facing gonadotoxic therapiesAllan, Sonia ; Gook, Debra; Jayasinghe, Yasmin14-Aug-2023
122018Australian health lawAllan, Sonia ; Blake, Meredith16-Jan-2024
132017Report on the review of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 1988 (SA)Allan, Sonia 15-Jan-2024
142017Public Health Law and Public Health PolicyAllan, Sonia 16-Jan-2024
152017Public Health LawAllan, Sonia 11-Jan-2024
161-Mar-2016The Surrogate in Commercial Surrogacy: Legal and Ethical ConsiderationsAllan, Sonia 15-Jan-2024
172016Screening Applicants for Assisted Reproduction: Complexities and IssuesAllan, Sonia 9-Jan-2024
182016Donor identification: Victorian legislation gives rights to all donor-conceived peopleAllan, Sonia 15-Aug-2023
192015Report on Macquarie University Workshop on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Raised By Synthetic Biology (10 December 2014)Allan, Sonia 11-Jan-2024
209-Jul-2012Donor Conception, Secrecy and the Search for InformationAllan, Sonia 15-Aug-2023
212010Submission to the Victorian Parliament Law Reform Committee Inquiry into Access to Information by Donor Conceived Individuals About Their DonorsAllan, Sonia 19-Jan-2024

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