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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1May-2024Multi-Sectoral Systems Approach (MSSA) to Addressing Australian Social and Affordable Housing Challenges and Solutions: White Paper No. 1Amar, J H N; Armitage, L A; Khanjanasthiti, I 11-Jun-2024
2Mar-2024Communication is a fundamental component of a ‘good’ planning systemMcFarland, Paul ; Khanjanasthiti, Isara 10-Jun-2024
3Dec-20222022: a year of turbulent disruptions and planning opportunitiesKhanjanasthiti, Isara 9-Jan-2023
4Dec-2022'Tree-change' migration and its housing impact on Armidale: another pandemic legacy?Khanjanasthiti, Isara 9-Jan-2023
5Jan-2022A Placemaking Framework for the Social Sustainability of Master-Planned Communities: A Case Study from AustraliaBhishna Bajracharya; Khanjanasthiti, Isara 26-May-2022
6Oct-2021Making the Gold Coast a Smart City-An AnalysisKhanjanasthiti, Isara ; Chandrasekar, Kayalvizhi Sundarraj; Bajracharya, Bhishna14-Apr-2022
72018The Rise and Rise of Micro Apartments and High-Rise Apartments in Australian Capital Cities: A Critical Design ReviewKhanjanasthiti, Isara ; Armitage, Lynne12-May-2022
82017Micro Houses: Trends and Implications on the Gold CoastArmitage, Lynne; Khanjanasthiti, Isara ; Chand, Sheron7-Sep-2022
92017Maturity of the Australian and Chinese Housing Markets: A Comparative Status ReviewKhanjanasthiti, Isara ; Armitage, Lynne; Chen, Hongyan5-May-2022
102016Impacts of the National Rental Affordability Scheme on Rental Housing Investment: Changes in Investment Profiles and Investor SatisfactionKhanjanasthiti, Isara ; Earl, George; Armitage, Lynne17-Aug-2022
112016Economic and taxation benefits of the national rental affordability schemeKhanjanasthiti, Isara ; Earl, George; Armitage, Lynne16-Aug-2022
126-Nov-2015Planning for the Gold Coast: processes, challenges and opportunitiesBajracharya, B; Too, L; O'Hare, D; Khanjanasthiti, I 20-Jun-2022
132014Supporting active and healthy living in master-planned communities: a case studyBajracharya, Bhishna; Too, Linda; Khanjanasthiti, Isara 30-May-2022
142014Challenges and Opportunities to Develop a Smart City: A Case Study of Gold Coast, AustraliaBajracharya, Bhishna; Cattell, David; Khanjanasthiti, Isara 5-Jun-2023
152013Developing a Sustainable Campus through Community Engagement: An Empirical StudyToo, Linda; Bajracharya, Bhishna; Khanjanasthiti, Isara 17-Jun-2022
162013A Framework for Creating Active and Healthy Communities: A Case Study of the Gold CoastBajracharya, Bhishna; Too, Linda; Khanjanasthiti, Isara 5-Jun-2023
172013Sense in the City: Making the Gold Coast an Intelligent and Sustainable CityBajracharya, B; Cattell, D; McPhee, D; Too, L; Khanjanasthiti, I 6-Sep-2022
182012Transforming the Tourist City into a Knowledge and Healthy City: Reinventing Australia's Gold CoastO'Hare, Daniel; Bajracharya, Bhishna; Khanjanasthiti, Isara 5-Jun-2023

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Khanjanasthiti, Isara
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Lecturer in Urban and Regional Planning (Development Control)
School of HASS - Geography and Planning
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School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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