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111-Dec-2023Chicken Health Management Practices and Epidemiology of Key Poultry Respiratory Pathogens in Central EthiopiaTekelemariam, Tadiose Habte; Colvin, Alison ; Freitas Gerber, Priscilla; Groves, Peter J ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen 21-Dec-2023
2Jun-2022Australian surveys on incidence and control of blowfly strike in sheep between 2003 and 2019 reveal increased use of breeding for resistance, treatment with preventative chemicals and pain relief around mulesingColvin, A F ; Reeve, I; Kahn, L P ; Thompson, L J; Horton, B J; Walkden-Brown, S W 16-Aug-2022
3Jan-2022Prevalence of sheep lice and trends in control practices across Australia - Australian sheep parasite control surveys from 2003 to 2019Colvin, A F ; Reeve, I ; Kahn, L P ; Thompson, L J; Horton, B J; Walkden-Brown, S W 13-May-2022
42022Smallholder goat production systems in Lao PDR: assessing production efficiencyColvin, A F ; Olmo, L ; Phengvilaysouk, A; Millar, J; Gray, G D ; Phengsavanh, P; Walkden-Brown, S W 1-May-2023
5Dec-2021Benchmarking Australian sheep parasite control: Changes in gastrointestinal nematode control practices reported from surveys between 2003 and 2019Colvin, A F ; Reeve, I ; Thompson, L J; Kahn, L P ; Besier, R B; Walkden-Brown, S W 30-Mar-2022
6Jul-2021Australian surveys on parasite control in sheep between 2003 and 2019 reveal marked regional variation and increasing utilisation of online resources and on-farm biosecurity practicesColvin, Alison Frances ; Reeve, Ian ; Thompson, Lyndal Joy; Kahn, Lewis Phillip ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen William 27-Apr-2022
72021Benchmarking Australian sheep parasite control practices: a national online surveyColvin, A F ; Reeve, I ; Peachey, B; Walkden-Brown, S W 20-Apr-2022
82013Gastrointestinal nematode control in sheep under three grazing management systems and factors influencing faecal worm egg countWalkden-Brown, Steve W ; Colvin, Alison ; Hall, E; Knox, M; MacKay, Duncan ; Scott, Jim M 6-Mar-2014
92013Livestock weights in response to three whole-farmlet management systemsHinch, Geoffrey ; Hoad, Justin ; Lollback, M; Hatcher, S; Marchant, R; Colvin, Alison ; Scott, Jim M ; MacKay, Duncan 7-Apr-2014
102012Role of host and environment in mediating reduced gastrointestinal nematode infections in sheep due to intensive rotational grazingColvin, Alison F ; Walkden-Brown, Steve W ; Knox, M R9-May-2012
112008Intensive rotational grazing assists control of gastrointestinal nematodosis of sheep in a cool temperate environment with summer-dominant rainfallColvin, Alison Frances ; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Knox, M. R.; Scott, James Murray 17-Nov-2009

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Alison Colvin
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Colvin, Alison
Colvin, Alison F
Colvin, Alison Frances
Healey, Alison F
Colvin, A F
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Research Fellow
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Dr Alison Colvin is a Research Fellow at UNE, she coordinates the mobile acquired data for the ACIAR Goat Production Systems and Marketing in Lao PDR and Vietnam project including building CommCare apps, data collation and statistical analysis. Alison has a PhD in the use of intensive rotational (‘cell’) grazing for the control of gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep and recently managed the Benchmarking Australian sheep parasite control practices survey which was funded by Australian Wool Innovation Ltd and was the third in a series of surveys of Australian sheep farmers over a 15-year period. Dr Colvin has been involved in undergraduate teaching at UNE for 18 years through marking of written and oral assessments and casual lecturing. She also provides supervision at the higher research degree level. Dr Colvin offers experience in small ruminant disease epidemiology, management of large experiments and datasets, survey design, online survey building, survey app design, statistical analysis of survey data, industry communications and scientific publication.
School of E&RS - Animal Science
Faculty of Science, Ag, Business and Law
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School of Environmental and Rural Science
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